Best Headphones In 2021 For Every Audio Need & Style

by Abhijeeth Shetty September 10, 2020

Best Headphones In 2021 For Every Audio Need & Style

This is our round-up of the best headphones of 2021. We bring to you a handpicked list of best headphones across different categories under one article - Best Headphones in 2021. From best headphones for calls to best wireless headphones, this blog has something for everyone. So if you have been in search of an awesome pair of headphones kindly help yourself and read through this article. Hope you have a good read!

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Beyerdynamic HSP 321

Best-in-class single-ear calling headset!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Beyerdynamic HSP 321

Looking for a single-ear that helps you have efficient communication over your smart device or your personal computer? If yes then the Beyerdynamic HSP 321 is the headphone for you. It is designed for amazing voice calls thanks to the voice optimized broadband audio transmission. This headphone features a noise dampening electret condenser microphone. This microphone is rotatable so that it can be worn either on the right or the left side of the headphone.

The Beyerdynamic HSP 321 sports an extremely lightweight design. The HSP 321 is absolutely comfortable to wear with its flexible headband and microphone extension. This headphone comes with wipe-clean leatherette ear pads. The HSP 321 is used in a combination of the Unite TP belt-pack transmitter or the Unite RP-T receivers. Along with talkback for intercom applications or tours/events with talkback.


Audeze Mobius

Best for indoor entertainment!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Audeze Mobius

If you are at home and are looking for a gaming headphone or for a headphone for indoor entertainment, the Audeze Mobius is meant for you. It gives you an immersive listening experience thanks to the Waves NX Technology. It is a feature-rich headphone with Sound Localization, Integrated Head Tracking and Room Emulation. All of these features are meant to deliver an exceptional sound experience.

This headphone is highly customizable with a detachable boom mic, replaceable earpads and Audeze HQ Gaming App Support. It delivers around 10 hours of battery life. It can be connected to multiple devices including PC, Mac, Gaming Consoles, and Mobile Devices with or without wire. It even comes with a travel bag just in case you need them while travelling. It comes with AAC and LDAC compatibility as well.


Bowers & Wilkins PI3

Personalized for music listening comfort!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Bowers & Wilkins PI3

With 50 years of experience, Bowers & Wilkins are a trusted name in the world of headphones. The PI3 wireless headphone houses Bowers & Wilkins Hybrid driver technology. This includes a dedicated driver for mids and treble and a unique driver for low-end frequencies. Overall giving you a rich and detailed sound experience. To make the audio better it comes with AptX codec support. This results in impressive audio quality.

Not just the music quality but even the audio quality for calls is top-notch, thanks to the high-end microphone. Enjoy 8 hours of music listening with the PI3 wireless headphones. These earphones come along with quick charging capabilities. A quick charge of 10 mins and you are good-to-go for up to two hours. These wireless earphones are designed with the combination of soft silicone and rubber to give your comfort as well as a secure fit. The PI3 wireless headphone is available in there distinct color option - space grey, blue and gold.


RHA TrueConnect 2

The best TrueConnect yet

Best Headphones In 2020 - RHA TrueConnect 2

Continuing the legacy of its predecessor, the new and upgraded RHA TrueConnect 2 is here. The brand new RHA TrueConnect features enhanced connectivity, advanced audio, better call-quality, solid durability and more. The earbuds hold up to 9 hours of battery life and the charging case adds 35 more hours of battery life. Overall you get 44 hours of music playtime. Additionally, a fast charge of 10 minutes will give an hour worth of battery life. The TrueConnect 2 endures more with an IP55 rating which protects the earbuds against rain, dust and sweat making it an ideal partner for your workouts.

The TrueConnect 2 offers a passive isolation fit for an immersive music listening experience. To add to that, the all-new refined driver setup delivers RHA quality sound with more power. Stay highly connected to your TrueConnect 2 with capacitive touch controls, these earbuds also support voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. It features Bluetooth 5.0 along with a dual-microphone setup that promotes audio clarity, reduces ambient noise and elevates your calling experience.


Sony WH-XB900N

With features that matter!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Sony WH-XB900N
Image via Slash Gear

The classic Sony Extra Bass features in the Sony WH-XB900N as well. This headphone delivers punchier low-end frequencies while maintaining superior audio clarity. It comes with advanced noise cancellation to ensure that the external noise stays outside. Enjoy seamless Bluetooth connectivity with One-Touch NFC. The XB900N has a solid 30 hours of battery life along with a quick charge option. A charge of 10 mins gives you around 60 minutes of playtime. Enjoy seamless connection across Bluetooth compatible media output devices.

