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The 1MORE Piston Fit from the house of 1MORE and the Audio-Technica ATH-COR150 from Audio-Technica are amongst the most popular and critically acclaimed earphones at under Rs. 1000 price point in India. Moreover, if you want to replace your stock earphones without burning a hole in your pocket, these earphones give you more than you can expect.

While the Piston Fit and ATH-COR150 scale the heights of popularity for all the right reasons, we thought we'd do a detailed comparison between the two to help you make a better choice. 


"The 1More Piston Fit, with its amazing audio quality and build is the best in-ear earphone under Rs. 1000.

The Audio-Technica ATH-COR150 on the other hand is a bass heavy in-ear that is perfect to be used at the gym or when on the go.

-Raghav Somani

1MORE Piston-Fit

Headphone-Zone-1MORE Piston-Fit
Audio-Technica ATH-COR150

Headphone Zone Audio-Technica ATH-COR150




The Piston Fit is an all new addition from the house of 1MORE to the table of their budget earphones. Often confused with the Xiaomi Piston's, the Piston Fit is a pair of elegant looking earphones that stays deceptive to its price. The sound chambers are made of a stylish looking aluminium alloy and feature a 45° in-ear design, lending these the look of extremely high priced IEMs. Most brands do not focus on focus for budget earphones, but 1More has very successfully put great efforts into offering such an aesthetic looking design.

What further sets the 1MORE Piston Fit apart from other counterparts is its unique cable that has been reinforced with 
Kevlar fiber. Used in making bullet proof jackets, the cord is sturdy and robust. In order to make the cable soft to touch, the cable has been covered in soft TPE. Be rest assured, this cord is tougher than it feels.  

Available in 4 assorted colours, the Piston Fit lets you pick from a bunch of colours like grey, blue, silver and Pink. If you call it the way 1MORE does: Deep Space Grey, Clear Lake Blue, Galaxy Silver and Rose Pink.


The Audio-Technica ATH-COR150 has a two-way design that is unique in this price category. The earpieces can hang down in the traditional way or can also hang over the ear with the help of the included plastic ear hooks. So how does this unique design serve? Very simple. When the earphones hang over the ear it takes away from the traditional tension that exists from the ear canal to the weight of the cord. If you work-out or lead an active lifestyle: these earphones could be for you. However, do note, depending on your ear size, this style might also get exceedingly uncomfortable.

The ATH-COR150 also poses an angular ear-tip feature, ensuring that the earphones are well placed in your ears, no matter the way it is placed. The construction also helps in producing the audio more effectively and efficiently.

ATH-COR150 comes in a myriad of colour combinations, you can choose from Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Pink, Lime Green and of course Black and White. These in-ears prove that you do not have to break your piggy to get yourself thoughtfully designed earphones. That being said, when it comes to aesthetic appeal, it's better to go for the darker shades. The brighter colours do tend to look a little shoddy.



The Piston Fit features a one button remote and microphone, making answering calls and controlling music a breeze. What is also cool is that the single button is durable enough, to withstand more than 10,000 strikes. Yes, you read that right! The confidence 1MORE has in its build quality is commendable. 

Coming to comfort, the trumpet-shaped style ensures that your earbuds fit snugly inside your ear canal, while also offering a great finger grip. Weighing at just 14 grams, the earphones are so lightweight, they can hardly be felt. Sporting the 1MORE Piston Fit is a real treat. 

In the case of ATH-COR 150, these advanced-fit in-ears come equipped with snap-on, snap-off ear hooks for the latest in comfort and wearing stability. Snap them on if you prefer an over-the-ear cord-fit and stay perfectly in place, regardless of your activity level. While you can also snap them off if you seek a traditional fit. 

Designed to be used mostly with your smartphones, the plastic build makes these earphones very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Hence, these are fit to be used even during long hours. An extremely thoughtful inclusion from Audio-Technica is the included cord wrap.It makes your life a cake walk by preventing your cable from tangling. We love the niche touch that is added with the cord wrap.

A big drawback, the ATH-COR150 does not come with a mic and remote. Carrying out basic functions such as answering calls and controlling music is a task. You may want to consider upgrading to the Audio-Technica - ATH-COR150iS if you want to get your hands on a mic and remote model of this earphones. 

Coming to the warranty, both the 1MORE Piston Fit and the Audio-Technica ATH-COR150, come with a 1-year manufacture's warranty.



When it comes to the sound, 1MORE employs a special driver unit. Its aerospace metal housing and flexible PET material cable give you the finest details. The Piston Fit offers a warm and full-bodied sound. The bass, mids and highs, work in perfect sync. Where the Piston Fit fails is with its soundstage that is unilateral. Its audio sounds like it traveling in one direction. 

Most audiophiles are concerned about the time that their earphones take to burn in. For the uninitiated, burning period is the time until which your earphones perform to the best of its ability. 1MORE has been very thoughtful and the Piston Fit comes with its own Smart Burn-in Mobile App. Instead of you scratching your head trying to figure out how long you should burn in your headphones for, the app allows your headphones to reach maturity level before you can enjoy its true essence. Features like these put the Piston Fit a notch above the rest in this price category.

In the case of ATH-COR150, these in-ears go a step ahead and present you with a unique Core Bass technology.As the name suggest, the Core Bassoffers full and heavy tones for rock, electronica and bass-driven metal. All this without sacrificing clarity.

Power-packed and a device for truly great sonic experience, the COR150 ranks high in its bass reproduction. The Audio-Technica ATH-COR150 promises you an immersive and raspy audio output. If you are a bass head, we bet that these earphones will make you fall in love with them.  As for the highs, while they do manage to peak out, they definitely do sound a little harsh. The soundstage is surprisingly wide and came as quite a surprise. 

Noise isolation is okay
, better at high volumes. Isolation at low volumes isn't as good as it should be. 


  • Balanced Audio Output
  • Aerospace PET Technology
  • Universally Compatible One-Button Remote & Mic
  • 3 Pairs Of Eartips
  • Tangle Resistant Cables
  • Heavy Bass 
  • Core Bass Technology
  • No Remote & Mic
  • 4 Pairs of Eartips
  • Relatively Tangle-Prone But Includes Cord Wrap


The technologies used by both the earphones are impressive and have outdone themselves in terms of the price category. If you are someone who wants to give up on their stock in-ears that come along with your smartphones and upgrade to a better sounding earphone in the vicinity, then there's nothing better you can choose from in this price range.

It's not hard to tell the differences between the two earphones. The 1MORE Piston Fit has a more balanced sound signature and comes with a mic and remote, whereas the bass-lover should go for ATH-COR150. 

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2 Responses


August 18, 2017

Hey Naman Mutta,
In response to your comment, 1More is a Chinese brand that manufactured earphones for Xiaomi phones. They have now started making earphones with better technology as an independent company.
So the Piston fit earphone you see is nearly the same ones Xiaomi use to brand with their phones as additional buy-ons.
They are one of the best options to go for in this budget.
Hope the comparison blog helped you get a proper view on these earphones.
Thank you.

Naman Mutta
Naman Mutta

August 09, 2017

The picture used in the article is of Xiaomi in ear earphones pro which is confusing. Please rectify the error

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