Best Hi-Fi Music Players for Beginner Audiophiles

by Abhijeeth Shetty August 17, 2020

Best Hi-Fi Music Players for Beginner Audiophiles

iPods are deemed as the game-changers in the portable audio player segment. However, over a period of time, Apple seems to have been less considerate about the portable audio player segment. Even though the iPods seem to be the thing of the past, the digital audio player market still has a lot to offer. There are a host of companies developing hi-end portable music players which are aimed particularly for music on the go. These music players deliver high-grade sound better than any iPods ever and offer loads of features making them worth a buy, particularly if you are an avid music listener.

Even though smartphones today are enough to give you your daily dose of music, they aren't designed particularly for hi-end music listening. On the other hand, portable music players are solely designed to enrich your music listening experience which you won't get from ordinary mobile phones. Moreover, it's only efficient to have a separate device for your music so that you can save the battery and storage of your smartphone for other important things. If you are a music geek you know that there is nothing better than owning a digital music player dedicated to the collection of favourite songs. If you are one of those, worry not we have listed down the best digital audio players available in the market. Give it a read and you can pick the one best for you.

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Activo CT10

High-res music player for Hi-Res audio fans!

Best Hi-Fi Music Players - Activo CT10

Best Hi-Fi Music Players - Activo CT10 Best Hi-Fi Music Players - Activo CT10

For all you music fans who like to listen to their music in high-res, the Activo CT10 is the music player you have been looking for. Make sure you listen to music the way it was intended to be heard with the CT10 music player. It delivers sound in high-resolution and without missing on the details and dynamics. This is the first audio device to feature Astell&Kern’s TERATON technology. CT10's minimalistic and attractive design makes it more stylish than any other hi-res player out there. The design along with comfortably placed buttons and dodecagonal column-inspired volume wheel, help in enhancing the overall usability of the player.

The user-interface of CT10 is similar to a smartphone interface which makes the player user-friendly. Easy intuitive interface with customizable shortcut menus makes music listening efficient than ever before. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity and comes with embedded tidal music and open app feature to ensure that you do not miss on hi-res streaming sources. The MicroSD card slot is compatible with up to 1TB of microSD card allowing you to store loads of music. It also has 8 preset filters and customisable 10-band EQ which tailors sound to meet your convenience. You can turn Activo CT10 into a USB DAC for your computer to enjoy music with better resolution and spatial effects.

What we like

  • Detailed and Hi-Res music playback
  • Featuring Astell&Kern’s TERATON
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and aptX HD support
  • Powerful processor
  • User-friendly intuitive interface
  • Minimalistic yet stylish design
  • The convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Embedded Tidal streaming and open app feature
  • With expandable storage and equalizer
  • Use USB and turn it to a USB DAC

Why you should buy it

Activo CT10 is a portable high-resolution music player that offers an impressive music listening experience. It is feature-packed with Wi-Fi connectivity, aptX HD support and an extremely comfortable intuitive user interface inside a small and stylish design.



Sony NW-A105

Your all-round digital music companion is here!

Best Hi-Fi Music Players - Sony NW-A105

Best Hi-Fi Music Players - Sony NW-A105 Best Hi-Fi Music Players - Sony NW-A105

The all-new h.ear range of Sony music players are available in a range of colour options allowing you to pick the one that goes with your personality. Enjoy CD-like high-quality sound right through this player as it is compatible with Hi-Res Audio. NW-A105 features S-Master HX™ digital amplifier that offers high-res audio of utmost quality free of noise and distortions. The DSEE HX compatibility allows the player to play compressed files in good quality even while streaming. Due to high-quality PCM conversion, the player delivers a natural and detailed sound of DSD music files. This music player supports Bluetooth one-touch NFC, LDAC and aptX HD so that you get the high standard of wireless connectivity and wireless music listening. This music player is engineered to offer exceptional music listening experience and therefore is made of premium materials including a robust aluminium milled frame, high-grade film capacitor, fine-tuned sound resistor, optimised circuitry board and solder with a small amount of gold.

Sony NW-A105 is powered by Android and supports Wi-Fi streaming as well, allowing you to access your music online. This is an ergonomically designed music player which sports sleek curve design along with matte finish and a display screen. It features convenient control buttons which will help you to control your music playback and volume levels. It also has a USB type C port and an expandable memory card slot. Enjoy continuous music throughout the day, thanks to around 26 hours of battery life. Get Vinyl like music listening experience on this music player and it can decode MQA files. Enjoy the Cassette Tape user interface and screensaver.

What we like

  • Android-powered hi-res music player
  • Featuring S-Master HX digital amplifier
  • Delivering clear and rich sound output
  • Compatible with Hi-Res music files
  • Get up to 26 hours of music playtime
  • Enjoy detailed sound with Direct Stream Digital
  • With DSEE HX AI compressed audio files
  • Supports LDAC and aptX HD Bluetooth codecs
  • Use One-Touch NFC for instant Bluetooth connectivity
  • Engineered for comfort and durability
  • Convenient controls and USB-C port support
  • Comes with Wi-Fi streaming function
  • Expandable memory and supports MQA files

Why you should buy it

The Sony NW-A105 is a premium music player that offers high-resolution music listening experience and is available in vibrant colour options. This android powered music player allows efficient music streaming via Wi-Fi and gives a battery life of around 26 hours. Listening to your favourite has never been easier.



Shanling Q1

Hi-Fi music player for Hi-Res music!

Best Hi-Fi Music Players - Shanling Q1

Best Hi-Fi Music Players - Shanling Q1 Best Hi-Fi Music Players - Shanling Q1

The design of Shanling Q1 is inspired by the retro look of the 1950s. This stylish retro design includes smooth curved edges and distinct colour options. 30 years of experience has gone into the audio output that you get with the Shanling Q1. This awesome sound output is packed in an extremely portable design. Shanling Q1 offers a premium and powerful sound output thanks to its ESS Sabre ES9218P Hi-Fi DAC/AMP. Additionally, it also reduces background noise. Shanling Q1 houses Shanling's very own MyTouch OS with a User-friendly and feature-rich interface. This is a 3rd gen OS that comes with regularly updated features.

With advanced Bluetooth codecs, Shanling Q1 can be used with a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices including your smartphones, tablets, computers and speakers. No need to worry about running out of storage with the Shanling Q1. You can expand the memory with an external memory card of up to 2TB. Store all your favourite songs. Shanling Q1 is an extremely compact and portable music player which can be easily carried in your pockets. It comes with a protective silicone case for added durability. The power-efficient design allows Shanling to last to up to 21 hours for continued playback time. You can recharge it anywhere with the universal USB-C cable.

What we like

  • Featuring a stylish retro design
  • Plays Hi-Res sound of up to 32 Bit / 384kHz
  • Powered by Shanling's MyTouch OS
  • Around 21 hours of battery life
  • With 2.7-inch touch screen
  • Wireless freedom with two-way Bluetooth
  • Expandable memory card
  • ESS ES9218P DAC/AMP with DSD support
  • Supports AptX and LDAC Hi-Res Codec

Why you should buy it

This is a highly portable Hi-Fi music player which comes with hi-res audio playback, Bluetooth convenience, 21 hours of playback time and more. So if you have been looking for a hi-fi music player, Shanling Q1 is worth considering.



That's all folks for the list of best digital audio players, we hope you found this list of great help! If you have got queries regarding digital audio players or headphones, feel free to get in touch with our in-house experts - Our Headphone Gurus. See you around in the blog space.

Happy Listening!

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Abhijeeth Shetty
Abhijeeth Shetty

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