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by Drishti Patel November 25, 2016

A mono Bluetooth headset makes life so much better for people who need to use their mobile phone for calls all day long. With the help of this device once you have put them on, answer calls while your mobile is resting in your pocket. If you are amongst those people who do not know what features to look for before buying a hands-free companion, don't worry, here's a list of things you need to check before investing in an extravagant Bluetooth headset.

1. Noise Cancelling Microphone

The main feature of any Bluetooth headset must be its microphone. A noise canceling microphone is like a cherry on the cake. The microphone should produce crystal clear sound and adapt to the environment even when you are stuck in a noisy or windy atmosphere. The purpose of a microphone is only served when people on both ends hear each other properly. A noise cancelling microphone helps scale down the background noise and lets hear each other without any distortion.

2. Incredible Voice Call Clarity

What is the use of a Bluetooth Headset if you cannot hear the person on the other side of the call? Well, voice clarity is the utmost priority. The voice must be transmitted easily, letting the other person communicate without any disturbance. The materials used must be of high-grade quality so that one can hear every detail and talk for long hours.

3. Designed for Long Hours of Use

The mono Bluetooth headset you're going to be spending you're hard earned money on, should be highly comfortable for extended phone calls. The flexible behind-the-ear design makes the Bluetooth headset fit easily behind one's ear and adds to the convenience offered by the device. A lightweight, slim design enhances the hands-free experience so that you can enjoy comfortable calls for long hours. 

4. Excellent Battery life

A massive battery life is a win-win for everyone. The aim of buying a mono Bluetooth headset is gone, if it does not have good battery life. 7-10 hours of battery is the least one can expect from a Bluetooth headset which would last all day long. It would be an added feature if the device charges quickly and has long standby time as well.

5. Intuitive Controls

Accessible controls make life easy. Most of the mono Bluetooth headsets come handy with immediate controls. One should be able to comfortably control the volume and voice calls while the phone is in the pocket. The motion sensor makes things simple for the user. One won't miss calls as the indication light flashes in order to alert the user about another call.

Now, with the help of the list you can go and make the best choice.

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Drishti Patel
Drishti Patel

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