April 07, 2017

At a time when everyone is ditching the humble 3.5 mm jack, the wireless industry seems to be booming potentially. With so much competition around, the quest of getting a good Bluetooth earphone on a budget is difficult. So we thought of comparing two of the best Bluetooth earphones which aim at delivering good sound without ripping your pockets apart.

The two Bluetooth in-ear today are the Ray from an uber cool brand Stuffcool, and the other one being the Halo Smart from Jabra hailing all the way from Denmark. 

Is this going to be an easy pick? You will know for yourself. Read ahead to find a detailed description of these two in-ears.

"The Stuffcool Ray is a great budget offering for those who want a pair of bluetooth earphones for their daily commutes

The Jabra Halo Smart is an excellent budget offering for the ones who want a pair of bluetooths not only for a long commute but also an intense workout. "

-Raghav Somani

Stuffcool Ray

Light and Comfortable Bluetooth Headsets 

Jabra Halo Smart

Magnetic Earbuds With 3-button remote and mic


DESIGN: Stuffcool Ray vs Jabra Halo Smart


Stuffcool Ray is a brand which aims in delivering the best amongst your mobile accessories, and the recent accessory to add to add their vast range was the Bluetooth earphone, Ray. First look at it and you realise how easily portable they are meant to be.

Design wise, the Stuffcool Ray is a small product with no frills attached to it. They come packed in a small turquoise box which contains 2 extra eartips and the USB cable along with the Bluetooth earphones. 

The cable is light yet sturdy ending with eartips that contain a natural earhooks, that although made of plastic doesn't feel like it at all. In all honesty, this is the lightest and the most hassle free Bluetooth cable in this price segment.

Overall the Stuffcool Ray makes for a perfect product great sound and street style on a budget. 

Jabra has now created a name amongst the Bluetooth industry for its wireless offerings, now with the Halo Smart, they want to provide the same on a budget. The earphones are built in a neckband style with an inbuilt three-button remote and mic. 

The neck band is given a matte finish and follows with thin cables that lead to your ears, thereby reducing the weight in your ears substantially.  

All this comes with 3 pairs of extra eargels and an USB cable to easily charge on-the-go. 

COMFORT: Stuffcool Ray vs Jabra Halo Smart


When it comes to usability, Stuffcool Ray can be easily paired with all your devices, you can even switch between two devices as per your music preferences. The control buttons are placed on the right ear side.

The volume button not only lets you control your voice power but are also capable of doing a lot of other things like keeping a call on hold or muting it. You even get a voice prompt to know the status of your earphones, which again is a unique feature at this price-point.

The hook-style earphones sit perfectly on your ear skeleton to make these apt not only for your commutes but also long runs. These are not water and sweat proof and you may want to switch to Jabra Halo Smart if your workouts are pretty intense. 

When it comes to battery life, the Stuffcool Ray comes with a talk-time battery of 7 hours, music battery of 6 hours and standby time of 160 hours. 
With Jabra Halo Smart, the usability is quite easy and is compatible with both android and iOS equally. The microphone is not only good at answering calls but will also pair up with Siri or Google Now to control your apps. 

Another cool feature that adds to the Halo Smart list is the call vibration. The headband vibrates every time you get a call thereby indicating the calls to you. 

Unlike the Stuffcool Ray, the Jabra Halo Smart comes with wind and water resistibility. Thus you can carry these wherever you want. It also comes with an astounding talk time warranty of 17 hours, music playing warranty of 16 hours and android users will even be notified to charge the batteries from their Playstore app. Proving these Bluetooth earphones rather very Smart!

When it comes to warrant, Both Stuffcool Ray and Jabra Halo Smart come with a one-year warranty. 

SOUND: Stuffcool Ray vs Jabra Halo Smart


The Stuffcool Ray's sound signature can be described as very fun and bright sounding.

The bass is robust and forward, being punchy but not distorting even at very high volumes. Despite the bass being powerful, it doesn't overwhelm the other frequencies. The Stuffcool Ray sculpts the higher frequencies quite a bit, so there's a decent sense of balance between the lows and highs. Fair enough for a 2000 rupee Bluetooth earphone.

However, the mids aren't as refined and detailed as we would like. And the overall it is not as accurate as the latter. The sound signature is a bit warm and slightly tilted towards electronic music, but it is still well suited for rock and melodic tracks.

Having said that, these are probably the best in their class for casual listeners who listen to music on the go.
Even after being a Bluetooth earphones, the Jabra Halo Smart is evident, with a sound signature that is well in control, something that you will not experience with most earphones in this range.

The bass is heavy, yet not over-powering. This means that it brings to the plate, punchy and boomy bass that does not sound muffled. The mids are highlighted and there is a great presence with rich detail. The highs have plenty of room to soar. The edges are not sharp, nor bright, but perfect. 

To put in short, these in-ears deliver audio with smoothness and making long hours of music listening very pleasurable. The soundstage is decent, and the presentation is open and lively. 


Stuffcool Ray

  • Entertaining and Lively Audio 
  • Light Cable with Voice Controls
  • Not Resistant to Wind and Water
  • One-Year Warranty
Jabra Halo Smart

  • Authoritative Audio with Superb Detail
  • Neckband Style Cables with Three-button Remote & Mic
  • Wind and Water Resistant
  • One-Year Warranty


To put in simple terms, the Stuffcool Ray is for those who do not want to achieve much with their pair of Bluetooth earphones. The sound signature makes them perfect for an excellent casual listening session.

If you are particular about your audio delivery, and answering and managing your work efficiently then the Jabra Halo Smart are the ones you should look forward to.

Which earphones do you prefer? Do let us know in the comments below!

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