March 27, 2017

RHA, the premium Scottish brand has never ceased to amaze us with it a consistent presentation of stunning in-ears. Well-known for offering a 3-year warranty, the brands in-ears are engineered to last. Coming to Shure SE112m+, the American audio corporation has grown in length. From merely testing waters, the brand has gone on to build a strong reputation among budget restrained audio enthusiast. 

Today, we have two offerings that come from these two brands. The S500 from RHA and the SE112m+ from Shure. The in-ears come with their own share of flaws and strengths. 

Here is a detailed comparison between the two in-ears. 


"The RHA S500i are sturdily constructed in-ears that sound brilliantly good. An entry level earphone from the premium Scotish brand, the plethora of accesories make this pair a great value for money. 

The Shure SE112m+ are not a very good looking pair of earphones, and you may want to choose them purely for their tonal accuracy and super low frequency response. "

-Raghav Somani

RHA S500i


Shure SE112m+

Headphone Zone-Shure SE112m+


DESIGN: RHA S500i vs Shure SE112m+

Headphone-Zone-Shure SE112m+

It goes without saying, the RHA S500i are the most well built and sophisticated looking in-ears that we have come across in this price bracket. Although devoid from RHA's aerophonic design, these classy in-ears have a neat and clean looking body. Like most RHA earphones, the S500i is elegantly styled in brushed metallic aluminium design. The all aluminium enclosure feels sturdy and is constructed to last!

Unlike most earphones in this price range, the S500i comes with an unconventional cable that is seen in expensive earphones. Taking a unique approach, RHA has wrapped a part of the cord in quality clothed fabric, while a high-quality TPE polymer material runs from the other half, up to the enclosure. In all honesty, this is the finest cable in this price segment.

The overall presentation of the earphone by RHA is striking and we are very impressed. The brand like every time, aims perfection with these in-ears. 

When it comes to warranty, the RHA S500i comes with a 3-year warranty, testimony to the trust RHA as in its products.

The Shure SE112m+ earphones are the entry-level set in the company's highly respected line-up. These latest earphones include a three-button remote, which has bee lacking in the SE112s that have been around since 2014.

On the downside, the SE112m+s are a little ugly and, while they offer above-average isolation, the fact that they burrow far into your ears means their fit may not suit everyone. The somewhat harsh, separated treble is an issue too.

The Shure SE112m+ earphones are similar to the SE series, in that they’re big and care about style not one jot. We’re okay with that, but those concerned about design may be disappointed.

So while we wouldn't describe the big, bulbous earpieces as pretty, they do at least provide some practical features.

Of note is the surface of earphones. The grey parts of the SE112m+ are made of hard plastic, while the black bits are rubber. Together they provide a high-friction surface to grip onto when placing them in and out of your ears.

USABILITY: RHA S500i vs Shure SE112m+

Headphone-Zone-Shure SE112m+

The RHA S500i comes in a heavy duty metal construction and we did expect these to be heavy on the ear canal. However, you will be surprised that the aluminium body has no influence on the weight of these earphones. It has an ultra-lightweight structure and can you can jam with for hours, without feeling strain or fatigue. The fit is excellent and it truly as if RHA has scanned your ear canals to design an earphone that just slides in.

Perhaps the best part of the RHA S500i is that it comes packed with various pairs of ear tips further aids in achieving a perfect fit and good noise isolation. The in-line three-button mic and remote lets you answer calls and control your music volume. You might want to consider its non-mic version, the RHA-S500 if you do not need a mic and remote.


The Shure SE112m+ in-ears have an in-line three-button remote & mic that allows you to adjust the volume, control music and video playback, and answer or end calls on your Apple iOS devices.

The monitors have to be worn in an over-the-ear fashion, and this is a process. However, after you have worn these, they stay put. They bend over your ears for a more secure fit. Moreover, they do endure accidental tugs of the wire. 

The mic and remote lets you answer calls and control other functions. Since the M6 Pro is an on-stage monitor, it also packs with it an extra 6.6mm adaptor letting you connect to other music output devices. 

When talked about warranty, RHA S500i comes with an astounding warranty of 2 years whereas Shure SE112m+ comes with 1.

SOUND: RHA S500i vs Shure SE112m+

Headphone-Zone-Shure SE112m+

The S500i's sound signature can be described as very fun and bright sounding.

The bass is robust and forward, being prominent at even very high volumes. Despite the bass being powerful, it doesn't overwhelm the other frequencies. Mostly because the highs are another shining aspect of the S500i. The S500i sculpts the higher frequencies quite a bit, so there's a decent sense of balance between the lows and highs.

However, the mids aren't as refined and detailed as we would like. And overall, it is not as accurate as the latter. The sound signature is a bit warm and slightly tilted towards pop, but is still well suited to rock and melodic tracks.

Having said that, these are probably the best in their class for casual listeners and music enthusiasts.

Moving to the sound, from the very first moment, SE112 pumps out distortion free sound that’s pleasant to the ears. The lows in the SE112 are solid, though not overly emphasized, and are slightly warm. They even excel at bringing out rich vocals. The highs are crisp with plenty of detail. The wide-open sound-stage offers clean and clear instrumental separation.

Overall, the slightly bass focused sound is a crowd pleaser. There’s no denying that these modestly designed Shure headphones wind up with pleasant audio and quality parts in an affordable package that is hard to look over, is the reason why critics have raved about them. If the iconic SE215s are out of your league for budget constraints, these are the closest you can get to such full bodied audio delivery.


RHA S500i

  • Best in Class All-Metal Build
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • No Mic + Remote
  • Best Accessories Offering
  • Sculpted & Bright Highs
Shure SE112m+

  • Minimalist Design with 115 cm Flat Cord
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • No Remote & Mic
  • No Double Flange Eartips 
  • Best Flat Sounding Earphones at this Price-Point


RHA S500 is known for its design and the vast range of accessories that it comes along with, whereas JAYS-a-JAYS-One can be appreciated for its consideration for tangle free cables and comfort. Both have different sound signatures and will impress a different set of audiophiles. 

Whatever your choice may be, we assure you that these earphones will surely make you fall in love with them. What might also impress you are the warranties which are as long as 3 and 2 years respectively.

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