Best Audiophile Headphones

by Abhijeeth Shetty May 09, 2020

Best Audiophile Headphones

Welcome to Headphone Zone! Today we help you to pick the best Audiophile Headphones available in the market.

If you are an audiophile, you realise that when it comes to audiophile headphones, the only thing that takes top priority is the sound. You look for a natural sounding headphone which makes you feel as if the music is being played right in front of you. That's also how artists intend their music to sound when they are mixing it. But achieving that natural sound is not a walk in the park.

Moreover, to deliver this natural sound signature is not every headphone's cup of tea. There are a lot of headphones available in the market posing themselves as audiophile headphones. But which of these audiophile headphones are actually serving the purpose?

That's exactly where our superpower comes to play. To help you pick the right pair of audiophile headphones. We offer personalised music experiences and when it comes to audiophiles we know exactly what you are looking for. You don't have to get lost in the ocean of audiophile headphones out there on the internet. Just go through our handpicked list of best audiophile headphones given in the list below.

Enough said, let the list begin!

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Meze Empyrean

For the best of sound and performance!

Best Audiophile Headphones - Meze Empyrean

Best Audiophile Headphones - Meze Empyrean Best Audiophile Headphones - Meze Empyrean

This headphone is passionately designed for audiophiles with two companies devoting themselves to this cause. The hybrid array drivers are made by Rinaro while the rest of the headphone is beautifully crafted by Meze. The Neodymium magnets are installed in a hybrid array on both sides of the diaphragm resulting in an efficient isodynamic magnetic field. This ensures uniform activation throughout the diaphragm surface. The lightweight diaphragm is meticulously designed with isotropic, thermally stabilized polymer and a conductive layer housed inside a fibre-glass infused ABS casing.

The ovoid-shaped drivers are anatomically engineered to deliver awesome sound. The magnet array design comprises a switchback coil that efficiently reproduces the lower frequencies and a spiral coil which effectively reproduces the mid and high frequencies. All in all, they are arranged to deliver unravelled musical experience.

This audiophile headphone features ferromagnetic ear pads that reduce the magnetic field and improve the efficiency of the drivers. The isomagnetic earcups with the help of the magnetic field add more stability to keep the earcups in place. The headphone features patented suspension wings so that you feel the comfort of leather on your head. The rest of the headphone is made up of carbon fibre and aluminium. The stunning aluminium chassis controls the airflow to deliver natural sound transparency. 

What we like

  • Rinaro-made hybrid array driver
  • Meze aesthetics and user-centric design
  • Neodymium magnets with ultralight Isoplanar diaphragm
  • Anatomically Engineered design for a better sound
  • Switchback Coil for better low-end audio reproduction
  • Spiral Coil for middle and higher audio reproduction
  • Ferromagnetic ear pads for improved driver efficiency
  • Patented suspension wings for wearing comfort

Why you should buy it

If you want to experience high-grade audiophile sound with absolute comfort and advanced technological support.



For excellent sound and comfort!

Best Audiophile Headphones - STAX SR-009S
Image by Currawong via YouTube

Best Audiophile Headphones - STAX SR-009S Best Audiophile Headphones - STAX SR-009S

The flagship STAX SR-009S, definitely one of the world's most expensive headphones, uses an advanced MLER (Multi-Layer-Elect-Records) to deliver improved sound and low air resistance. It also eliminates resonance and audio muddying as it is gold-plated. This also helps you experience high-clarity sound with great detail. It offers a high transient characteristic across the audio spectrum thanks to its diaphragm consisting of ultra-thin plastic film.

Almost all of the elements in this electrostatic headphone is made up of machine processed aluminium making it lightweight and durable. The reduced thickness of the case allows a smoother flow of condensation-and-rarefaction airwave. The headband of this headphone comes with a 10-step slider to offer a personalised fit. The outer part of the headphone comes with guard mesh for improved sound. The purity copper audio cables are high-end in nature and are silver coated. The earpads are a blend of genuine lambskin leather and high-quality synthetic leather for comfortable extended hours of listening.