Coming to its design, the Sony WH-XB900N has a sleek and classy design with soft cushioned earpads for absolute comfort. It has a foldable design making it portable. Manage your music and answer your calls right through your headphone without having to use the smartphone, thanks to the integrated mic and remote setup. Cover your right earcup with hands and it will lower the volume so that you can have a quick conversation with someone. Activate voice assistant though just a click on XB900N. Additionally, you get Headphones Connect App support for further customization.


Sony WF-1000XM3

A noise-cancelling true wireless earbud like no other!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Sony WF-1000XM3

The Sony WF-1000XM3 is a feature-rich and advanced true wireless earbuds from Sony. The main highlight of these earbuds is its HD Noise-Canceling Processor QN1e which offers industry-leading noise cancellation. These earbuds are highly sensitive to ambient sounds, owing to its dual microphone sensor technology. Experience unrivalled sonic experience with high-grade audio driven by small-yet-powerful 0.24" driver units that deliver rich sound with extreme clarity. Even the compressed music files will sound better on these earbuds, thanks to the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX™) technology. User comfort is taken care of with by the ergonomic design of these earbuds providing day-long wearing comfort. Enjoy strong connectivity with advanced Bluetooth chip, optimized antenna design and low latency that makes wireless streaming smooth. The ergonomic tri-hold structure and high-friction rubber surface make the earbuds comfortable and secure in your ears. To add to it, they come with 3 sizes of triple-comfort earbuds and 4 sizes of long hybrid silicon rubber earbuds for optimized fit. You can enjoy up to 6 hours of music time on these earbuds and with the charging case, you get an overall noise-free music playtime of around 24 hours. However, if you turn off noise cancelling, the earbuds will last for 8 hours and with the charging case, it will last up to 32 hours in total. For more juice, a 10-minute quick charge in the charging case gives you up to 90 minutes of playtime.

Don't miss calls with Sony WF-1000XM3 as they are designed to offer clear audio either on one of the earbuds or both, as per preference. For smarter listening, the earbuds feature innovative SENSE ENGINE™ technology to enhance your listening experience. With quick attention feature, you can place a finger over your earbud to reduce the volume and let in ambient sound for a quick chat with someone around you. To make this better, the adaptive sound control feature enables the earbuds to adjust the sound setting based on the surroundings. Additionally, the proximity sensor in each earbud adjusts the sound upon realising whether you are using one earbud or both the earbuds. For further convenience, pull out the earbuds and the music pauses on its own, put them back and the music resumes. You get a host of options to personalise your experience using the Sony Headphones Connect App. What's more, you ask? The WF-1000XM3 is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri. These earbuds have intuitive touch controls to manage the noise cancellation mode and music playback. You can even manage the touch controls using the Headphones Connect App. The Sony WF-1000XM3 sports a minimalistic and design along with a magnetic charging case. These earbuds let you enjoy 360 reality audio to experience music the way you would experience it in a studio or a live concert.


Sony WH-XB700

Beauty and the beat!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Sony WH-XB700
Image via World Wide Stereo

The classic Sony Extra Bass is back in the Sony WH-XB700. This headphone delivers punchier low-end frequencies while maintaining superior audio clarity. Enjoy seamless Bluetooth connectivity with One-Touch NFC. The XB700 has a solid 30 hours of battery life along with a quick charge option. A charge of 10 mins gives you around 90 minutes of playtime.

Coming to its design, the Sony WH-XB700 has a sleek and classy design with soft cushioned earpads for absolute comfort. Manage your music and answer your calls right through your headphone without having to use the smartphone, thanks to the integrated mic and remote setup. Activate voice assistant though just a click on XB700. Additionally, you get Headphones Connect App support for further customization.


Beats Powerbeats Pro

The best of power and style!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Beats Powerbeats Pro
Image via TheVerge

Say hello to the ultimate true wireless earbuds from the house of Beats by Dre. Their claim - the best workout earbuds out there. You get the best of wireless with Powerbeats Pro so that nothing comes between your workout and your music. It makes sure that you feel the punch with its extra bass sound. It offers noise isolation for a more immersive listening experience. Moreover, your voice assistant is just a press away. Plus, controlling your music and calls is a breeze with the control buttons.

The Powerbeats Pro houses an H1 chip for superior connectivity and reduced dropouts. Offering the best of comfort with its unique secure-fit ear hooks, the earbuds are also sweat resistant. Worry less about the battery life of the Powerbeats Pro as the earbuds come with 9 hours of playtime. This can be extended to up to 24 hours with the charging case. For more juice, a fast fuel charging gives around 1.5 hours of playtime with just 5 minutes of charge. Talk about being efficient! These headphones are available in four colours - black, ivory, navy and moss for an added style statement.


