Top 10 Best Audiophile IEMs of 2020

by Abhijeeth Shetty May 09, 2020

Top 10 Best Audiophile IEMs of 2020

A lot of modern-day DJs, musicians and audio engineers now prefer In-ear monitors (IEMs) over headphones. But why are in-ear monitors being preferred over other types of headphones? There is more than one reason for this. Let's get through the key benefits of using IEMs and if you are an audiophile, you better not be missing these.


What should you be looking for?

Incredible Audio clarity and soundstage: In-ear monitors offer great audio clarity and a wide soundstage. This makes it ideal for those professional ears who do not want to miss on any detail of the audio. Be it while mixing the audio as an audio engineer or while using it as an audiophile to experience high clarity audio.

Deep Noise isolation and Comfort: The best thing about an IEM fit over circumaural headphones is the immense amount of isolation they offer. With a combination of high quality eartips like Comply and SpinFit, isolation is made even better. Audiophiles demand to stay focussed to their audio to give the best performance and that's what IEMs help them to achieve. IEMs are designed to offer a great and comfortable fit that results in advanced noise isolation.

Super Lightweight and portability: While these IEMs offer great sound and effective noise isolation they are extremely lightweight and can be carried along, way more efficiently than a headphone. You can wear them for hours and yet be comfortable and stress-free. That is precisely what musicians want or any audiophile would want in their headphones.

If you are set to know about some of the best audiophile earphones available out there check out the list of best earphones for audiophiles listed below.

Wanna read about a specific product? Simply click below, it'll take you where you need to go:


Astell&Kern Billie Jean

Best-in-class IEMs for Hi-Fi sonic experience!

Best Audiophile IEMs - Astell&Kern Billie Jean

Best Audiophile IEMs - Astell&Kern Billie Jean Best Audiophile IEMs - Astell&Kern Billie Jean

Driven by the experience of developing acclaimed SIREN Series IEMs, the Billie Jean features the patented freqphase technology for accurate sound reproduction and an internal sound bore design which helps the IEMs to deliver a highly balanced sound along with a wider soundstage. The other prominent feature is its design of the shell which is fine-tuned to fit in your ears comfortably. It also features 2-Way 2-BA Drivers which are installed to deliver a powerful sound in a lightweight body.

These drivers along with Freqphase, Timephase, and Waveguide technologies help the IEM to deliver hi-fi sonic performance all the time. The design of Billie Jean is a result of a detailed study on human ear canals and that is why these IEMs fit-in comfortably in your ears offering superior noise isolation without being too bulky. The Billie Jean comes with a 3.5mm unbalanced cable and a silver tinsel cable wrapped in Kevlar to help the IEMs deliver comprehensive dynamic range.

What we like

  • New and improved shell design
  • For real, life-like audio experience
  • Featuring dual balanced armature drivers
  • With brilliant bore design
  • Comes with twisted silver tinsel cable
  • Handcrafted in Korea

Why you should buy it

Billie Jean is a result of a collaboration between Astell&Kern and Jerry Harvey Audio and it features dual balanced armature drivers. Billie Jean combines the IEM designing expertise of Jerry Harvey with high-grade production quality of Astell&Kern. These IEMs are designed to elevate your music listening experience with life-like audio.



Campfire Audio Solaris

A sonic masterpiece!

Best Audiophile IEMs - Campfire Audio Solaris
Image via Earphoneia

Best Audiophile IEMs - Campfire Audio Solaris
Image via Everyday Listening
Best Audiophile IEMs - Campfire Audio Solaris
Image via Audiophile On

Campfire Audio is known for pushing its limits to design exceptional in-ear headphones. They have combined its years of experience in earphone design and acoustic expertise to design the Solaris. With detailed highs, intriguing mids and impactful low frequencies, the Solaris brings audio to life. To add to it, they offer advanced layering and imaging. These earphones are designed by experts and each Solaris is hand-assembled at a workshop in Portland, Oregon. The attention-to-detail that has gone into the production of these earphones ensures world-class quality.

The Campfire Solaris hosts 2 custom balanced armature drivers along with T.A.E.C to deliver enhanced highs without any stress on the ears. For vibrant mids, it has a single rear-ported balanced armature driver. The combination of custom 10mm A.D.L.C dynamic driver and polarity tuned chamber results in unrivalled sonic experience. These earphones come with Super Litz Cable which consists of four large conductors of Silver-plated Copper Litz wire. It has a beryllium/copper MMCX connector and over-moulded 3.5mm plug.

