March 27, 2017

In today's time, functionality and convenience triumphs over all. Every little thing is engineered for added comfort for the user. Taking a cue from this trend, audio companies too realized that delivering more convenience is essential. Wireless was the answer! 

Today, we have headphones from two audio companies who are well-renowned among audio enthusiast for delivering great music, while being wireless. The Wave from MEE Audio and the Move from Jabra.

These headphones are extremely popular among music lovers. Here is an in-depth comparison between the two headphones, that will help you make the most suitable choice. 

"The MEE Audio Wave lends you the best comfort, while delivering some serious bass heavy punchy audio.

If you are looking for a more balanced audio signature, and stylish looking headphones to use on the go, the Jabra Wave does a great job"

-Raghav Somani

MEE Audio - Wave

Jabra - Move



DESIGN: MEE Audio Wave vs Jabra Move



Formerly MEElectronics, MEE Audio aims to deliver
"Music Enjoyment for Everyone". MEElectronics built its reputation for delivering quality audio at an affordable price. With MEE Audio and the Wave, they've definitely aimed at retaining that status.

The Wave is a visually appealing pair of headphones and is simply designed. The plastic build, however, is a bit of a letdown. It's true that with the features that it packs in at this price point, one can't expect much, but the plastic construction does make it feel rather breakable.

The MEE Audio Wave is surprisingly suitable for sports activities. The on-ear cushions have small holes cutting into them to let your ears breathe when worn, stay warm, but dry, and not accumulate sweat or moisture. The headband is also well cushioned to provide comfort and stability, so you can use them while working out and it'll do the job fairly well.


Jabra is one of the most popular brands and has won accolade for presenting budget but great sounding wireless headphones. The Move looks extremely stylish and flaunts a sleek, modern, and metropolitan design. 

The Move is built from plastic, while the headband is made from flexible black steel. The amalgamation of plastic and metal makes these on-ears extremely durable and sturdy. The Move is available in Red, Black, and Blue color options, letting you choose from the most vibrant colors. We, however, prefer the blue and black color variants. 

A nice quirk, the Move's headband is covered in a dirt resistant mesh fabric. The fabric feels breathable, while the metal headband offers an incredible degree of flexibility. The On-ears are not foldable but can be seamlessly dropped into your bag for easy portability.

Both the headphones, the MEE Audio Wave and the Jabra Move come with a standard 1-year warranty.

USABILITY: MEE Audio Wave Vs Jabra Move


Despite having an on-ear design, the Wave is quite comfortable and can easily be worn for long hours. However, where the design loses out on is noise isolation. Just like most on-ear headphones out there, you can't expect much. Sound leakage also may be an issue.

The main feature that sets the Wave apart is, of course, the Bluetooth connectivity. Pairing the Wave with all your Bluetooth devices is very easy. The range is standard, about 7-10 meters of clear audio. The Multipoint Technology is also a nifty trick that lets you pair it with 2 devices at the same time, which is impressive at this price.

The Wave delivers on its promise of an outstanding 24 hours of battery life. In fact, it may even last for longer. Also, it requires only approximately an hour and a half to fully charge. The inbuilt mic also does its job well.


The Jabra Move sports a polished, lightweight body. The fabric clad headband perfectly sits on your head, without causing discomfort even after long hours of music listening. The Memory foam may not be as thick as you would like, but that does not make these on-ears less comfortable. Most importantly, noise isolation is definitely better than the MEE Audio Wave and is commendable when the volume is turned to full.

The battery life is standard and nothing to write home about. Power the Jabra Move for up to 2 hours, and you good to go for 8 hours and more. 

Perhaps the best feature about these on-ears is that they come with a detachable cable. You can go wired as and when your headphones run out of power.

The MEE Audio Wave and the Jabra Move, both come with an inbuilt mic and remote. This means that you can control your music and answer call on the go.

SOUND: MEE Audio Wave Vs Jabra Move


On the whole, the MEE Audio wave delivers audio that is inclined towards the bass end of the spectrum. However, despite being heavy on the lows, they aren't overwhelming. Just punchy and exciting. The mids are recessed, but the highs are clear and bright without being harsh.

Soundstage and instrument separation aren't worth getting into. For a wireless headphone, they're good. Otherwise, not so much.

Being a wireless headphone, the sound quality is definitely weakand you will undoubtedly across better sounding headphones in this category. However, the plethora of functions it offers definitely make these the most value for money option in this budget. 


The Jabra Move stands out, delivering audio quality that is much superior. These on-ears give you a sound signature that is very clear. You are not likely to expect this sound from headphones in this price range. 

The bass is warm, and the punch can actually be felt. This is especially great, considering that these are wireless headphones. The mid-range and the highs are perfectly in sync and the smooth combination lets you feel every little note. Vocals are crisp and come out clear. 

The sound stage is good, but do not expect the level of that of high-end professional grade studio headphones. You receive an all round full sound. The headphones literally and make you experience sound, like that produced from a large speaker. A perfect budget pair, the sound is definitely deceptive to its size. 


MEE Audio Wave

  • Heavy Lower-end 
  • All Plastic Build
  • Inbuilt Mic and Remote
  • 1 Year Warranty
Jabra Move

  • Balanced Audio with a Wide Soundstage
  • Sturdy Plastic Build with a Metal Headband
  • Inbuilt Mic and Remote
  • 1 Year Warranty


The your are looking for headphones that lean towards the lower-end, the and extremely comfortable, then the MEE Audio Wave is your pick.

Whereas, if you are music enthusiast looking for a stylish pair of over-ears that are lightweight and deliver a more neutral audio output, then the Jabra Wave should be your pick.

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