How to choose the right Headphone

How to choose the right Headphone

Confused about which headphone to buy? Don't know much about audio and how headphones function? Don't worry, get to know everything from this simple audiophile guide.

How to find your perfect match...

‘Help me choose a life partner’ is what we hear when people ask us to suggest them a headphone. For an audiophile serious about their music, headphones are as important as one’s life partner (if not more). You too can be wed in holy matrimony with your music only if you choose the right one. The search for the perfect pair of headphones can seem daunting but worry not - we love playing matchmaker.

When it comes to music, everyone has their own preferences. Whether it is rock, EDM, classical or jazz; from genre to language, music is always appealing and entertaining. So what kind of Headphones will appeal to your musical leanings?

Selecting a headphone can be broken down in steps for convenience and better understanding. Let us understand the various parameters for selecting headphones better.

Step 1 -  Why you want them? How you’ll use them?



Whether you are a college student or a studio professional, your basic reason for choosing a headphone is the most important factor here. Every headphone and earphone is designed for a particular audience. For example studio professionals prefer an over-ear with a flat frequency response due to their need of listening to tracks accurately for long periods of times. Similarly, people who like listening to music on the go, during their commute or while working out would prefer in-ears. If you are a bass-head or someone who likes EDM, you want a bass heavy pair.

Other than utility and everyday use, genre also plays an important part while investing in a pair too. Rock, Pop, Funk, Classical, Folk, Country or EDM - your perfect headphones should favour your favourite genre.

Keep your purpose clear while selecting the type of headphone you want. Be on the lookout for what kind of audio response you need you want from your headphones. If you’ve figure out this bit, you’re almost halfway there.

Step 2 - Selecting your design

Headphone Audiophile Guide types


Now that you know what your usage is, it’s important to choose convenience. This helps in aiding ease during use. Headphones are of three types namely In ear, On-ear and Over-ear. In ears are earphones that fit comfortably inside the ear. On-ears are headphones that rest on the ear and are a perfect segue between big over-ears and small in-ears. They are light and portable as well. Over-ears are larger headphones that sit around the ear and isolate it. Probably the best option for the perfect music you like.

Select a size that appeals most to you. If you want your headphones to be light and portable, go for in ears or On-ears. If you want headphones that are comfortably large and give better audio response, Over-ears are your fit. Whatever be the design, make sure they fit you and your style of usage.

Step 3 - Should you go wireless? Are add-ons necessary?



Having taken care of step one and two, this can be an interesting step to consider. Regardless of the design, headphones offer you an option of doing away with those pesky wires. At first glance, this might sound like a terrific idea. No more tangles, no more fumbling around with bunched wires that magically tie themselves into the most frustrating knots when you least want them - freedom at last. Be warned though. This is a tricky call. As with everything, there are pros and cons. You gain mobility, but also compromise on quality. This is the chief difference and also a factor that may or may not matter to all. For audiophiles, this is definitely a bummer.

Wired always has a better audio response. But for those who want to tune into their favourite tracks while travelling or working out, wireless is a better option. Moreover, there are wireless options that even let you use them while you’re swimming! With constant leaps in headphone technology, the day when wireless will catch up with wired output, isn’t too far. One more disadvantage of wireless headphones are that since they run on batteries, they’ll need charging from time to time. Yay! Another thing that needs charging, besides your smartphone. Also, different headphones have different playtime duration. That is one more thing that’s getting better day by day. So, make sure to look at all the features of a wireless headphone before cutting the cord, metaphorically speaking.

Besides wireless and wired, headphones also offer add-on features like microphones and buttons to control volume, songs and others. The ability to converse without picking up your phone or change tracks in your playlist is definitely a feature that’ll appeal to most.

Step 4 - Settling on a budget



Face it. We’re very sensitive when it comes to price. A first time buyer might consider this step as the most important. An audiophile too will not completely disregard this fact but will be ready to pay for quality. It’s a personal call. It is always beneficial to set a budget after selecting your requirement from other stages. It is more important to be open to suggestions and consider aspects that were not considered hitherto. Headphones don’t always get better with price. It all depends on your comfort, quality and purpose and preferences.

After checking on your design, purpose, mobility and price, tick the right boxes and pick the right headphone. It may seem like a herculean task at first, but as you gain interest in music, it simply seems like eating a cake.

Even then, if you feel like you are getting swayed away by options or confused between two choices, go right ahead and give our Headphone zone Guru a call. Like we said, we’ll find The One for you.