What we like

  • Detailed audio and lifelike music experience
  • 2 custom balanced armature drivers
  • Beryllium/Copper MMCX connectors
  • Silver-plated Copper Litz wire
  • Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon

Why you should buy it

If you are looking for a high-end IEM for an ultimate sonic experience which has a robust build and which is crafted with great attention to detail and world-class quality.


Noble Audio Kaiser Encore

The sonic legacy continues!

Best Audiophile IEMs - Noble Audio Kaiser Encore
Image by Redcarmoose via Head-Fi

Best Audiophile IEMs - Noble Audio Kaiser Encore
Image by Redcarmoose via Head-Fi
Best Audiophile IEMs - Noble Audio Kaiser Encore
Image by Redcarmoose via Head-Fi

After Noble Audio's critically acclaimed flagship IEM Kaiser 10, they are continuing its legacy with the Kaiser Encore. While the successor retains all the essence of the predecessor, the Kaiser Encore comes with a host of improved features as well. The new IEMs have an improved midrange that delivers better audio clarity and precise tonal balance. Experience advanced sound with a wider soundstage, accurate imaging and excellent spatial representation.

The Encore features Noble drivers inside machined aluminium housings. It houses 10 custom balanced armature drivers on each side. They come with low impedance which means that they are sensitive enough to be efficiently used with the smartphones and DAPs. All units of the Noble Audio Encore are hand-assembled in California, USA. It comes along with a detachable cable that has a standard 2pin configuration.

What we like

  • Precise tonal balance
  • Wide soundstage and Accurate imaging
  • 10 Balanced armature drivers
  • Advanced spatial representation
  • Indigenous noble drivers
  • Machined aluminium housing
  • Hand-assembled in California, USA
  • Removable cable with 2-pin configuration

Why you should buy it

If you want to experience sound with precise tonal balance, wide soundstage and accurate imaging along with improved spatial representation and balanced armature drivers.


JH Audio Roxanne Universal IEMs

Perfection personified Abe Cunningham (Drummer, Deftones)

Best Audiophile IEMs - JH Audio Roxanne Universal IEMs

Best Audiophile IEMs - JH Audio Roxanne Universal IEMs Best Audiophile IEMs - JH Audio Roxanne Universal IEMs

The Roxanne is engineered with 12 custom designed armature drivers to ensure that these IEMs deliver crystal clear audio output. They provide excellent noise isolation that reduces stage noise or unwanted background sounds. The IEMs are powered with the SoundrIVe technology which optimizes all frequencies of the audio to deliver well-balanced sound output. The integrated 3-way crossover allows these IEMs to deliver studio-quality sound making your music sound exactly the way the artist intended it to sound.

You get the option to customize the bass output which can be adjusted right through the cable. It also features Triple Bore with FreqPhase that adjusts the time and phase between multiple drivers and the stainless steel ensures phase coherence. The cable of these IEMs consists of 4-Pin Litz Wire Cable that provides secure connectivity. It also has a machined aluminium locking collar. Additionally, the high purity OFC 4N cable is silver plated to protect it from oxidation. The 3.5 mm input connector is gold-plated for added durability.

What we like

  • Custom designed balanced armature drivers
  • Featuring SoundrIVe for quad low, mid and high
  • Changeable bass using the cable
  • Improved variable bass attenuator design
  • Triple Bore with Freqphase stainless steel tube waveguide
  • 4-Pin Litz wire, silver-coated cable and aluminium collar lock
  • 3.5 mm high purity and gold plated connector
  • In build 3-way crossover

Why you should buy it

Consider the JH Audio Roxanne as an option if you are looking for studio-like audio quality with 2 armature drivers, adjustable bass option, durable build and an integrated 3-way crossover circuit.


Meze Audio Rai Penta

Designed for professionals and audiophiles alike!

Best Audiophile IEMs - Meze Audio Rai Penta
Image via Darko Audio

Best Audiophile IEMs - Meze Audio Rai Penta
Image via Everyday Listening
Best Audiophile IEMs - Meze Audio Rai Penta
Image via Pinterest

The Rai Penta is a high-end audiophile in-ear earphone which houses 4 balanced drivers and a dynamic driver making it an ideal setup for the amazing sonic experience. The integration of five drivers ensures sound precision, the 5 drivers amicably finish one another and offer detailed sound, natural tonality and comfortable fit. This IEM comes with two custom-made silver-plated balanced cables which are upgradable. One is 2.5mm while the other one is 4.4 mm. Meze Audio Rai Penta features hybrid driver technology which is made up of the housing, nozzle, sound tube and 5 drivers to deliver harmonized pure sound without the overlaying of the phases. The housings of these IEMs are designed to anatomically fit into the curves of your ears for comfortable listening experience for hours.

