November 05, 2016

For all gaming enthusiasts out there who are looking for a dedicated solution while gaming into the night, here are some things you should keep in mind while exploring our exceptionally good gaming headsets.

1. Experience Wide Lifelike Soundstage
When it come to playing your games on your PC, sound is almost as important as the gaming graphics. Unlike regular headphones, gaming headphones give you an amazingly wide surround sound. This makes the soundstage realistic and lifelike. With great sounding gaming headphones, you can watch your back cautiously, keep pace with your strongest opponents and always make a memorable surprise entry. A crisp sound is essential that will keep you alert of enemies' footsteps and of every gunshot. A gaming headphone with expansive soundstaging can be all that it takes for you to beat the crap out of your enemies. After all, that's what your gaming virtual universe demands and deserves.

2. Game on with Supple, Soft Comfortable Earcups
While you're lost into your game, your headphone needs to sit on your head just right. How crazy would a gaming headset be that's heavy on your head? Sometimes when playing for long hours you do not realise the amount of time that passes by, whilst gaming and therefore comfort goes for a toss. Comfort is always key. Especially because if you're gaming with an ill-fitted headband or earcups you're bound be exhausted much faster. It goes without saying that comfortable gaming headphones is a must. Choosing a good gaming headphone or gear is very important as it can either give you the upper hand whilst playing the game or in can bring you down to ashes.

3. Control the Retractable Mic
One of the best things about gaming headphones for players is the boom mic which is an additional feature and an added bonus for all. Unlike other headphones, gaming headsets feature a retractable mic. This gives you the liberty to use it as and when you need to communicate with your fellow in-game comrades and does not leave you feeling uncomfortable or distracted while playing.

4. Go Wireless
Another cool add-on is if the headphones are wireless. Everyone knows how convenient a life without wires is. Wireless gaming headsets tackle the problem of annoying wires once and for all so you can focus entire on the game and nothing else.

5. Always be Comfy with a Suspension Headband
It's very important that gaming headphones allow you to adjust the headband. Not all headphones have adjustable suspension headbands whose clamping force can really ruin your gaming experience. No matter what position you may be lounging during Call of Duty, make sure you can count on your headphone's headband while it supports you.

6. Depend on the Jack-of-all-trades
Ask any gamer and they'll tell you that they don't just use one console for their gaming needs. PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox, Wii, you name it and most passionate Indian gamers have at least two of these that they need in order to maintain their badass kingpin status in the gaming world.

7. Cancel Out What You Don't Like
Noise cancellation as a feature in gaming headsets ensures that you don't get distracted while in the middle of a fatal combat. When you're battling with your opponents, the noise cancellation feature excludes ambient noise completely so that you can indulge with nobody nagging you.

8. Light It Up
What makes your gaming headset more attractive is fancy shmancy LED lights that add to your gaming prowess. We know you love to light s*it up, so go on, be the envy of all your gaming buddies with headphones that light up in different neon colours.

9. Use it for Everything
What good is a headphone if you can only use it for just one thing? Gaming headphones can be a lot cooler if they're versatile enough to be capable of other functions as well. Use them every time you're expecting a call on your phone or even while listening to music.

10. Carry 'em Around

It always breaks your heart when you have to skip town leaving your loved ones behind. Gaming headphone at one point in the past were really bulky and couldn't be carried around. You literally had to pack everything in a suitcase and lug it around. Gaming headsets these days by default offer better mobility.

So that's it, if you've got this checklist in your mind, there's no doubt you'll end up armed with the best gaming headset so you re-enter the battlefield fiercer than ever!


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