What we like

  • Engineered plastic film diaphragm for best audio
  • Aluminium metal build for high-quality sound
  • High-purity, silver-plated copper cable
  • Real leather cushion material
  • Arc headband with 10-step slider

Why you should buy it

The STAX SR-009S is a premium headphone from STAX that offers top-notch music experience and features custom-engineered diaphragm, aluminium metal build, convenient headband and more.


Sennheiser HD 800s

For a lifelike music experience!

Best Audiophile Headphones - Sennheiser HD 800s
Image by Jude via HeadFi

Best Audiophile Headphones - Sennheiser HD 800s
Image via HeadsetWiki
Best Audiophile Headphones - Sennheiser HD 800s

The Sennheiser HD 800 S is crafted with perfection using high-grade materials. It comes with an excellent sound reproduction ability, thanks to the advanced absorber technology. This technology helps in the reduction of the masking effect. An effect where human ears fail to hear the sound when low and high frequencies are played at the same time. The headphone is meticulously crafted with a durable and lightweight design in Germany.

With the patented absorber technology the Sennheiser HD 800 S makes sure that every single aspect of the sound is enjoyable to you. Additionally, the headphone adds more purity and clarity to the sound. This headphone houses the quite large 56mm transducers and has an open ear-cup design. This allows you to get a natural and lively music listening experience. It looks stunning with the all-new matt black finish. It comes with two high-grade connectors: the 6.35mm and 4.4mm jack.

What we like

  • Natural and spatial music listening experience
  • Open and circumaural stereo headphones
  • Advanced absorber technology
  • 56mm sound transducer
  • With handcrafted, microfiber fabric
  • Designed and made in Germany
  • High-grade matt black finish
  • Inner damping metal headband

Why you should buy it

Crafted for perfection, the Sennheiser HD 800s combines design and performance efficiently. It is designed with high-quality materials to deliver natural and spatial music experience with the utmost comfort and durability.


Audeze LCD-4z

The peak of audiophile audio!

Best Audiophile Headphones - Audeze LCD-4z
Image by teknorob23 via HeadFi

Best Audiophile Headphones - Audeze LCD-4z
Image by teknorob23 via HeadFi
Best Audiophile Headphones - Audeze LCD-4z
Image by teknorob23 via HeadFi

There is no need for an amplifier to experience top-notch audio quality, the Audeze LCD-4z has an open-back circumaural design to offer you a powerful and engaging music listening experience. The impedance rating of these audiophile headphones is extremely low at just 15 ohms. You can use the aux port of your favourite music listening device to drive the LCD-4z.

These headphones are light in weight thanks to the cast-magnesium housing you can comfortably listen to your music for hours. The powerful Fluxor magnetic setup makes sure that the drivers deliver crisp and clear audio. The nanoscale diaphragm gives a distortion-free, smooth and quick audio response. These audiophile headphones are precisely engineered to meet sonic perfection. These headphones deliver best-in-class transparent audio reproduction making it an ideal audiophile headphone.

What we like

  • Open-back circumaural design
  • The powerful and engaging sound signature
  • Impedance rating of 15 ohms
  • Lightweight cast-magnesium housing
  • Nanoscale magnetic diaphragm
  • Magnetic Fluxor for audio clarity and depth
  • Patented Uniforce voice coils for precise audio output

Why you should buy it

If you admire the open natural sound and high-end audio along with lightweight design and comfort then the Audeze LCD-4z is for you.


Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Edition

For a natural sound that matters!