The design features a Pressure Equalization System (PES) in the front and backside of the driver assembly. This helps in regulating the airflow to bring the internal chamber pressure under control. It comes with a completely CNC sculpted chassis for disturbance-free sound output. The surface of the IEM is made up of high endurance anodize. These IEMs can be used with almost all media devices, thanks to low impedance and high sensitivity. However, to experience the best sound, it is recommended to connect these IEMs to a high-resolution source. The cables of these IEMs have high-purity silver-plated copper wires and meticulously designed metal plugs shells adding to the overall durability. All the wires consist of 20 Litz strands. The high-grade MMCX plugs are designed for strong connectivity and durability.

What we like

  • 4 balanced and 1 dynamic driver
  • Advanced sonic experience
  • Custom designed upgrade cables
  • Penta hybrid driver technology
  • Precision Milled Individual Sound Bores
  • Lightweight design and flawless fit
  • Pressure Equalization System (PES)
  • Metal CNC Sculpted Chassis
  • High endurance anodized surface
  • High-purity silver-plated copper wires

Why you should buy it

The Rai Penta is a high-end audiophile IEM. It comes with low impedance and high sensitivity for seamless connection with any devices. It delivers high-quality sound, durable design and a comfortable fit.


Campfire Audio Andromeda

The Audiophile Classic!

Best Audiophile IEMs - Campfire Audio Andromeda
Image via Viking Auido Blog

Best Audiophile IEMs - Campfire Audio Andromeda
Image via The Headphone Collector
Best Audiophile IEMs - Campfire Audio Andromeda
Image via The Contraptionist

The design of Andromeda is a result of Campfire Audio's best of designing experience. These IEMs offer remarkable sound signature with consistent audio quality. It comes with an improved design, new cable and case to become excellent IEMs. The Andromeda offers a high-frequency extension, natural mid, balanced bass and rich texture, The body of this IEM is made of Zirconium plated aluminium shells which has a signature green anodized finish which is customized for Andromeda.

This IEM comes with brand new cables and a case.The lightweight cable consists of silver-coated twisted cable weave along with a smoky jacket. It also has a weight moulded ear-hook. The IEMs come with a brand new leather zipper case for secure portability. It has a dense faux wool lining to protect the anodized finishing of the IEMs. The case of these IEMs are designed in Portugal by skilled craftsmen.

What we like

  • Designed with the best of years of experience
  • High-frequency extension
  • Natural mid, balanced bass and rich texture
  • Zirconium plated aluminium shells with green anodizing
  • Silver-coated copper Litz wire conductors
  • Tangle-free twisted cable weave
  • With leather protective case
  • Designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA

Why you should buy it

The Campfire Audio Andromeda is a classic audiophile IEM which is designed with a refined, premium body and solid technical assistance for rich and comprehensive music listening experience.


Shure SE846

Made with love for audiophiles!

Best Audiophile IEMs - Shure SE846

Best Audiophile IEMs - Shure SE846
Image by Smit Patel via Headphonics
Best Audiophile IEMs - Shure SE846

The Shure SE846 are very popular earphones designed to deliver high-clarity audio with the help of quad BA drivers. It has a low-pass filter design that helps in providing a performance of the subwoofer along with high-end noise isolation. It helps in an immersive experience so you can concentrate on your music. Along with the earphones, you get a fit kit of custom sleeves which gives you a comfortable and secure fit.

The earphone is made of premium materials to withstand performance and professional level wear and tear. Unlike other options in this list, you can enjoy wireless freedom with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 in the wireless cable. It comes with two 3.5 connectors, one helps in communication while the other does not. It has metal nozzles with changeable inserts which help you to personalize the sound output. You can easily carry these earphones with a premium carrying case that comes in the box.

