For The Confused Indian Buyer: Here Are The Best Headphones Under Rs.2500

May 06, 2015

For the budget conscious audiophile, it is necessary that the audio equipment they invest their hard earned money gives them the best possible sound, comfort and quality possible. 

The following headphones are the best in this category and will fulfill all your needs and more.

Sennheiser HD 202 II


Much praise has been heaped upon these headphones and it's all completely deserved. These lightweight over-ear headphones are very comfortable and provide a balanced, open sound with a vivid and crisp bass response. They're really comfortable and the design is such that it isolates ambient noise impressively. 

The adjustable cable length is also allows you to use them comfortable both at home and on the go.

Sony MDR - XB450



These bass-heavy on-ear headphones are comfortable, super stylish and give you a bang for your buck. Despite being on-ear, these headphones are rather large, are generously padded and provide surprisingly good noise attenuation. They have a slim swivel-fold style that ensures high portability and a flat cord for a tangle-free experience.

The 30mm dynamic driver is the icing on the cake.

Audio-Technica - ATH-AX1iS



The ATH-AX1iS' powerful 36mm driver units provide an insanely good performance. Their wide sound range allows you to hear every note clearly. These over-ear headphones also come with a universally compatible in-line mic and control that allows you to control your phone calls and music at the touch of a button. 

These are also rather fashionable and available in a wide variety of colours. Their super portable design also ensures that you can lug them everywhere easily.

 What are your favourite headphones in this price range? Sound off in the comments below!

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