Best Audiophile Headphones - Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Edition
Image Via Headphone Check

Best Audiophile Headphones - Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Edition
Image Via Headphone Check
Best Audiophile Headphones - Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Edition
Image Via Headphone Check

The Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Special offers a natural and spacious music listening experience, thanks to its open-back design. It is specially designed for musicians to allow them to mix and master their audio. It features Fazor technology wherein uniquely positioned acoustic elements on either side of the magnetic structure to deliver improved transparency. Not just that it also offers extended frequency response, improved high-frequency extension, and reduced distortion and better imaging. Experience acoustically transparent music because of the push-pull magnetic structure. This headphone is designed for music creators and has the award-winning sound of the LCD-X.

Detailed and crystal clear audio is crucial during music creation and that's exactly what the LCD-X delivers with the help of Audeze’s innovative planar magnetic technology. This headphone is uniquely designed using patented technologies to ensure comfort, unparalleled performance and sonic perfection. The LCD-X hosts an ultra thin-film diaphragm that delivers lifelike sound. Further, the double-sided magnet settings ensure the uniform force of sound waves. It also comes with the Lotus diaphragm that gives a resonance-free frequency response, excellent internal and edge damping, distortion-free and quick transient response. This headphone offers best-in-class audio reproduction and is handcrafted in California, USA.

What we like

  • Designed for sonic perfection
  • Designed specifically for music creators
  • Fazor Technology for enhanced transparency
  • Nanoscale ultra thin-film diaphragm
  • Unique push-pull magnetic structure
  • Innovative planar magnetic transducer
  • Proprietary Lotus diaphragm
  • Handcrafted in California, USA

Why you should buy it

LCD X is inspired by the needs of music creators that houses neutral drivers to offer crystal clear sound with detailing. These drivers add efficiency to the performance of this audiophile headphone making it ideal for using it in the studio as well as in your room.


Focal Utopia

For the finest music listening experience!

Best Audiophile Headphones - Focal Utopia
Image via Focal

Best Audiophile Headphones - Focal Utopia
Image via The Master Switch
Best Audiophile Headphones - Focal Utopia
Image via SoundGuys

Utopia is a French-made high fidelity headphone by Focal. A result of 40 years of experience in manufacturing and developing high-end audio drivers and speakers, these open-back headphones are designed to offer clear and natural sound. They come with exclusive open-backed full-range speaker drivers and pure Beryllium ’M’-shaped domes.

The premium design of these audiophile headphones is made up of carbon fibre yoke and genuine lambskin leather ear cushions. Utopia is designed with mechanical design to comfortably fit the size and shape of the head. The headphones come with an adjustable headband made up of leather and the earcups are rotatable. They come with a durable carrying case that comes with thermoform interiors. They come with a balanced cable that offers efficient channel separation.

What we like

  • High-grade open-back headphones
  • Designed and made in France
  • Result of 40 years of expertise
  • Mechanical design for a comfortable fit
  • Elegant and premium design
  • Balanced cable for channel separation

Why you should buy it

These are high-quality open-back headphones that offer unravelled pure and clear sound. They are inspired by 40 years of experience in developing high-end speakers and drivers and they come with a premium design.


Focal Stellia

The best of experience and technology in an audiophile headphone!

Best Audiophile Headphones - Focal Stellia
Image via World Wide Stereo

Best Audiophile Headphones - Focal Stellia
Image via The Next Web
Best Audiophile Headphones - Focal Stellia
Image via World Wide Stereo

Focal are premium headphone makers known for producing pure acoustic sound for over the years. The Focal Stellia house exceptional speaker drivers, pure Beryllium dome, new surround and frameless copper voice coils allow the headphone to deliver detailed sound output. The 40mm electrodynamic speaker drivers pick up all the frequencies from 5Hz to 40kHz. The high frequencies are absorbed by the vents and EVA foam located behind the driver. To offer distortion-free sound, these audiophile headphones come equipped with acoustic diffusers.