What we like

  • Quad drivers for high clarity sound
  • Low-pass filter design for subwoofer performance
  • Noise isolation for an immersive experience
  • Custom sleeves fit kit
  • Adjustable frequency controls
  • Durable design to resist wear and tear
  • With the latest Bluetooth 5.0

Why you should buy it

Experience the unparalleled audio experience with the Shure SE846. It offers advanced noise isolation, customizable frequency controls and wireless freedom with the latest Bluetooth 5.0


Audeze LCD i4

For audiophile-grade performance!

Best Audiophile IEMs - Audeze LCD i4
Image via Headphone List

Best Audiophile IEMs - Audeze LCD i4
Image via Audionist
Best Audiophile IEMs - Audeze LCD i4
Image via Headphonia

The Audeze LCDi4 is a semi-open back earphones that help them to deliver a wide soundstage. They are one-of-a-kind legendary earphones with high-grade sound for audiophiles with tight bass response, smooth mids and warm high frequencies. Like all Audeze headphones, these are designed and handcrafted in California, USA. It comes with a powerful double Fluxor magnetic array which ensures that the drivers produce audio with accuracy and power.

It has the thinnest nanoscale diaphragms that deliver detailed and distortion-free audio. The advanced planar magnetic technology renders a powerful and immersive sound signature. The LCDi4 comes with a military-grade cable made of premium materials of silver-plated OCC copper and Kevlar wires for utmost durability.

What we like

  • Magnetic flux for audio clarity and depth
  • Planar magnetic technology for high-end audio
  • Semi-open design for a wider soundstage
  • Military-graded silver-plated cables
  • Nanoscale diaphragm
  • Uniforce voice coils

Why you should buy it

The Audeze LCDi4 is a perfect blend of excellent audio quality and latest technology put together to deliver an intriguing and immersive music listening experience.


Shure KSE1200

Not just earphones, but a earphone system!

Best Audiophile IEMs - Shure KSE1200
Image via Shure

Best Audiophile IEMs - Shure KSE1200
Image via Shure
Best Audiophile IEMs - Shure KSE1200
Image via Shure

These noise-isolating earphones by Shure feature Electrostatic technology with a single MicroDriver design. The KSE2100 extends a high correlation with the audio source which allows it to deliver a quick and precise transient response. It comes with custom-designed cables that separate each conductor. It has a rechargeable battery which can be recharged with a standard USB charger.

The ergonomic lightweight design makes for a fatigue free and comfortable music listening experience. The comfortable sleeves that come with these earphones provide advanced noise isolation which eliminates up to 37 dB of background noise. The high-grade Shure quality standards are evident in the design of KSE2100 which has a premium black aluminium housing.

What we like

  • Electrostatic technology
  • High correlation with the audio source
  • Rechargeable USB battery
  • Lightweight and ergonomically shaped
  • Premium and elegant design

Why you should buy it

The Shure KSE1200 is a earphone system that consists of electrostatic earphones, an amplifier that can be used with media players. These are noise isolating earphones which deliver clear and detailed sound output, perfectly ideal for audiophiles.


Sennheiser IE 800 S

For aural excellence!

Best Audiophile IEMs - Sennheiser IE 800 S

Best Audiophile IEMs - Sennheiser IE 800 S
Best Audiophile IEMs - Sennheiser IE 800 S
Image via Thinking Tech

The Sennheiser IE 800 S is as slim and sleek as earphones come! Features 7-mm transducers and dual-chamber absorber (D2CA) system for exceptional aural excellence and real, lifelike sound image. It also delivers excellent treble and enhanced bass frequencies. Enjoy absolute comfort and superior noise isolation with the ergonomically designed Comply ear tips.

These earphones are handcrafted in Germany. The design is made of elegant matte black finish and a scratch-resistant ceramic housing. Experience strong connectivity with different choices of balanced connectors including 3.5mm, 4.4mm and 2.5 mm. Carry it easily on the go with a premium leather case.

What we like

  • Proprietary 7-mm transducers
  • Lifelike sound, excellent treble and enhanced bass
  • Dual-chamber absorber (D2CA) system
  • Ergonomically designed Comply ear tips
  • Excellent noise attenuation
  • Handcrafted in German
  • Premium leather case
  • 3.5mm, 4.4mm and 2.5mm balanced connectors

Why you should buy it

Behind the sleek and compact design, the Sennheiser IE 800 S has a powerful Wide Band (XWB), drivers for crisp and clear sound. It comes with perfect fit and Comply ear tips.

So now that you have gone through some of the best audiophile earphones, it's time to pick your best out of the best. If you have got any queries feel free to call up our headphone Gurus.

Happy Listening!



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