Shure AONIC 50

With studio-like sound and an adjustable ANC support!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Shure AONIC 50

These premium headphones are designed to elevate your music listening experience to the next level while enjoying complete wireless freedom. The Shure Aonic 50 delivers studio-quality sound which is a result of decades of professional experience. To make the sound more immersive, Aonic 50 comes with adjustable noise cancellation as well. There are times when we need to keep up with our surroundings and therefore this headphone features environment mode that allows ambient sound to flow in. You can enjoy up to 20 hours of non-stop music on the go or at the comfort of your home. These headphones are designed to last longer and are highly portable with a flat foldable design.

Controlling music playback, answering and rejecting calls can be done with just the push of a button. It is easily connectable to mobile devices, tablets and laptops using Bluetooth 5.0. It also supports hi-end Bluetooth codecs such as the Qualcomm aptX, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency audio, Sony LDAC, AAC, and SBC. If the battery dies you can continue listening to your music in wired mode with 3.5mm analog audio jack. You can further manage noise cancellation and environment mode using the dedicated ShurePlus Play app. The Shure Anoic 50 is available in two colours black and brown and a protective case, 3.5 mm audio cable and USB-C charging cable comes included in the box.


Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD

For comfort, durability and sound

Best Headphones in 2020 - Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD

From an extra-flat in-ear design to amazing sonic performance, the Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD has got it all. So if you have been looking for an everyday music companion, then the Soul BYRD might be the one for you. Enjoy your music in natural and balanced sound output. Carry your music with you everywhere you go with Soul BRYD. These earphones offer a snug fit and with the flat-shaped housing, the comfort is all yours. For a more customised fit, Soul BYRD comes with five pairs of ultra-soft silicone eartips designed to elevate your music listening experience. Answering calls and managing music is a matter of breeze with the universal three-button remote and an integrated microphone

You can even activate voice assistants through this remote. The design of Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD is a result of best designers and hearing specialists coming together to develop an earphone which is stylish, comfortable and has an incredible sound. The faceplates of Soul BYRD are made of anodised aluminium while the soft and flexible cables are tangle-resistant. These earphones are meant for a long run as the sport a robust and durable design along with replaceable components adding to the life of the earphone.


Sony WI-SP510

Perfect music companion for your workouts

Best Headphones In 2020 - Sony WI-SP510

Never miss music during workouts, Sony WI-SP510 has an IPX5 rating which makes the headphone water and sweat resistant. This headphone gives up to 15 hours of battery time so that you can listen to your music for extended hours. WI-SP510 features a soft-cushioned arc supporter along with a three-dimensional curved design which provides a secure and comfortable fit.

To keep you motivated throughout the day, Sony WI-SP510 features EXTRA BASS which delivers rich and powerful low-end frequencies. You can conveniently wear these headphones around your neck throughout the day, thanks to its soft neckband and lightweight design. The earbuds have magnets in them which keeps them clutter-free. For more convenience, WI-SP510 comes with dedicated control buttons which will allow you to manage your music, calls and activate voice assistants.


Jabra Elite Active 75t

Designed to boost your active lifestyle

Best Headphones In 2020 - Jabra Elite Active 75t

In a nutshell, Jabra Elite Active 75t is a workout friendly true wireless earbud that retains the best features of Jabra Elite 75t but adds more advanced features. Jabra has scanned through thousands of ears and an advanced algorithmic simulator to come up with best-fitting high-performance Jabra Elite Active 75t. It comes with three sizes of smooth, silicone EarGels to offer you a better and comfortable fit. These earbuds are specifically made for your active lifestyle and therefore has an IP55 rating which makes it sweatproof, waterproof and workout friendly. The earbuds of the Jabra Elite Active 75t gives up to 7.5 hours of music playtime and with the carrying case the battery life sums up to 28 hours along with fast charging support. It features an intelligent power management system and new low-power Bluetooth 5.0 chipset which allows it to manage the battery efficiently.

Sometimes it becomes crucial for you to know about your surroundings and to ensure this, the Elite Active 75T supports HearThrough feature. If you just want to completely isolate the outside world and lose yourself to music, Jabra Elite Active 75t's noise isolating fit has got your back. These earbuds feature four-microphone technology, digital signal processing algorithms and pioneering new beamform technology which will ensure that your calls sound crystal clear. The Jabra Elite Active 75t comes with voice assistant support like Siri and Google Assistant. Leading to better connectivity and efficiency between the earbuds and your smartphone. Make fine-tuning adjustments to the sound with the help of Jabra Sound+ App.


