Buying Guide: Here Are The Top Five On-Ear Headphones Of 2015

February 05, 2015

Different people have their very own distinct preferences when it comes to the fitting of a headphone. However great sounding a headphone is, the listening experience depends largely on its fit. Comfort and isolation are two important aspects that can only be better determined by the fit and design of the headphone. For people who like a circum aural design that surrounds their ears, over-ear headphones prove to be the best option for them. Whereas for people who are looking for something that is lightweight and not circum-aural, for them the on-ear or supra-aural headphones prove to be the best.
However, here are the five best on-ear headphones of 2015 that are here to blow your mind:
The brand that is known for its top class design, military grade components and a sonic experience that stands unparalleled, the V-MODA XS is the best on-ear headphone ever created. It might be small, but is far from delicate. Made to stand any eventuality, the XS can withstand 70+ drops from 6 feet. Also, it boasts the M-Class Dual 40mm diaphragm that will give you an experience that you haven’t received before. It is truly fascinating to see the amount of power in a headphone that small. Promising the V-MODA quality with premium components and new age technology like the Cliqfold hinge, the XS rank highly as the best headphones every built.
Sennheiser Momentum On-ears
Thinking of Sennheiser, one is always reminded of its premium quality and an aural experience that is incomparable. Sennheiser has always delivered sound that has been engineered to please and amaze and design that is bespoke just like its heritage. The Sennheiser Momentum On-ears are just the same. Great sonic experience packed in a vivacious retro design; the momentum on-ears are here to surprise you with their sensational aural engineering. They have dynamic driver units and a seriously vast frequency response range that can never go wrong. Luxury alcantra metal and generously padded headphones that ooze quality build quality, the Sennheiser Momentum are headphones that will never disappoint you.
Marshall Major
The Marshall Major comes with the rock and roll feel that Marshall stands for. A noise isolation feature that promises you an undisturbed music listening session and a collapsible design that makes it very portable and easy for storage, make these headphones a great attraction. These luxury on-ear headphones are generously padded with high quality leather, giving you the best when it comes to comfort and also making them suitable for long hours of music listening. Stylish, and sonic, these headphones are a great choice if you are a fan of rock and roll.
Sony MDR XB450
These are truly the best on-ear headphones for those who have a smaller budget. Probably Sony’s best, and a definite recommendation, these headphones are extremely large on-ear headphones that deliver seriously amazing noise isolation. Popular with most music lovers, these headphones come with an extra bass feature that allows you to experience the depths of your favourite song like never before. Rich shades, swivel design and tangle free cords, these headphones are everything you would ask for. The metallic finish adds an extra detail in its ultra-youthful design, making these headphones a real heartthrob.
Sennheiser HD25 Aluminum
The Sennheiser HD25 Aluminum headphones are an upgrade from the HD25 to celebrate the silver jubilee of the brand. Extremely durable and so premium, each headphone has been created with one chunk of solid aluminium, making these headphones what they are. Apart from the Sennheiser luxury, these headphones promise you a raspy bass, a happy treble and an undistorted sound even at high decibels. The swiveling design of the ear-cups make for even DJ-ing, as you can experience the single side monitoring just like professional DJs. The single sided cable make it easy for you to move around and give you as much mobility as you need.  They come in an exceedingly stylish carry case, making it easy for you to store these premium headphones safely.
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