January 10, 2017

 For The Confused Indian Buyer: Here Are The Best Earphones Under Rs. 4000


The vast majority of the average Indian buyer wouldn’t dare to venture beyond 2000 rupees for a earphone.

But if you’re looking to get serious about your audio, this is an excellent price point to start at. And what you need is help to get the best bang for your buck. That’s where this guide comes in.

What to Expect in this Category?

Build Quality: With the good amount of money you’re about to spend, a premium build comes as a standard. Be it high quality metal construction or tangle free cable, it’s all available here.

Sound QualityIf your previous earphone is from the sub-2000 category, then you will notice a significant difference in sound clarity, bass and sound-stage. Your earphones will move away from muddy bass towards sound that is more refined and balanced.

Form Factor: Wireless earphones in this category will be functional. Preferable only for calls, not for listening to music. Active noise cancellation is extremely rare and not good enough to cancel out the heavy hit your audio quality will take. IEM’s in this price range will sound better than over-ears at the same point. 

Remote and Mic: With only a handful of exceptions, the majority of the earphones in this price range will feature a mic and a remote. Some could go as far as offering universal volume control as well.

This list has been compiled with the help of users as well as our in-house experts.

In no particular order, here we go!

1. RHA - S500i

Premium In-ear headphones with Micro Dynamic Drivers

  • Best Earphones under Rs. 3,000 - RHA - S500
  • Best Earphones under Rs. 3,000 - RHA - S500

RHA has made a name for itself by offering quality earphones at budget prices. Eventually, the company expanded its lineup to include some high-end models, like the RHA T20, but is returning to its roots with the S500i. The S500i is a replacement to the discontinued MA450i.

When it comes to build quality, these earphones are excellent, being made with highly durable aircraft grade aluminium with each earphone being handmade by RHA. The S500i also has a rather sleek and stylish look, with earpieces that are tiny and extremely lightweight. 

As for the cables, they are fabric braided with a section covered in Kevlar, a feature absent in any of the earphones in this list. The wires are highly durable, don't tangle easily and RHA has definitely reduced cable noise, which was an issue in the previous model. A three button remote and mic for iOS devices is also attached to the cable.

A negative in the design aspect might be the straight 3.5mm jack. But since RHA has made the cables rather durable, one does not miss the angled jack that is usually present in a pair of portable headphones/earphones.

Moving on to noise isolation, the S500i is very impressive. This can mostly be attributed to the staggering number of eartips that come in the box, which includes six pairs of dual density and double-flange silicone tips. Apart from these accessories, a handy fabric carry case and clothing clip has also been provided.

When it comes to the sound, the S500i has one of the smallest dynamic drivers in the world at 6 mm which has been designed for music of all genres with. The S500 as a whole, does emphasize the highs and lows quite a bit. Although the bass is deep and rolling, the sparkle in the highs balances out the sound signature quite nicely. Mids are good enough, but aren't as flat and precise as audiophiles may prefer.

Budding sound enthusiasts shouldn't worry however, these earphones are very clear and detailed with a rather warm sound signature. And in case these earphones conk out, RHA offers an astounding 3 year warranty!

A product of one of the best brands in the world, the RHA S500i definitely stands on top of this list both in terms of quality and giving you a bang for your buck.

Kanishk Luhach

"The all aluminium design makes it sturdy and robust enough for day to day use and travel. As far as sound is concerned, in this price range, you will not find a more flat and balanced sound in any of the earphones available in the market. The sound stage is perfect I mean perfect, you will not miss a single beat, anything that comes closer would be an audiophile range studio monitor."


Warranty: 3 Years
Best In-Class in Detailing
Microphone: No
Lacks Punchiness


Our Verdict:
We would recommend the RHA S500i for those seeking a detailed sound with enhanced bass that doesn't muddy the sound.


2. JAYS - a-Jays One+

Mobile Headsets For All Devices
JAYS - a-Jays One+

  • JAYS - a-Jays One+
  • JAYS - a-Jays One+

An offering from the Swedish brand known for their iconic black flat cables, the Jays – a – Jays One+ has been designed with practicality in mind. Be it for the ergonomic design or the mic and remote function, the Jays One+ are going to appeal to a wide array of audiences.

