Best Bass Earbuds of 2020

by Abhijeeth Shetty August 21, 2020

Best Bass Earbuds of 2020

Whether you are a basshead or not, there is one thing which is very crucial to music and that is bass. The Bass frequencies bring sound together in a perfectly synchronized manner to give you a satisfactory music listening experience. If you are a basshead, it goes without saying that for you there is no fun in music without bass. If you are listening to genres like Hip-Hop, Dubstep, or even Bollywood music on ordinary headphones, you are settling for much less than what you deserve. What’s crucial to learn here is that not all headphones are ideal for bass-heavy music. Not only do you need to pick the right music but also right headphones and what better place to pick a headphone, than Headphone Zone.

Today we bring to you a carefully picked list of best bass earbuds or should we say best wireless earbuds for bass. These true wireless earbuds will not only give you the best bass output but also the convenience of wireless music listening. No cables, no limitations. Wear them while working out or while going for a walk, these true wireless earbuds will keep you motivated by delivering thumping low-end frequencies. So if you are a bass lover and are ready to get yourself the best bass earbuds, this list is perfect for you. Hope you have a good time reading. Here we go!

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Philips SHB2505

Big Battery. Best Bass!

Best Bass Earbuds - Philips SHB2505

Best Bass Earbuds - Philips SHB2505 Best Bass Earbuds - Philips SHB2505

The Philips SHB2505 true wireless earbuds give you around 3 hours of battery life with a single charge. These earbuds take up to 1.5 hours to get a full charge. You get an additional 9 hours of battery life with multiple charges using the charging case. The charging case is highly portable, you can carry it with you on the go. Enjoy powerful sound output with Philips SHB2505. It sports a flawlessly tuned 6 mm neodymium acoustic driver that helps these earbuds to deliver rich bass and precise midrange frequencies. Oval-shaped acoustic tubes enable passive noise isolation for immersive music listening experience. You also get the mono mode which gives you the freedom to use only one earbud. With acoustic echo cancellation, you can eliminate annoying echoes while you are on the call. These true wireless earbuds are impressively lightweight and have a compact design.

These earbuds have soft rubberized wingtips that offer you a snug-fit and a comfortable wearing experience. From controlling music playback to answering calls, all of it is uber easy with easy controls on these true wireless earbuds. The comes with 3 sizes of interchangeable rubber ear-tip for a perfect and secure fit. Additionally, the built-in mic with echo cancellation eliminates annoying echoes while you are talking on call. The moment you take these Philips SHB2505 out of the charging case they are ready to get paired. There is a smart pairing feature as well wherein once you pair these earbuds with your media devices, it will remember the last connected device and will instantly connect to the device the next time you turn on Bluetooth. You can easily activate voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri with a double button press.

What we like

  • Up to 20 hours of battery life with the charging case
  • Comfortable wingtips for a secure fit
  • Featuring 6mm drivers for powerful sound and rich bass
  • Multifunction button for better music and call control
  • With smart-pairing and voice assistant access
  • With compact and portable charging case
  • In-built echo cancellation mic

Why you should buy it

These true wireless earbuds come with notable features like the 20 hours battery life with the charging case, multifunction control button and voice assistant access. So if you have been looking for true wireless earbuds, these are worth considering





With bass and noise isolation!

Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - JBL T100 TWS
Image by Geekyranjit via Youtube

Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - JBL T100 TWS Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - JBL T100 TWS

Imagine the legendary JBL sound as you've heard it in concert halls, arenas and recording studios packed in a pair of tiny 0.58 cm Driver Units. The T100 does just that. The 5-hour battery life on these truly wireless earbuds is enough to get you going through your daily commute. You can add more life to your battery with the charging case which gives an overall 12 hours of playtime. Ensure strong and seamless connectivity with the latest Bluetooth 5.0.

These earbuds offer effective noise isolation which cuts out the external noise so that you can pay more heed to your music. JBL has ensured that you don’t lose on your voice assistants, you just have to tap to activate them. The JBL T100 has stereo hands-free call support which enables you to pick your calls with just a tap on your earbuds. The integrated microphone helps you to get stable voice calls and superior audio clarity.

What we like

  • Lightweight and portable design
  • JBL Pure Bass Sound
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • Effective noise isolation
  • Easy music controls
  • Overall 12 hours of battery (5 hrs in earbuds)
  • With voice assistant support
  • Stereo hands-free call support

Why you should buy it

Enjoy the best of true wireless earbuds with JBL T100 that offers JBL pure bass sound, effective noise isolation, convenient music controls and strong battery life.


Sony WF-XB700

Best of Truly Wireless, Best of Bass!

Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - Sony WF-XB700

Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - Sony WF-XB700

Enrich your daily life with thumping bass and true wireless comfort. Featuring the popular Sony EXTRA BASS that delivers powerful and thumping low-end frequencies effective enough to get you grooving. It is a true wireless earbud from the house of Sony featuring a bold and unique look along. It features a comfortable ergonomic design which is designed for long term listening comfort. Enjoy music listening for as long as 18 hours with the help of the handy charging case which comes with these earbuds. In a hurry, you can quick-charge these earbuds for 10 minutes and it will give up to 60 minutes of battery life.

Sony WF-XB700 combines advanced Bluetooth chips and an optimised antenna setup which not only provides strong wireless connectivity but also elevates your music listening experience. Additionally, it has low latency which allows you to enjoy your games and movies without an audio-video lag. These ergonomically designed true wireless earbuds from Sony deliver true comfort and secure fit. Moreover, these earbuds come with an IPX4 rating that makes them resistant to sweat and water splashes. So wear them comfortably in the gym or while jogging and always have music by your side. These earbuds host easy control buttons to control your music playback. Additionally, you can answer calls and activate voice assistants by just tapping on your earbuds.

