March 27, 2017

On our comparison wheel today, are two audio delivering companies one of which has stayed long around us due to their consumer electronic products whereas the other will soon be seen delivering audio in our Samsung smartphones. They don't have much in common except the fact that they are determined to deliver best audio quality under budget.

The RP-HXD5+ from the Consumer Electronic Giant Panasonic and the AKG-K52 from AKG which is recently acquired by the Smartphone magnate Samsung. 


"The Panasonic RP-HXD5+ is made for keeping your comfort and long commutes in mind and comes witha mic and in-line remote as compared to its previous model RP-HXD5.

But, If you want to start with studio monitoring and want an airy sound stage then look no further than the AKG-K52. "

-Raghav Somani

Panasonic RP-HXD5+

Minimalist On-Ear Design

Headphone Zone AKG K52
Entry-Level Studio Monitoring Over- Ear Design


DESIGN: Panasonic RP-HXD5+ vs AKG-K52


Due to the large range of products Panasonic has produced, there'd hardly be any headphone enthusiast who doesn't recognize this brand. It has successfully delivered products ranging from Rs. 600 to Rs. 50,000, thereby catering to a wide array of audiences.

The Panasonic RP-HXD5+ is made keeping minimalist design with better sound quality in mind. Thus, they come in only two colours that is black and white. Although it looks minimalist, its comfort and convenience hasn't deteriorated a bit.

The HXD5+ features a padded leather headband that gives the headphone a sophisticated look and makes it comfortable to use. It has a ring-shaped reflective colour band that brightens up at night or in dim light.

One of the most unique feature of these earphones is that theyglow in the dark. Now, you can spot your headphones easily in the night.

AKG is a well-known brand in the audio circle owned by Harman Kardon, now owned by Samsung. Although AKG is predominantly known for its premium offerings, the company does not shy away from the more affordable end of the market.

The AKG K52 headphones have been designed with comfort in mind, with an around-ear fit that completely surrounds your ears. Additionally, the headphones also feature a self-adjusting fitting mechanism which ensures an ideal fit and holds the headset firmly but comfortably in place.The headphones are sturdy with a prominent black finish metal frame around it with a net weight of only 200g.

Unlike most headphones which come with a hard strap, AKG K52 has a much better-designed head strap made of unique malleable leatherette strap that easily conforms to the shape of the head while securing the headphones well.

USABILITY: Panasonic RP-HXD5+ vs AKG-K52


When it comes to comfort and usability, Panasonic has always managed to keep their customers in mind. With an adjustable head strap and cord cable that is flat so that it doesn't tangle a bit, these over-ears are sure to keep you indulged for hours.
The cups are nicely padded as well,  thus ensuring that your ears don't suffer from a listening fatigue. 

The cable length is standard and good to be used on the go. The RP-HXD5+ is an upgrade to their RP-HXD5 with a mic and remote and is compatible with all the devices.


Comfort wise, the headband isn’t adjustable; instead there’s a flexible, cushioned band that springs into place around your head. The large earcups of the headphones stay firmly around your ears and enclose them fully. The ample padding around them is soft, and it doesn’t make your ears warm over long periods of listening.

The AKG comes along with a 2.5 m cable that ends in a 3.5 mm plug and can change into a 6.3 mm adapter, so that you are not restricted to using the headphones with your laptop or smartphones only.

When talked about warranty, Panasonic RP-HXD5+ comes with 6 months warranty whereas AKG-K52  is enveloped with 2 years of warranty.

SOUND: Panasonic RP-HXD5+ vs AKG-K52


When it comes to the sound, Panasonic hasn't really impressed us that much. Most of the headphones that lie in the same price category as the RP-HXD5+, are made for basic studio monitoring and have a wider sound stage. While the sound of HXD5+ is okay it lacks warmth.

The Sound emanating from the Panasonic HXD5 are produced by 40 mm drivers that deliver a solid balanced sound; starting with a strong base, good mids and clear reproduction of vocals.


When it comes to sound, the presentation and sonic signature of the AKG-K52 is extremely open and clean, offering an excellent sense of space and a wide soundstage. Imaging is fantastic as well, with the headphones managing to separate and position various elements accurately within the virtual soundstage. The headphones are also incredibly loud and manage to maintain the same level of detail at varying volumes without sounding too muddled or confusing.

The headphones are so evenly balanced that we could listen to them for hours without ever getting tired. There are no bright edges or booming basslines.


Panasonic RP-HXD5+

  • Balanced Sound But Unimpressive Soundstage
  • 6 Months Warranty
  • Mic & Remote
  • 1.2 mm Long Cord Cable
  • 3.5 mm connector

  • Airy Sound Stage
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • No Remote & Mic
  • 2.5 mm Long Cord Cable
  • 3.5 mm connector along with 6.3 mm adaptor


Well one of them is On-Ears and easily portable, while the other is Over-Ears and is best to be used when you want to leisure down. The RP-HXD5+ comes along with an in-line Mic and Remote and is best to be used on-the-go.

The K52 on the other hand, is good to be used in the house along with your laptops or with you hi-fi players with is 6.3 mm adapter. What might also impress you is the whooping 2 Year warranty from AKG.

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