Like most of Jays products, the a-One+ too flaunts a minimalistic and understated design. Premium materials such as machined aluminium and thermoplastic have been used in the constructions, which give it a rich feel. In a nutshell, we love the matt black chunky design.

The a-Jays One+ in-ear headphones are available for Android as well as iOS devices. The remote lets you control your music and take calls via your iOS device, while the Andriod devices can reap more functionality with the free Jays app called Headset Control.

The packaging is nothing short of what is expected from JAYS, a well-designed cover box that simply yet classy. It comes with five pairs of silicon eartips and the earphones of course.

Practicality is the key basis of their design. The a-Jays One+ are more comfortable to wear than any other previous iteration of the Jays’ series of headsets in this range. Noise isolation is superior to most offerings here, owing to the great fit that can be achieved using suitable eartips from the available pack.

The audio quality of the a-Jays Five is interesting. Their sound resembles that of other Jays in-ears. A great improvement from the Jays-One, the bass is admirably present and the littlest of details are reproduced well. The mids and vocals better resolution and a shade that is brighter. 

Jazz, blues, soul and country music lovers will be fairly satisfied.


Trusted Reviews

"Jays's latest addition to the a-JAYS range is another winner, bringing the warm sound we admired in the series's previous sets."



Balanced Sound
One Button Remote and Mic 
Bass could be punchier


Our Verdict:
If you want an aesthetically pleasing sound and a earphone that is designed to look classy, the Jays-One+ is a good choice. 


3. Shure - SE112m+

Pocket friendly Shure Sound
Shure - SE112m+

  • Shure - SE112m+
  • Shure - SE112m+

Shure is one of the oldest and most respected audio companies in the world and the SE112 is one of its most affordable models, aimed at delivering balanced sound for budding audiophiles.

The Shure SE112 earphones are the entry level models in the SE series and although they look unassuming at first, the small design touches make them unique. The design is tailored around delivering good passive noise isolation and that works brilliantly, at least better than most of the offerings at this price point.

Shure has never compromised with the build quality of their products. The SE112’s aren’t an exception to this treatment. The earbuds feel fairly solid and durable.

If you have dainty ears, the comfort could be an issue. The earbuds are big, although not Audio Technica ATH CKX9iS big, but nevertheless they do have a relatively large profile

But getting used to it is fairly easy. You do get three sets of ear tips plus a simple carrying pouch in the box, which unlike RHA, is the bare minimum. That’s because Shure claims to focus more on the audio quality than on additional frills. Even the elder Shure siblings hardly come with anything to surprise you out of the box. 

Also, about the cable noise, while it’s not overly disturbing or a deal breaker, but there’s a fair bit of it.

Moving to the sound, from the very first moment, SE112 pumps out distortion free sound that’s pleasant to the ears. The lows in the SE112 are solid, though not overly emphasized, and are slightly warm. They even excel at bringing out rich vocals. The highs are crisp with plenty of detail. The wide-open soundstage offers clean and clear instrumental separation.

Overall, the slightly bass focused sound is a crowd pleaser. There’s no denying that these modestly designed Shure headphones wind up with pleasant audio and quality parts in an affordable package that is hard to look over, is the reason why critics have raved about them. If the iconic SE215s are out of your league for budget constraints, these are the closest you can get to such full bodied audio delivery.


Tech Radar

"It's challenging for companies to build a quality product within a tight budget and I think Shure did a great job with the SE112m+. You can tell most of the money was spent on the build and sound quality, things I look for first in an earphone."


Decent Isolation
Detailed Sound
May not fit everyone 


Our Verdict:
If you ever wanted to own a pair of Shure's without breaking the bank and compromising on audio quality, this is the one for you.


4. SoundMAGIC - E80C

Full Metal Earphones Housing Material 
SoundMAGIC - E80C

  • SoundMAGIC - E80C
  • SoundMAGIC - E80C

SoundMAGIC, a small Chinese audio company  has been winning the approval of headphone enthusiasts the world over. The SoundMAGIC E80C is the flagship model of its very popular reference series.

