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Best Headphones for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

by Chintamani Kulkarni December 08, 2017 5 min read

Best Headphones for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung are making some of the high-end Smartphones in India right now.

If you've just got your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, your next natural step as a music lover is to equip yourself with good headphones.

Whether you love a lot of bass or like a balanced sound; need a mic in order to take calls; or need a reliable headphone to use while commuting or while at work, this article should help you make the best choice. Let's dive right in and see what options you have, shall we?

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge


Best Entry Level Offerings with an In-Line Mic & Remote

Budget mobile headsets are very popular and the following options are great for use for everyday calls and life on-the-go.

1. Work Calls & Commute: a-JAYS Four+

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge a-JAYS Four+

A new edition of the award-winning a-JAYS series, the a-JAYS Four+ has a stylish executive design and has been tuned to produce award winning sound

These in-ears feature an in-line microphone and three call control buttons that have been made, specifically all Apple, Android and Windows devices.

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2. Running & Gym: V-MODA Forza Metallo

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge V-MODA Forza Metallo

V-MODA, an award-winning maker of the world’s finest high-fidelity audio devices, enters the sports market with the Forza series.

V-MODA Forza Metallo has a three-button remote and mic that lets you control the volume levels, tracks, voice call and voice recognition feature allows you to command Siri or OK Google.

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3. Audio Performance & Durability: RHA MA650

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge RHA MA650

RHA has come to be known worldwide as the 'Aston Martin of Headphones' and their tremendous attention to detail. The RHA MA650 also has that signature aerophonic design.

The in-ears are tuned to deliver superblyprecise and balanced sound for the most accurate, comfortable and unobtrusive listening experience possible.

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4.Your Fashion Partner: Focal Sphear

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge Focal Sphear

Want to make a fashion statement with a minimalist design? We have Focal Sphear here for you. It has a sophisticated, no-nonsense design and a particularly rich mid-range which is never muffled, is accurate and also clear.

Sphear alsocomes equipped with a universally compatible remote and mic, memory foam eartips, a carrying case and an airline adapter. It offers you exactly what is expected from a brand like Focal.

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5. Bass, Bass, More Bass: Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

Bass lovers will feel right at home with those oodles of controlled bass.

The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear comes with an inline three button remote control and mic that let you control your calls and music from just the cord. The cord too is slightly thick and elliptical, and hence refuses to tangle.

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Best Wireless Headphones & Earphones

Wireless is the new normal. Who likes the annoyance of tangling wires in a world where Bluetooth headphones are available?

1. A Gallonful of Bass: Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge A Gallonful of Bass

This wireless Bass Beast has got some Skull Crushing amount of Bass and too popular among the music enthusiasts who love tonnes of bass

The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless has been designed to let you experience the difference. The Crusher Wireless headphone comes with in-built control. That lets you connect to calls, manage your media and adjust the volume with ease.

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2. True Wireless Artificial Intelligence: Bragi Dash Pro

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge True Wireless Artificial Intelligence

Bragi The Dash Pro is the epitome of truely wireless and are compatible with all Bluetooth A2DP enabled devices.

It's Wireless, water-proof, 4gb storage and 5 hours of continuous playback. Its not over yet, this intelligent bud can also tracks all your activity like swimming, cycling or running and provides you with real-time feedback while you exercise.

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3. Dependable Travel Companion: V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge Dependable Travel Companion

The Crossfade 2 Wireless has been built-up on V-MODA’s uber-popular Crossfade M-100 and Crossfade Wireless to give you a sound that has been tuned over many years.

Just like its predecessors, the Crossfade 2 Wireless features an entirely metal body and can handle all kinds of rough use. The headphone can even be customised thanks to the free laser engraving on the shields.

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4. Solid 3 Year Warranty: RHA MA750 Wireless

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge Solid 3 Year Warranty

The RHA MA750 Wireless is hands down the best wireless companion you could ever ask for.

The RHA MA750 Wireless is easy to connect with the NFC chip. Its equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, AptX & AAC technology giving you the best of sound.

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5. The Smart Headphone: Bowers & Wilkins PX

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung Note 8 Bowers & Wilkins PX

The Bowers & Wilkins PX is one of the smartest headphones you will find. It features a gorgeous finish along with premium leather and bullet-proof nylon.

The intuitive sensors in the PX play and pause the music automatically when you put them on or take them off. The noise cancellation sensors filter ambient sound in three different ways so that you hear only what you want to. And, you get all this with a 22-hour battery life!

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6. Move with Style: Spark Wireless

Is extreme comfort what you crave for in the earphones? Focal presents to you the Spark Wireless to fulfill this need. It comes in two different colours - Silver and Black.

The cords are flat and tangle-free with a battery that lasts upto 8 hours. The 3-button remote is provided to help you control your music while the microphone ensures extremely clear calls. These are the ones if you want to flaunt your style while simultaneously grooving to the beat.

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Serious about Sound? Meet Audiophile Headphones

If you care a lot about how your favourite music sounds to you, money is no matter. Here are the best options to go for if budget is no bar and you're itching for a splurge.

1. Wide & Immersive Soundstage: Ultrasone Edition M+ Black

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge Ultrasone Edition M+ Black

The Ultrasone Edition M Plus Black Pearl is Ultrasone’s latest flagship headphone which is an impressive upgrade from its predecessor Ultrasone Edition M Black Pearl.

Ultrasone takes the cake home, for being the first company in the world to make mobile luxury headphones with a 3D experience

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2. Best Sounding Open-Back: Audeze LCD-3

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge Audeze LCD-3

The LCD 3 is the flagship headphone of Audeze. this headphone delivers the highest resolution music experience out of their entire range of headphones.

Audeze’s hand-tooled manufacturing process combined with advanced materials and technology produces extremely accurate and incredible sounding headphones.

Sounds Good!

3. Best Analytical IEMs: Noble - Kaiser Encore

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge Noble - Kaiser Encore

Kaiser Encore is the successful successor to Noble’s highly acclaimed and award-winning flagship K10.

The Kaiser Encore comes with low impedence which makes them perfect to use with smartphones. Compared to regular dynamic drivers, balanced armature drivers offer accuracy and sound detailing that can’t be possible.with just one driver.

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4. Best for Critical Listening: JH Audio Roxanne

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung S7 Edge JH Audio Roxanne

The new JH Audio Roxanne Performance Universal Fit is a logical choice for our Performance Series, with a solid bass response and a naturally wide soundstage for one of the most musical IEMs ever produced.

Roxanne was a blockbuster hit when it was first launched 2 years ago as the first IEM in JH Audio’s Siren Series. The Roxanne Performance Universal IEM is the new and improved version with a whole bunch of exciting new design features.

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5. Luxury Personified: Master & Dynamic

Headphone Zone - Best Headphones for Samsung Note 8 Master & Dynamic MW60

Looking for a headphone that looks awesome and sounds just as great? The Master & Dynamic MW60 perfectly fits the bill. This headphone has been crafted from premium materials like pure lambskin leather.

The 40mm beryllium custom drivers pump-up a great sound and aptX lets you listen to CD-quality audio even when streaming your favourite songs on Bluetooth. The 16-hour battery life makes listening to music the entire day a breeze.

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There we go. These are the best headphones we would recommend for SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge. We hope this helps you make the right choice!

Chintamani Kulkarni
Chintamani Kulkarni

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