March 23, 2016

Apple is known for creating products that are not only avante garde, but also soar high in technology and aesthetics. The question is, why stick with plain earpods when you can get so much more? The best headphone brands in the world have created headphones and earphones that have been optimized just for the Apple devices you dote upon. They have been modified with a three button inline mic and remote control that is only for use with Apple devices such as the iPod, iPad and the iPhone. This post walks you through the best in-ear headphones that are best to be used with your most loved Apple products.


This list has been compiled with the help of users as well as our in-house experts.

In no particular order, here we go!

1. RHA - MA600i

IEMs From the Acclaimed MA-Series
RHA - MA600i

  • RHA - MA600i
  • RHA - MA600i

The RHA MA600i is the iphone compatible variant of the MA600. Sitting right in- between the MA450i and the MA750, the MA600i tries to bridge the price gap between the two, without compromising on anything.

The packaging could very well trump earphones double the price, it’s that good. There’s a flap, which on opening reveals the earbuds that are artistically displayed inside through a see-through packaging.

The earphones themselves are a work of art, sure they look similar to the MA450i, but we're impressed with that design language. The Aerophonic aluminium housing, the fabric cable now being protected with a plastic coating, the small elements of detail like in the three-button microphone control or the headphone jack, all make the MA600i look like a very niche product. Some would even suspect that these to cost well over their price based on the build, design and feel in hand.

The aerophonic design seems to work, the fit comes naturally, as if they have been tailored to your ear canal. The dozens of eartips give you endless options to try out and find your perfect fit. Owing to this great fit, the noise isolation is pretty god too. Don’t expect miraculous silence, but this is on par with some of the better offering at this price point.

Interestingly, the sound is very similar to the MA450i. But, it is more fine tuned, which means that the bass is not all that overpowering, the mids take their stand and the highs are noticeably improved in producing richer detail. On the whole, this is the kind of sound that's fun while being nuanced.

Biswaroop Mukherjee

"This little gem is exactly as expected from the complimentary reviews."


Deep Rich Bass
3-year warranty
Only Subtle Improvements Over the MA450i


Our Verdict:
iPhone compatible earphones with a meticulous and build and finish along worth good sound and a 3-year warranty? Yes, the RHA MA600i has a lot going for it.


2. JAYS - a-Jays Five

Mobile Headsets For All Devices
JAYS - a-Jays Five

  • JAYS - a-Jays Five
  • JAYS - a-Jays Five

An offering from the Swedish brand known for their iconic black flat cables, the Jays – a – Jays Five have been designed with practicality in mind. Be it for the ergonomic design or the multi function mic and remote function, the Jays Five are going to appeal to a wide array of audiences.

The a-Jays Five boast a rather understated and simplistic style. Premium materials such as machined aluminium and thermoplastic have been used in the constructions, which give it a rich feel.

The biggest plus point is that the a-Jays Five in-ear headphones are available for all major smartphones and OSs including Android, Windows, and iOS. In fact JAYS was the first brand to have a three button remote for Android and Windows.

The packaging is nothing short of what is expected from JAYS, a well designed cover box and tons of accessories, including a number of interchangeable silicone ear tips in various different sizes, as well as a shirt clip and a hard case that keeps your headphones protected while you carry them with you.

Practicality is the key basis of their design. They are more comfortable to wear than any other previous iteration of the Jays’ series of headsets in this range. Noise isolation is superior to most offerings here, owing to the great fit that can be achieved using suitable eartips from the available pack.

The audio quality of the a-Jays Five is interesting. Their sound resembles that of earphones with micro-drivers, despite that, bass is still admirably present and the littlest of details are reproduced well. But where they really tend to surprise are the with the mids and vocals which are reproduced with a texture and shimmer that is uplifting to hear.

Jazz, blues, soul and country music lovers will love the fairly balanced and detailed sound, but EDM and bass heavy genres of music might need some EQ tuning.

But as a whole, the sound is mature and geared to cater to a wide range of audiences and device owners.


Caleb Denison, Digital Trends

"The a-Jays Five are super stylish and sound great.""





Balanced Sound
Multi-functional 3-Button Mic 
Bass could be punchier


Our Verdict:
If you want an aesthetically pleasing, balanced & nuanced sounding earphone for any device you own, these are the way to go. 


3. Sennheiser - Momentum In-Ear

Stylish In-Ears With Sennheiser Sound
Sennheiser - Momentum In-Ears

  • Sennheiser - Momentum In-Ears
  • Sennheiser - Momentum In-Ears

To further extend the highly successful style-oriented Momentum series of on-ear headphones, Sennheiser released an iPhone compatible in-ear variant called the Momentum-in-ear for iOS. Priced attractively, this stunning looking pair of earbuds has made rounds among most top-earphones lists. Needless to say, this list ain’t gonna be an exception, and for good reasons.

Let’s start with the design, what a beauty, arguably the most attractive pair of in-ears in this list courtesy of that semi-metal construction in red and black. The build is solid, every part, every joint, the jack basically every component feel well constructed and built for the long run. The fit is a fine, nothing spectacular. That bulbous earphone body is ever so slightly larger than the average earbud size. Plus the option of replacement eartips is limited when you compare to offerings from SoundMAGIC or RHA. Getting an excellent fit may be questionable, but getting a good fit is easy.

The noise isolation against isn’t spectacular, but is on par for the course.