The E80C is meticulously designed to last. The distinctive design is easily distinguishable from the endless crowd of in-earphones. The braided cable along with the aluminium housing is truly quality. 


The all metal construction is a rarity at this price point. SoundMAGIC has never failed to impress with the packaging and presentation of their products, and more importantly with the sheer number of bundled accessories.

The E80C’ only elevate that further. With 7 pair of silicone tips and a bunch of Comply Foam tips, obtaining the perfect fit is only a matter of trial and error. The fit is extremely snug while achieving a tight seal, thereby leading to a superior noise isolation

The best part is, you can wear them for hours without straining your ears. Owing to their thoughtful design and a relatively small form factor, the E80C’ are extremely comfortable. The braided cables were designed to keep cable noise to a bare minimum, and it works.

The E80C’ are a pinnacle of balanced tonality. The soundstage is very wide and the fine details are well reproduced with the overall audio being delightful to the ears.

The focus on extracting detail is evident, but at times extreme highs might sound a tad sibilant. To maximize output quality, it is recommended to use a high quality audio output device and lossless audio files.

On their own, you won’t find much to complain about with the SoundMagic E80Cs – they’re perfectly enjoyable to listen to thanks the upfront, easygoing manner in which they deliver music.

Aniket Sen

"These are possibly some of the best (if not THE BEST) in-earphones you can buy for the price. The E80C' are leagues better than your bundled apple earpods or the Samsung headsets, in fact you'll feel like you've reached a new echelon of audio fidelity."


Phenomenal Audio Quality
Plentiful Bundled Accessories
High Impedance


Our Verdict:
If you're an audiophile looking for the best on a budget, then look no further. 


5. MeeAudio M6 Pro

On-Stage Monitoring Earphones
MeeAudio M6 Pro

  • MeeAudio M6 Pro
  • MeeAudio M6 Pro

MEElectronic's M6PRO are a pair of in-ear monitors feature a universal fit, and are perfect for a musician's use both on and off the stage. These in-ears have been designed in collaboration with touringmusicians, to be an all-in-onein-ear earphone for the stage, gym, and  the street.

Perhaps the best feature of the M6 Pro are the detachable cables. The package come include with two cable. One being the standard cable with a mic and remote, while the other being a standard cable without controls. The absolute advantage of this function is that you can replace the damaged part, without having to throw your earphones away.

Most importantly, the M6 Pro is sweat resistant, baring moisture from causing your earphones from getting damaged. If does not blow your mind, we are not sure what will.

The MEE Audio M6 Pro comes with a size and shape that is very different. Although true with most earphones, the M6 Pro's audio output is particularly largely dependent on right fit. And it will not be wrong to say that getting a perfect fit with the M6 Pro is quite a task. 

The mic and remote lets you answer calls and control other functions. Since the M6 Pro is an on-stage monitor, it also packs with it an extra 6.6mm adaptor letting you connect to other music output devices. 

The IEM's offer great noise isolation and there effectively attenuates external sound. 

Siince the MEE Audio M6 Pro is a studio monitor, it is expected to have a more balanced audio. These in-ears have an edgy sound. It presents your audio with quirk and is fast moving. If you like your music with big bass and can not lie about the same, then the earphones will not really disappoint you.

The bass is tight and solid, and the earphones do not shy away from throwing little sheen in here and there. The mids and highs are well combined and do present a balanced audio experience for people who have a leaner taste.


"Meelectronics M6 Pro offers great tonal accuracy with superb low frequency response. You get your deep lows and pounding thumps without sacrificing on the tonal clarity of the higher frequency ranges."


Translucent Attractive Body
Detachable Cables
Large Earpieces 


Our Verdict:
Indubitably, these are the best IEM's you can get your hands on, in this price range.


These were the best 5 headphones that come under Rs 4000. Although there are others that come within the same budget, these are the ones we definitely recommend. 

What are your favourite earphones in this range? Do let us know in the comments below!

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