March 08, 2017

The minimalist audio brand JAYS is based in Sweden, while the very popular Sennheiser hails from Germany. Well-renowned amongst music enthusiasts, these brands have been loved for all the right reasons. 

Repeatedly posed with the question of which one is the best, today, we have with us the a-Jays One from JAYS and the CX 3.00 from Sennheiser. The offerings come from brands which have earned a legendary reputation in the recent past. The in-ears pack along great features and are sure to excite the music enthusiast in you.

Here is a detailed comparison between these two in-ears. Read on to know which one will satiate your music taste buds best.

"If you love a balanced audio experience, with just the right amount of sparkle, then the JAYS a-Jays One should be your choice. 

The Sennheiser CX 3.00 in-ear earphones are very popular amongst casual music listeners. Bass heavy, these in-ears deliver entertaining sound, however, it compromises on the details.

-Raghav Somani



Sennheiser CX-3.00



DESIGN: JAYS a-Jays One VS Sennheiser CX 3.00

JAYS, the Swedish brand is known for its minimalist design and the a-JAYS has been designed based on this principle. The earplugs display an ordinary bud-style and are vitalized by the different sets of ear tips that come along with it.  The earbuds are engineered from sturdy and durable plastic, like most earphones in this price range. We love the non-fancy sleek black design. The brand and product name has been imprinted just below the earbuds, and you may shy away if you are not one of those who love to flaunt a brand. 

The cord which follows them is rather special and fashions an 115 cm flat cover instead of the customary round shaped one. 
JAYS claims that the presence of the flat cables will make the earplugs tangle free. We are not very inclined to agree. While the presence of cables does reduce the tangles, they cannot be completely ignored. But, we appreciate JAYS's initiative of being thoughtful.

Sennheiser is a solid performer and has a huge fan following for their huge consumer product offerings. Catering to this very audience, the brand launched the budget-friendly CX 3.00. An upgrade to the Sennheiser CX 300-II, these in-ears have been designed purely for listening pleasure.  

The earphones come in a very attractive design. Extremely aesthetic, the earbuds are embellished with silver accents, while, the Sennheiser logo has been debossed into the matte finished metal. 

The Sennheiser CX 3.00 exudes class and it is evident that the brand has put in great effort into designing these. When it comes to the build, we were not very satisfied. Unlike the JAYS a-JAYS One, the CX 3.00 does not come awash with premium build materials. However, considering the price, it is acceptable. 

The cable employed is decent, nothing to write home about. The cord is slightly flattened, and it does reduce tangling and twisting to some extent. Cable noise is not a prominent nuisance with these in-ears. A nice touch, the sliding rubber woggle lets you tighten the cable just under your chin.
COMFORT: JAYS a-Jays One VS Sennheiser CX 3.00


Comfort wise, the JAYS a-JAYS One boasts a slim and discreet in-ear fit, making them extremely apt for daily use. You can plug them into your phone, music player or any other device with its 3.5 mm jack and you are good to go for hours at a stretch. 

The inclusion of silicone ear tips helps in further achieving the noise isolation and comfort you are aiming for. The noise isolation of JAYS is incredible: you can use them at noisy places and you will still be immersed in your music without having to worry about being disturbed. The a-JAYS One, however, does not come with a mic and remote, and you may have to upgrade to JAYS-a-JAYS-One+ which is its mic version.

The a-JAYS One comes brimming with 5 pairs of silicon ear tips, however, there is no carry case which would have been a nice add-on.

Sennheiser has ensured that the CX 3.00 fits in with perfect ease. The ear tips are built in an angled design, this is something that brings about a difference in the in-ear fit. Unlike other straight in-ear earpieces, the angled earbuds go deep inside your ear canal, not only aiding in comfort but in sound quality as well.

As these in-ears fit deep inside and are extremely lightweight, you will be happy to find that these can be worn for long hours. The best aspect about these in-ears is the noise isolation that it attains. The tight seal effectively cuts out ambient noise, making these a joy to wear. The package comes included with 4 pairs of ear tips. Just like the a-Jays One, the Sennheiser CX 3.00 too does not come with a mic and remote, thus, you will have to turn to your device every time you have to switch between your music or control the volume of your music.

The a-Jays One and the Sennheiser CX 3.00, both come with a two-year warranty. 

SOUND: JAYS a-Jays One VS Sennheiser CX 3.00


When it comes to sound, the presentation and sonic signature of the JAYS a-JAYS-One is extremely open and clean, offering an excellent sense of space and a wide soundstage. These are the best-balanced earphones we have heard for some time -good bass, but not compromising on the treble: which is clean and not raspy. Detail and resolution is overwhelming and we were surprised considering that these in-ears come in this price bracket.

Dwelling more into the bass, these in-ears do very well. It is present in all the right ways. Unlike the Sennheiser CX 3.00, perfect control is achieved with a delivery that is not overwhelming.

Nonetheless, the audio quality you achieve at this price-point is just commendable. Bringing a warm welcoming sound into your ears, these earphones are sure to keep you engrossed in your music for long.
The Sennheiser CX 3.00 in-ears come with accentuated bass. And what we mean by this is that the bass is very serious. The lower-end response is pronounced, and it resonates around your head like very few in-ears are capable of in this price bracket.

On the darker side, the bass overpowers other frequencies, making them sound insignificant. The highs and mid-range are buried by the lows. The extreme level of thump, muddies these frequencies to sound more prominent. We admit, most people, especially Indians are inclined towards an extra pump, however, we do think that Sennheiser has gone tad bit too far with these. There is just enough to let you experience your music with added excitement. 

Most importantly, where the Sennheiser CX 3.00 terribly fails is delivering detail. All the subtle overtones are lost. If you love to experience those tiny serrated bits, these in-ears will do nothing but disappoint. 

All being said, the CX 3.00 gives you enough to enjoy casual music listening. Also, although heavily biased towards bass, these in-ears don't sound muffled even at high volumes. 


JAYS a-Jays One

  • Flat-Audio Response
  • Tangle-Free Flat Cables
  • 5 Pairs of Silicone Eartips
  • Decent Detail
  • Warm and Sculpted Highs and Lows
  • Two Year Warranty
Sennheiser CX 3.00 

  • Heavy Bass, Minus the Detail
  • Elliptical Cable
  • 4 Pairs of Eartips and Carry Case
  • Lacks Detail
  • Decent Soundstage
  • Two Year Warranty


To put in simple terms, the JAYS a-JAYS One brings with it controlled frequencies making for a pleasurable listening experience. Superb value for this price budget.

If you are crazy about bass and do not pay too much of heed to clarity, then the Sennheiser CX 3.00 is a great pick. If not a bassy head, you should back off. 

Which earphones do you prefer? Do let us know in the comments below!

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