Best Earphones With Mic Under Rs. 1000

Best Earphones With Mic Under Rs. 1000

If you are someone who is looking for the best earphone with mic under 1000, there is no better place than Headphone Zone. We had our in house experts - Headphone Gurus to recommend the best earphone with mic under 1000. Let us get started with the begin list, shall we?
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Music has a crucial role in our lives, and it cannot be denied that music has the power to change our moods almost instantly. Just plug in the earphone to your phone, hit play, and you are ready to lose yourself to music. Most of the time when the external world weighs you down, music is always there to lift your spirits, and the most critical part of this is having the right pair of earphones. Earphones don't just help you listen to your favourite music but also allow you to connect to your loved ones through calls.

Helping people get the right pair of best earphones - that's what we do, that's why we're here. We had our in-house experts - Headphone Gurus - put together a list to recommend the best earphones with mic under 1000. That sweet price segment where you can get a good pair of earphones without having to burn a hole in your pocket. So without further delay, let us get started with the list, shall we?

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₹ 999/-₹ 1299/-
In-Ears Extra Bass Tangle-Free If you enjoy a bass-forward sound and if calls are a vital part of your day.
Venture Electronics Monk Plus
₹ 699/-
In-Ears Balanced OFC They are tuned to perfection and offer you a listening experience, unlike any earbuds.
Venture Electronics Monk Lite
1. KZ EDX Pro
₹ 629/-₹ 699/-
In-Ears Warm & Smooth Non-Detachable The Monk Lite is perfectly suited if you enjoy a warmer sound or vocal centred music.
Edifier K550
1. KZ EDX Pro
₹ 999/-₹ 1499/-
On-Ear Balanced Non-Detachable The Edifier K550 is the perfect headset for computer users who are looking for Hi-Fi sound.

KZ - EDX Pro

KZ - EDX Pro

Punchy Bass Fused with Elegant Looks

Sale price₹ 999 Regular price₹ 1299
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A majority of modern music genres like Hip-Hop and EDM are bass-laden, and to experience it you would need a pair of earphones that can reproduce the low-end information accurately. That's where the KZ EDX Pro shines and presents an exciting listening experience.

Embedded with 10mm magnetic drivers and an electronic crossover board, the EDX Pro is capable of delivering a highly immersive listening experience. EDX Pro comes equipped with a tangle-free 5N oxygen-free, 2-pin upgradeable flat cable with a built-in HD condenser Microphone with one-touch functions. This inclusion makes it easy to communicate and even control your music. With the KZ EDX Pro, you have the freedom to connect to various devices and enjoy high-quality sound. With a nominal 24 ohms of impedance, it is easy to drive these IEMs.

  • Deep Bass Response
  • Lightweight & Durably Built
  • 5N Oxygen-Free Flat Cables
  • Easy to Drive - 28 Ohms
  • One-year warranty

If you are looking for a punchy and energetic listening experience with a bass-forward sound, and if calls are a vital part of your day, the KZ EDX Pro is for you.

Venture Electronics - Monk Plus

Venture Electronics - Monk Plus

The Monk, The Myth, The Legend

Sale price₹ 699 Regular price
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The Monk Plus has made a name in the audiophile community because of its insane price-to-performance ratio. It is tuned to perfection and offers you a listening experience, unlike any earbuds. The Monk Plus is engineered to present a balanced sound signature. You can tweak the sound signature by switching between the various foams provided.

The Venture Electronics Monk Plus is a closed design set of earbuds housing a 15.4mm dynamic driver in translucent plastic. The Monk Plus is built like the proverbial tank with a thick translucent shell and multiple venting ports at the base of the dynamic driver enclosure. You get the option to get the Monk Plus with an inline microphone for communication. The Venture Electronics Monk Plus have an insane value for the price – and make no mistake: the point is not that they’re cheap, but that they punch way beyond their weight.

  • Smooth midrange, clean tonality over transparency
  • Micro-detail Retrieval
  • Shell build quality is unique for the price
  • Different sized ear foams for a customised fit
  • Lightweight design for easy portability

Simply put, the Venture Electronics Monk Plus are the perfect entry-level audiophile earphones, the ideal earphones to carry with you without worrying too much about it and without compromising on sound quality. The addition of a microphone is a bonus and elevates the usability factor tenfolds.

Venture Electronics - Monk Lite

Venture Electronics - Monk Lite

An In-Ear Headphone not to be taken “Litely”

Sale price₹ 629 Regular price₹ 699
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We have yet another earphone from the house of Venture Electronics. The Monk Lite is the successor, and younger sibling to the Monk Plus and these earphones are a part of the brand's Lite Series of earbuds aimed at improving the ergonomics component. The entire shell has been redesigned to feature a smaller form factor making it suitable for long listening sessions.

The technical ability of the Monk Lite comes in the form of soundstage, imaging and instrument separation. They present a wide, open soundstage that extends far enough in the space to make you feel at a large concert hall. Although these do not offer a microphone, from a perspective of uninterrupted music listening pleasure, it's not something you will miss.

  • Warm sound for vocal centred music
  • Micro-detail Retrieval
  • Ergonomically designed shells
  • Different sized ear foams for a customised fit
  • Lightweight design for easy portability

Overall, the Venture Electronics Monk Lite earbuds offer the same value and sound quality as the Monk Plus. The Monk Lite is more suited for a bit warmer sound or vocal centred music. Sonically, they’re meant to be an alternative for a different presentation. The main improvement is the design, which will suit more people thanks to the revised shape.

Edifier - K550

Edifier - K550

No frills headset all the way

Sale price₹ 999 Regular price₹ 1499
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The Edifier K550 is the perfect headset for computer users and those still working from home who are looking for Hi-Fi sound. Engineered with 30 mm Neodymium units, you will experience balanced sound from your music and calls. Easily adjust the headband for a perfect, comfortable fit. Sponge ear cups are designed to eliminate discomfort for long hours of wear.

The K550 is designed with ease of use in mind. When the boom microphone is not in use, you can move it up towards the headband. The volume slider and mute switch give you control over your playback and microphone, elevating the listening experience.

  • Balanced Audio Presentation
  • Easy to connect to PC
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Adjustable headband and Microphone
  • Inline Controls

Edifier K550 is a comfortable headset made for long hours of use for listening, calling, and gaming. The ear cups are designed to seal in sound for a smooth, natural audio output. You can easily control volume or mute the microphone from the integrated controls, and the microphone features a 120° rotation. All these features add to the usability of the K550 and enhance the user experience.


So there you have it, a handpicked list of best earphones with mic under 1000. Make the most out of these earphones. We hope you have found your best pair of earphones from the list.

Happy Listening!