November 30, 2016

Very few things in the world can make a man as happy as a good bargain can. Similarly, you can add value to your purchase of a headphone or earphone by buying a compatible source device along with it. Flaunt your own audiophile setup and experience music like never before with our curated collection of bundles.

We've assembled a bunch of reasons why bundle deals are great.

1. Curated by our Headphone Experts

Our in-house headphone experts collectively brainstormed to come up with various ideas. No one would be better at gathering the best headphones and the required accessories other than these smart headphone buffs. You can get in touch with our experts and they will help you figure out which one our headphone bundle deals would be the best for you. 

2. An Incredible Value Proposition
Our experts walk the extra mile in compiling these amazing headphone bundles so that you get the best. If you consider buying a bundle of headphone, earphones, amps, DACs you save a lot more than if you were to buy them separately. With the kind of savings achieved from buying a bundle, you really get a sense of value. Save yourself the regret and add value to your purchase.

3. It's the Smart Investment
I'm sure you have accomplished that you will spend lesser on a product if you buy it as a combo deal. The range of bundles available present smart investment opportunities. You may want to buy a high end headphone but using it with a smartphone would serve no purpose. Rather, it could be a grave mistake. Example: If you have Rs. 10000, instead of spending it all on a high end headphone, you could buy headphones between Rs. 5,000-7,000 and the balance amount can be used to buy an amp/DAC.

4. Transform your Listening Experience
Listening to music can be a very cathartic experience. One good song can change your entire day. Now, imagine listening to the same song in a fantastic setup. You will not want to stop listening to music ever! What good is a high resolution capable headphone if you've not experienced a high end player or amp/DAC that can drive the best out of it. An expensive headphone will need a DAC for you to discover music like never before. Here you are getting a ready made bundle and I think you should grab the best deal!

5. Two is Better than One
Every headphone is special. Every headphone needs love. So headphones get lonely too. Why get just one when you can two and use them together? Every genre, every headphone type is looked into and debated before a bundle deal is listed on Headphone Zone.


You can count on us to figure out the best complementing products for each thoughtfully made bundle. Get the most out of your buck and seize the best bundle deal!


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Talk to a Headphone Guru

Talk to a Headphone Guru

Information overload? Your Guru will find the best headphones keeping in mind your budget restrictions and brand preferences.

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