Audeze Penrose

Designed for gaming excellence

Best Headphones in 2020 - Audeze Penrose

Transform your gaming audio experience with Audeze's Penrose Wireless Gaming Headset. First of all the patented planar magnetic driver technology used in the Audeze Penrose allows it to deliver detailed and crystal clear audio. Moreover, these headsets also sport a powerful Fluxor™ magnet array and Fazor™ waveguides and Uniforce™ voice coils that minimise distortion to nothing. Penrose is designed particularly for gaming consoles and therefore it offers high performance and low latency 2.4GHz dual wireless connection with the help of the USB Dongle. You can also use Bluetooth 5.0 with 2.4GHz wireless.

From console to the mobile gaming experience, the Audeze Penrose is ideal for all types of gaming platforms. With a max SPL of more than 140dB and built-in noise filters that reduce up to 20dB of background sound, players can communicate with greater confidence. For better chat and streaming, Audeze Penrose comes with a flexible and detachable broadcast-quality boom microphone. It has integrated noise filters that eliminate the noise up to 20dB. You can further customize and get better control over your headphone using the advanced Audeze HQ app for mobile and desktop systems. It has a lot of features including 10 band graphic EQ interface, sidetone toggling, and real-time voice-to-chat mix for Xbox Series X.


Meze 99 Classics

The audiophile's choice!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Meze 99 Classics

One of the most premium and uber-popular examples of a luxury-but-affordable headphones, the Meze 99 Classics denotes just how good sound could be at a fraction of the price of the Romanian’s flagship, Empyrean. The 99 Classics doesn’t disappoint not even from an aesthetical standpoint. The Meze 99 Classics is known for it's exterior wooden design. With a metal band and a leather strap that rests on your head, comfort is a class apart with the Meze.

While the wooden earcups appeal to most, the adjustable leather strap just adds to the feel.

Soft fabric and leather earpads keep the drivers at proper distance and make you feel light on the head. The natural polished wooden cups give a premium feel.

The Meze 99 Classics are a combination of balance, dynamism, wideness and warmth. It takes your natural sounding track a little higher, but not as much as you'll feel it's boosted. The classic Meze audio is what appeals most to music lovers and audiophiles. Try getting a bass-head and professional artist together, they both won't dislike the Classics in any way.


Activo CT10

High-res music player for Hi-Res audio fans!

Best Headphones In 2020 - Activo CT10

For all you music fans who like to listen to their music in high-res, the Activo CT10 is the music player you have been looking for. Make sure you listen to music the way it was intended to be heard with the CT10 music player. It delivers sound in high-resolution and without missing on the details and dynamics. This is the first audio device to feature Astell&Kern’s TERATON technology. CT10's minimalistic and attractive design makes it more stylish than any other hi-res player out there. The design along with comfortably placed buttons and dodecagonal column-inspired volume wheel, help in enhancing the overall usability of the player.

The user-interface of CT10 is similar to a smartphone interface which makes the player user-friendly. Easy intuitive interface with customizable shortcut menus makes music listening efficient than ever before. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity and comes with embedded tidal music and open app feature to ensure that you do not miss on hi-res streaming sources. The MicroSD card slot is compatible with up to 1TB of microSD card allowing you to store loads of music. It also has 8 preset filters and customisable 10-band EQ which tailors sound to meet your convenience. You can turn Activo CT10 into a USB DAC for your computer to enjoy music with better resolution and spatial effects.


Topping NX1S

Best-in-class Headphone AMP

Best Headphones in 2020 - Topping NX1S

Topping NX1S is the best-in-class portable headphone amplifier which has an output power of 150mW x2 (32Ω) which is capable enough of driving almost all headphones available out there. NX1S comes with an OP+BUF circuit and has a THD+N of 0.0005% (300Ω). This headphone AMP stands out in comparison to other amps. While ordinary headphone Amps support a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz, the NX1Ssupports a range up to 100kHz making it Hi-Res certified by Japan Audio Society. Topping NX1S comes with an adjustable gain function which allows you to reduce the gain to reduce noise at normal volumes and if the input is weak you can increase the gain.

You also get the option to pick either clear natural sound or bass for punchier low-end frequencies. Enjoy up to 40 hours of playtime with a 1000 mAh battery that can get from 0 to 100% battery in just 4 hours. The NX1S is meticulously designed with a durable aluminium body and has been made with high-precision machining. The markings on the body are laser engraved to perfection. The operating knob is made of two "claws" which ensures that it is not accidentally turned on when you put it in your pocket. It also guards the headphone plug against damage.


Well, that brings us to the end of our blog. We hope you had a good read and that this list of best headphones in 2021 helped you to make a choice. If you still got queries regarding these headphones or any headphones in general, feel free to get in touch with one of our in-house experts - Our Headphone Gurus. See you around in the blog space. Choose Headphone Zone to buy best headphones in India.

Happy Listening!

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Abhijeeth Shetty
Abhijeeth Shetty

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