Coming to its design, the Focal Stellia has high-resilience memory foam earpads to ensure extreme comfort. Regardless of your ear shape and size, the combination of these earpads and the curved headband will offer you a precise and comfortable fit. Moreover, the cognac and mocha finish and full-grain leather material add class and elegance to these stunning audiophile headphones. These closed-back headphones allow superior noise isolation. Half of the earpad's height neutralises noise from non-perforated full-grain leather while the other half absorbs the audio signals for excellent noise isolation.

What we like

  • 40 years of producing pure acoustic sound
  • Pure beryllium dome and copper voice coil design
  • Detailed and realistic audio reproduction
  • 40mm electrodynamic speaker drivers
  • High-resilience memory foam earpads
  • Cognac and mocha finish with full-grain leather
  • Designed to offer superior noise isolation

Why you should buy it

Consider buying the Focal Stellia if you are looking for a headphone company with around 40 years of experience in pure acoustic sound. The Stellia comes with a detailed and natural sound output with comfort and excellent noise isolation.


HiFiman Arya

Best audio value in an audiophile headphone!

Best Audiophile Headphones - HiFiman Aryaa

Best Audiophile Headphones - HiFiman Aryaa Best Audiophile Headphones - HiFiman Aryaa

HiFiMAN is known worldwide for creating technologically advanced headphones and the same goes with the Arya as well. These open-back headphones feature planar magnetic driver and nanometer-thick diaphragm. This ensures detailed and remarkable music listening. The soundwave transmission from the diaphragm is low in these audiophile headphones, thanks to the asymmetrically designed magnets facing the ears. It comes with a window shade on the earcups which gives it an open-back design. It is designed to fit all ear shapes with asymmetrical earcups.

The earphone is made with high-grade plastic while the headband is made with high-grade metal for absolute durability and comfort. With Arya, you get a crystalline copper cable that has a black woven exterior finish. For maximum durability, it also has a 3.5mm connector that provides maximum durability and an expanded tailor-made effect. Shades of premium black are evident in the design with black exterior, a glossy black headband and matte black ear cups.

What we like

  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Nanometer thick diaphragm
  • Asymmetric magnetic circuit
  • Window shade system
  • The asymmetrical ear cup shape
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Crystalline copper cable
  • Classy and stylish bold black design

Why you should buy it

The blend of latest high-grade technology and detailed and remarkable sound make this one of the best audiophile headphones out there. With an extremely comfortable and lightweight design that looks stylish and cool.



Audiophile audio with class and style!

Best Audiophile Headphones - STAX SR-L700

Best Audiophile Headphones - STAX SR-L700 Best Audiophile Headphones - STAX SR-L700

The STAX SR-L700 is an electrostatic headphone designed to deliver high-grade audiophile sound and therefore it houses 3-layer stainless photo-etched electrodes for detailed audio output. It has a thin-film diaphragm that helps you to experience detailed highs, comforting mids and intense bass. Comfort is taken care of with the SR-L700, thanks to the 10-click slider mechanism you can slide your headband to fit the unique shape of your head.

This also benefits you to have fatigue-free experience. It has 6NCu high purity copper wires in the interior while in the exterior it has 6 silver-plated high purity copper wires for a better drive. This Optic Fibre Cable (OFC) setup allows the headphone to reduce capacitance giving you lively listening experience. The earpads of this headphone come with a pure lamb leather which ensures a comfortable music listening experience.

What we like

  • 3-layer stainless photo-etched electrode
  • Thin-film diaphragm
  • Detailed highs, comforting mids and intense bass.
  • Soft headband with a 10-step slider mechanism
  • Immersive music listening experience
  • Pure lamb leather earpads

Why you should buy it

The SR-L700 is a premium audiophile headphone from Stax Audio. It serves a balanced sound and an immersive music listening experience. It also takes care of your comfort and style statement.



That’s it for the list of the best audiophile headphones. We hope you find it to be of good help. If you have picked your favourite from the list you can head ahead to buy them or if you have queries you can get in touch with our Headphone Gurus.

Happy listening.



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