Coming back to the stronger suits of the Momentum In-ears, the sound, its fun, bright and bound to please a large number save for the ones hungry for high-end audiophile grade stuff. Bass lovers will feel right at home with those oodles of controlled bass, the highs are boosted, yes there is a tad bit of sibilance but nothing too alarming. The mids are unfortunately, recessed. The soundstage is admirably open and wide, which was a surprise.

Overall, these are strictly crowd pleasers.

Andrew Williams, Trusted Reviews

"The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear headphones reproduce several of the most notable sound characteristics of the larger Momentum sets. They’re real ear-charmers."


Stylish Design
Full Bodied Design
Not for Purists 


Our Verdict:
If an iphone compatible earphone with a standout design and a fun forward sound is what you’re after, then these are an easy choice to make, especially considering Sennheiser’s legendary product durability and a super 2-year warranty.


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4. Klipsch - R6i

Reference Apple Earphones
Klipsch R6i

  • Klipsch - R6i
  • Klipsch - R6i

Whether you've lost them, broken them or are just plain tired of the bundled buds and not just looking for a similar or slightly upgraded pair of earphones, but something that's pro-grade but also compatible with your iPhone, your search ends here.

The Klipsch Reference R6i is probably what you’ve been looking for.

The R6i use Klipsch’s patented oval-shaped eartips, which provide both superior fit and comfort. It's not the most standout design on the market, but it's minimal and straightforward in all the right ways. The design language is similar to the S3 or the S4 series, but there are additional touches to give this iteration an edge. The Klipsch R6i boasts of a solid construction that feels reassuring and has a ‘built to last’ feel.

The noise isolation is probably the best in class, no mistakes about it. The practical ergonomic design fits like a glove, isolating a good deal of the ambient noise. This is a key achievement here.

In the box, apart from the earphones, a compact zippered carrying pouch and a clever card with three pairs of alternate silicone eartips and a security clip mounted to it, is included. Kind of similar to RHA's offerings.

Sound wise, they lack the totally flat musical emphasis desired by some audiophiles and professionals, but most listeners will be glad with the way they sound. There’s weight in the bass and there’s room for the vocals to wash over the top. The deep lows are well balanced by the crisp highs.

Fundamentally, it’s a fun forward sound that is consumer friendly but at the same time offers a ton of detail and richness that overall could cater to a large demographic.

Caleb Denison, Digital Trends

"Klipsch’s R6i blend comfort, style and convenience into an earbud with an approachable sound quality that anyone can recognize as excellent. Were it not for a noisy cable, we might be looking at a near perfect score. Still, we think the R6i are about as well-balanced and sweet-sounding as you’ll find in a $100 in-ear headphone."


Fun, detailed sound
Very comfortable
Minimal Accessories


Our Verdict:
With a price tag well over INR 7000, these aren’t cheap by any means, but long story short, they are well worth the price. Be it the quality of sound, the meticulous product design, the wholesome build, they trump most other options around this price segment clearly standing out as a worthy product. 


5. urBeats - Beats by Dr. Dre

Bass Heavy In-Ears from Apple
Beats by Dr. Dre - urBeats

  • Beats by Dr. Dre - urBeats
  • Beats by Dr. Dre - urBeats

One Apple product for another, siblings sometimes make the best duos, great design, solid build, Apple’s class leading warranty, there’s a lot going on for the urBeats by Dr.Dre. Not to mention the countless celebrity endorsements, you’re sure to find your pair of Urbeats being spotted with a few of them.

Coming to the design, while there’s nothing to sweep you off your feet, these earbuds still look better than most offering in their price range. The colours in particular makes them a standout.

As with every Beats product, the build is solid, with a metal construction and some quality thick cabling, this product emits heft and class when held in hand. The fit though isn’t all that impressive, it’s okay, as long as you’re stuck to a routine desk job and not out on the field for a walk or any physical activity. The size of the buds aren’t small, plus they have heft, so the fit isn’t perfect making comfort not one of its fortes.

Noise isolation is a function of the fit, and needless to say, there’s nothing to write home about. Since this is a budget offering by Beats standard, there aren’t a lot of accessories here, just the basic extra set of eartips and a carry pouch. But, even those accessories are lookers and get a 10/10 on presentation.

Coming to the sound, with overwhelming bass, coloured mids and marginally emphasized highs, audiophiles should steer right away. But for the average young audience, they sound pretty good, with hip-hop and rap, pop and EDM sound on par with their high end on-ear offerings. The best part is, irrespective of the volume level, the audio is absolutely distortion-free, and the sound stage is decent.

All in all, they are fun to listen to and can sound really good with a specific set of music genres.


Virginia Barry,

"Thanks to healthy sound quality, customizability, and a tangle-resistant cord with a mic/remote, the MSRP $99.95 Urbeats by Dr. Dre are excellent companions for travelers, runners, and office drones alike. These headphones block out a great deal of unwanted sound while keeping music locked in, too—so you won't bother your neighbors."


Rich Bass
Stylish Design
Mediocre Fit and Comfort 


Our Verdict:
Overall, as an entire package, be it brand value, product design, etc, they work well with iPhones. They even have gold and rose-gold colour variants to match your iPhone’s profile.


These were the best 5 earphones that work with your iPhone. Although there are others that come within the same budget, these are the ones we definitely recommend. 

What are your favourite earphones in this range? Do let us know in the comments below!

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