What we like

  • Featuring Sony’s EXTRA BASS for bass-rich sound
  • A total of 18 hours of playtime with the charging case
  • Designed ergonomically for a safe and comfy fit
  • Compatible with voice assistants & handsfree calling
  • Swear and water resistance with an IPX4 Rating

Why you should buy it

Sony WF-XB700 is a feature-packed true wireless earbud geared towards delivering rich Bass and absolute user-comfort. Moreover, features like IPX4 rating, ergonomic design and a strong battery life only add to the usability of these earbuds.



The bass in this is ace

Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - JVC - HA-XC70BT

Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - JVC - HA-XC70BT Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - JVC - HA-XC70BT

Designed in Japan, JVC’s HA-XC70BT is perfect for extreme bass-heads. An extreme deep bass port design facilitates amazing deep bass sound. It has a super sturdy design along with an anti-shock rubber case shielding. This protects the earbuds from shock and drop impact. The optimal antenna layout on these earbuds give it a stylish look and also enhances its connectivity.

The only true wireless option with a proprietary app, controlling and managing your device is now more inclusive. Battery percentage, sound modes, and a feature to even locate your earbuds make the HA-XC70BT very unique.

There’s a 3-hour battery life that can extend to 12 hours with the charging case. Additionally, it has digital voice assistant support and supports SBC/AAC codecs assuring seamless connectivity with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones.

What we like

  • Dedicated application support
  • Shockproof and super sturdy design
  • Voice assistant compatible
  • Lightweight design

Why you should buy it

You should buy the JVC - HA-XC70BT if you are a bass-head and are looking for truly durable earbuds.


Beats Powerbeats Pro

The best of power and style!

Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - Beats Powerbeats Pro
Image via TheVerge

Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - Beats Powerbeats Pro
Image via TheVerge
Best Bass Earbuds of 2020 - Beats Powerbeats Pro
Image via TheVerge

Say hello to the ultimate true wireless earbuds from the house of Beats by Dre. Their claim - the best workout earbuds out there. You get the best of wireless with Powerbeats Pro so that nothing comes between your workout and your music. It makes sure that you feel the punch with its extra bass sound. It offers noise isolation for a more immersive listening experience. Moreover, your voice assistant is just a press away. Plus, controlling your music and calls is a breeze with the control buttons.

The Powerbeats Pro houses an H1 chip for superior connectivity and reduced dropouts. Offering the best of comfort with its unique secure-fit ear hooks, the earbuds are also sweat resistant. Worry less about the battery life of the Powerbeats Pro as the earbuds come with 9 hours of playtime. This can be extended to up to 24 hours with the charging case. For more juice, a fast fuel charging gives around 1.5 hours of playtime with just 5 minutes of charge. Talk about being efficient! These headphones are available in four colours - black, ivory, navy and moss for an added style statement.

What we like

  • Overall 24 hours of battery life (9hrs in earbuds)
  • Extra bass sound
  • Earhooks with comfort fit
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • VoiceA assistant support
  • Efficient call and music controls

Why you should buy it

If you are looking for best-in-class earbuds that complement and support your active lifestyle and come with stylish design and durability.


Skullcandy Push Ultra

Pushing limits, accelerating performance!

Best Bass Earbuds - Skullcandy Push Ultra

Best Bass Earbuds - Skullcandy Push Ultra Best Bass Earbuds - Skullcandy Push Ultra

Experience a whole new world of wireless freedom with Skullcandy Push Ultra True Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds let you listen to your favourite music and move around with complete freedom. While the earbuds alone offer a playtime of 6 hours, it can be extended to up to 34 hours with the case. These true wireless earbuds come with moldable ear hooks that not only provide unshakeable fit but also a comfortable wearing experience. The earbuds are uniquely designed so that you can listen to your surroundings and keep yourself aware when you need to. The Push Ultra true wireless earbuds are truly durable earbuds. They are designed to endure the outdoor world. They can withstand dust and water splashes so that you can wear them comfortably on the move. Not just the earbuds, even the charging case is extra sturdy to deal with tough environments.

For added convenience both the earbuds come with control buttons which will allow you to control your music and answer calls efficiently. So you can even use one of the earbuds or use whichever earbud you want, to control your music playback. When they say wireless freedom, it means freedom with no worries. So when you wear the Skullcandy Push Ultra earbuds you do not have to worry about losing them. The earbuds come with Tile Bluetooth finding technology which will always help you find the earbuds. It also comes with Skullcandy Fearless Use Promise which helps you to replace an earbud or the charging case at a discounted price. Hundreds of hours are invested in perfecting and each and every Skullcandy earbuds at Utah- The Skullcandy headquarters. The result is a custom-tuned headphone that helps you feel even the minutest nuance of music. Each headphone is designed by highly skilled Skullcandy engineers who are music lovers at heart, just like you.

What we like

  • With an overall battery life of 40 hours
  • IP67 sweat and water-resistant rating
  • Moldable ear hook design for personal fit
  • Stay-aware buds keeping you aware
  • Easy controls on each earbud
  • Featuring Tile to locate your earbuds

Why you should buy it

Skullcandy Push Ultra is a pair of stylish true wireless earbuds that comes with sweat and water resistance, powerful battery life of up to 40 hours with comfortable moldable ear hook design, easy controls and Tile earbuds locating feature.



That winds up our list of best bass earbuds. We hope this list has helped you find the best true wireless earbuds for your bass needs.

Happy Listening!

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Abhijeeth Shetty
Abhijeeth Shetty

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