November 15, 2016

Looking for the best headphone deals? Don't miss out on the best headphone deals of 2016. A great combo or a bundle of products is hard to resist when shopping online or anywhere! We at Headphone Zone have compiled the most exciting headphone deals which not only give you products at a good discounted rate but also gives you the advantage of adding value to your purchase.

Ever wondered what the right amp or player would be for the headphone or earphone you wish to purchase? Here are a list of pre-made headphone deals which are essential combo bundles of headphones along with compatible and suitable accessories like amps and DAPs. With the right pair not only do you get the best deal but your listening experience is simply audiophile-grade.

Headphone Deal #1

V-MODA - Crossfade LP² + FiiO X1 (2nd Gen)

Headphone Zone - V-MODA Crossfade LP2
FiiO X1 2nd Gen


Rs. 12,990/- (+) Rs. 8,999/- = Rs.21,989/-

Rs. 21,989/- Rs. 19,999./-

The V- MODA Crossfade LP² is a beautifully designed headphone that not only looks good but is made specially for DJs around the world. Not just made for DJs, it is especially for all bass lovers who have a huge appetite for bass when listening to music.

The FiiO X1 2nd Gen is a great player to complement the Crossfade LP². The X1 2nd Gen is the upgraded version of the older FiiO X1. It comes with a lot more features like Bluetooth and a vastly improved UI as compared to the FiiO X1 1st Gen.

If you listen to different genres like EDM, Rock, Trance, Hip-Hop, Bollywood and Pop, then this wonderful combination is the one to look out for.

Headphone Deal #2


Meze 99 - Classics
AudioQuest Dragon Fly Black


Rs.24,999/- (+) Rs. 10,500/- = Rs.35,499/-

Rs. 35,499/- Rs. 34,999/-

Meze is a Romanian boutique headphone brand that makes beautiful handcrafted wooden headphones. The 99 Classics is probably the best looking headphones we have ever seen that have a natural warmth in its sound signature and a really wide soundstage.

The Dragonfly Black is possibly the world's first micro DAC amp. Audioquest is known for making the best audio gears and one of the example is the Nighthawk. Don't be fooled by the size of the Dragonfly Black and it is powerful and can easily drive most medium headphones.

Together they make the best portable setup for the year!

Headphone Deal #3

SHURE - SE215 + FIIO - A3

Shure - SE215
FiiO A3


Rs. 11,000/- (+) Rs. 4,999/- = Rs.15,999/-

Rs. 15,999/- Rs. 10,599/-

The Shure SE215 is an upgraded version of the SE210 which comes along with a detachable cable and a unique design of its own. It's by far the world's best on-stage monitoring IEM. These earphones stay comfortably in your ears. It gives you an excellent sound quality and at the same time, the noise isolation is excellent because of it's secure over-the-ear fit.

The FiiO A3 (Kilimanjaro2 E11K) is a great amplifier for many reasons. FiiO is known for its budget friendly portable products and the A3 is easily one of the best budget portable amps available today.

You're in for a treat with a merge of these two which will provide a well balanced sound including the highs and lows across all music genres. Its a done headphone deal!

Headphone Deal #4


RHA T20i
Astell & Kern - AK Jr


Rs. 19,999/- (+) Rs. 34,990/- = Rs.54,989/-

Rs. 54,989/- Rs. 53,999/-

RHA is a premium in-ear headphone brand and has come to be known as the Aston Martin of Headphones. The RHA T20i is a high quality earphone as it delivers exquisite audio performance with amazing clarity. Its DualCoil dynamic drivers inside its injection moulded steel earpieces take care of sound separation. How? One part of the coil is responsible for bass response whereas the other looks after mids and highs. In addition to this, RHA offers three tuning filters for bass, treble and reference sound respectively.

Astell&Kern is known for it ultimate high end audio players.The AK Jr is an entry level player and offers a warm sound signature. It is has a stunning body and portable builld.

The RHA T20i and AK Jr headphone deal when bought together is ideal with a lot of appeal to the passionate modern Indian audiophile.

Headphone Deal #5


Audeze Sine
chord - Mojo


Rs. 44,990/- (+) Rs. 39,990/- = Rs.84,980/-

Rs. 84,980/- Rs. 77,980/-


The Audeze Sine has the worlds first on-ear planar magnetic headphone. We all know that Audeze makes the world's best headphones which are not only appealing but sound exceptionally great. The LCD collection is testament to that. The Sine has Audeze's proprietary 24-Bit Cipher lightning cable that connects directly to the iPhone 7 and other Apple iOS products, of course.

Chord is a specialized amplifier and DAC Company based in the U.K. Don't be fooled by the size of the Mojo; it can effortlessly power headphones with an impedance ranging from 8 Ohms to 8000 Ohms.

