Buying Guide: Here Are The Top 5 Headphones under Rs.15000

April 23, 2015

For the modern audiophile and discerning music lover, we have a list of the top headphones below Rs 15000, that score the maximum points in terms of sonic fulfillment and are masters in their classes.

V-MODA Crossfade XS


Conceptualized by DJ and and CEO Val Kolton, the V-MODA XS has featured in the Best Headphone lists of numerous critics and reviewers around the world. Its mind-blowing sound clarity, 40mm drivers, and noise cancellation features ensure a perfect aural experience. These on-ear headphones are durable, surviving repeated drops and bends along with being ergonomic and molded to the shape of your cranium. These over-ear headphones are also very portable and can be folded and carried easily in the hard case provided.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X


The Audio Technica M50x is the flagship product of Audio Technica's remastered range of professional monitor headphones, the M-Series. These headphones deliver accurate sound and excellent comfort for extended studio listening sessions and music on the go. These over-ear headphones have oversized cushion cups that cover your ears completely and comfortably ensuring noise isolation and the 40mm drivers won't give you a chance to complain about the sound. They're very durable and last for years.


Sony MDR XB950BT

These bluetooth wireless headphones are a successor to Sony's MDR-XB920 over-ear headphone model. They are extra bassy which can be attributed to its Electronic Bass Boost circuitry. You can stream high definition audio wirelessly and seamlessly, with the help of the AAC and apt-X® support system, to a range of up to 30 ft. it comes with an integrated microphone and swiveling earpads and can last up to 20 hours after a single charging session.

Also, they're the cheapest on this list. So, for a bang for your buck, look no further!


Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO


Designed primarily for critical music listening and studio monitoring, the closed back Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is a very dynamic headphone. These headphones can deliver precision sound while providing a comfortable fit. Bass heavy and with insanely accurate high and mid-range sound, these headphones are indispensable for A/V professionals worldwide. The cables are single-sided and since the the DT 770 PRO comes in different Ohms, a headphone amplifier can be used to derive the best sound quality.


Plantronics BackBeat Pro

For wireless communication and effective noise-cancellation, look no further than the Plantronic Backbeat Pro over-ear headphones. They have an incredible battery life: 24 hours of continuous wireless bluetooth streaming that allows you to build and listen, unplugged, to an endlessly long playlist. They have an OpenMic™ feature which allows you to tune in to the world when you want to. They're comfortable, durable and provide an immersive sound experience.

Here you go!

What are your favourite headphones in this price range? Sound off in the comments below!

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6 Reasons Why We Love The V-MODA XS Headphones

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