The two when combined, sparks fly and how! We've seen people fall over themselves trying to demo this killer bundle at most of our Headphone Connect events.

Headphone Deal #6


Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro


Rs. 15,850/- (+) Rs.9,999/- (+) Rs.9,999/ (+) Rs.1,999/-= Rs.37,847/-

Rs. 37,847/- Rs. 31,996./-

If you are specifically looking for a closed back and well rounded pair of headphones, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is the one to go for. These dynamic headphones are designed for sound monitoring.

The Schiit Magni 2 is a very capable amplifier and the Schiit Modi 2 is an exceptional DAC. The RCA PYST Cable which stands for Put Your Schiit Together joins both the Magni 2 and Modi 2.

What happens when you put everything together? Don't know about you, but we'd say magic! While it's not a bundle for everyone because it's just so much, it's perfect for a solid-state setup. Experience versatility and audio refinement with this great combo headphone deal.

Headphone Deal #7


FiiO X5 2nd Gen


Rs. 36,990/- (+) Rs. 25,999/- = Rs.62,989/-

Rs. 62,989/- Rs. 52,999/-

HIFIMAN is China's remastered version of the eminent HE400. It makes some seriously good planar magnetic headphones.The HIFIMAN HE400i is a great, comfortable pair of headphones which is not meant for everyone as being open-back, can be only be used indoors for leisure listening sessions.

The FiiO X5 (2nd Gen) is a portable high-res audio player which brings out rich quality sound to ears. It is an upgraded version of the 1st Gen. It is one of FiiO's greatest model in terms of design and sound.

With the HIFIMAN and the FiiO X5 2nd Gen, you can enjoy all your lossless files like never before.

Headphone Deal #8


Sennheiser HD800 S
Astell & Kern - AK300


Rs. 124,990/- (+) Rs. 64,990/- = Rs.189,980/-

Rs. 189,980/- Rs. 184,299/-

The Sennheiser HD 800 S is the new kid on the block. Specially built in Germany, the HD 800 S is a revamped version of Sennheiser's flagship model, the HD 800. It is a new and improvised upgrade which has an unforgiving accurate sound and is very detailed. This open back offers an immensely wide imaging that feels a lot like surround sound.

Astell&Kern sits on the throne in the Digital Audio Player market. The AK300, not to be confused with the older, classic AK380, is AK's newer budget audio player that caters to the modern generation of passionate audio enthusiasts. Durably built with a portable design, the AK300 is easily our favourite DAP today.

The two combined together is a no brainer for music listeners who do not want to settle for anything less than high-fidelity sound.

Headphone Deal #9


JH Audio Rosie
Astell&Kern Ak70


Rs. 74,990/- (+) Rs. 49,990/- = Rs.124,980/-

Rs. 124,980/- Rs. 111,999./-

The Rosie was made all thanks to the coming together of Jerry Harvey Audio and Astell&Kern. Rosie is a balanced armature professional IEM, and get this, it was named after the famous song by AC/DC ''Whole Lotta ROSIE''! These in ears have 8 custom-made balanced armature drivers in each earpiece. The Siren Series in-ears allow you to hear music the way recording artists would intend for it to sound.

Astell&Kern has pioneered the industry and set a benchmark for audio in its short time around. The AK 70 is a new entrant in the line of DAPs and has AK's signature MQS (Master Quality Sound 24-bit / 44 - 192kHz) which is the closest quality to the original sound intended by a recording artist. Compared to the other AK players, the sound is more dynamic and warm. What's great about the AK70 is its size which is pretty small and portable.

Together this headphone deal when playing heavy lossless files makes every audiophile's dream come true.

Headphone Deal #10


Beyerdynamic T 5 P
FiiO X5


Rs. 78,500/- (+) Rs. 49,999/- = Rs.128,499/-

Rs. 128,499/- Rs. 112,999./-

The handmade Beyerdynamic T5P (2nd Gen) headphones hails from Beyerdynamic's iconic Tesla series of headphones and unsurprisingly takes sound to a whole new level. With the advantage of it being a closed back, this high-end headphone delivers crystal clear sound. Its double-sided, detachable and textile braided cable is a feature to look out for. Along with a good build and design, it provides you with a spacious and wide soundstage.

The X7 is FiiO's very first Android-based Digital Audio Player (DAP). It is the best in the entire range. It comes with interchangeable amp modules based how much power your headphones demand. For this bundle, you should get the AM1 amp module which is ideal for the T 5 p (2nd Gen).

When used with the FiiO X7, the Beyerdynamic T 5 p gives an amazing listening experience which delivers highest efficiency audio.



Don't think much and waste your time. We've set up the best headphone deals for you at the best prices.



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