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Best recommended earphones for iPhone 11 Pro

by Headphone Zone October 09, 2019 7 min read

Best recommended earphones for iPhone 11 Pro

The ‘New Guy’’ from Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro comes with an astounding Dynamic AMOLED touchscreen and 3 phenomenal cameras.

If you’ve just got your hands on the iPhone, now is as good a time as any to invest in a good pair of Earphones to complete your smartphone experience.

We believe that a premium phone deserves a high-quality audio experience. This is why we've curated a list of our finest earphones that are perfect for the entire iPhone 11 Pro. From Lightning Conductor wired earphones to ones that'll fit your budget to the absolutely best wireless headphones, find whatever you need here!


What you should be looking for?

Sound Quality: The sound signature will vary for each earphone. It will undoubtedly be the best in their purposes and will impress iOS user who are looking for something without ripping their pockets off.

Form Factor: Earphones for specific purposes like casual or critical music listening will perform the function perfunctorily. Wireless earphones of good quality can be expected here as the recommendations come with AAC codec for lossless sound.

Build Quality: The built vary for each earphone but will be well and sturdy. Tangle-free cables are easily met here. The wired options come with a lightning connector so that you don’t have to carry your converter everywhere.





Beats by Dr. Dre - urBeats3

Beats’ product build is solid, with a metal construction and some quality thick cabling, this product emits heft and class when held in hand. The fit though isn’t all that impressive. Noise isolation is a function of the fit, and needless to say, there’s nothing to write home about.

Coming to the sound, with overwhelming bass, coloured mids and marginally emphasized highs, audiophiles should steer right away. But for the average young audience, they sound pretty good, with hip-hop and rap, pop and EDM sound on par with their high end on-ear offerings. The best part is, irrespective of the volume level, the audio is absolutely distortion-free, and the sound stage is decent.

The Good

  • Tangle free flat cables
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • Secure angular fit

The Bad

  • Not suitable for longer hours
  • Cables are sensitive and catches ground noise




RHA - MA650i

An upgrade to the critically acclaimed RHA MA600i, The RHA MA650i are Scotish-made, naturally sound-isolating premium earphones. The earphones using RHA's trademark and patented Aeroponic design, that resembles a reversed trumpet. Its signature shape is designed specifically for producing a natural sound signature. The cable is braided and coated in plastic to keep it tangle-free.You will notice that the MA650i, like all RHA products, does not disappoint.For precise, balanced sound & deep soundstage, the MA650i has 380.1 custom drivers. It also has a wider soundstage. And the audio is well-balanced with an equal amount of treble and bass.

The RHA MA650i comes with a 3-button remote and microphone which gives you full control over device functions. Switching between tracks, calls and activate Siri functions is easily possible. To access advanced device functions like app control, internet searches, and information access, Digital assistant commands works very well. The MA650i is compatible with Apple devices (Sorry Android users!) and also offers a 3-year warranty if anything is to happen to a product.

The Good

  • Balanced Sound with wider soundstage
  • Highly durable aeroponic aluminium build
  • Braided tangle free cables
  • 3 years of Warranty

The Bad

  • Not meant for Bass lovers
  • Cumbersome cable length





Audeze - iSine10

Audeze brings its award-winning Planar Magnetic Drivers to mind. While these drivers are known to offer incredible detail and clarity, they are HUGE and hence, earlier, could only fit in headphones. The iSine10 is the first earphone to fit these huge and heavy drivers into its tiny housings. So now you get Audeze's world-class sound in a tiny package.The CIPHER Lightning Cable has been made especially for the iPhone. This cable is not just like any normal standard cable. It can stream 24-bit hi-res audio with its inbuilt Amp, DAC and DSP.

Apart from the above points in this article, another unique feature of the iSine is its semi-open back design. You will rarely find an in-ear with such a design. This is what gives this earphone a super-wide soundstage and makes you feel as though you are sitting in a mini concert hall. Audeze has collaborated with Designworks USA, a BMW Group Company to create the iSines’ attractive design. It features a 10-band equaliser that can be saved into presets. The cable saves the firmware so that you don't have to keep fidgeting with the EQ whenever you switch to a new iPhone.

The Good

  • Detailed sound with Planar Magnetic Drivers
  • Concert like experience with an open back design
  • Listen to Hi-res Audio with Inbuilt DAC and DSP
  • Clean voice calls (CVC) noise cancellation technology

The Bad

  • Meant for indoor use only
  • Huge size is not comfortable for most






Sony - WI-C200

The Sony WI-C200 are straightforward around-the-neck earphones. The housing are small and lightweight, which doesn’t put much pressure inside the ear, making them quite comfortable. Their 3 button in-line remote is easy to use.

The neck cable is flexible, and you’ll be able to fit them in pockets or a bag easily. Unfortunately, the materials used feel a bit flimsy and the bud cables are very long, creating big dangling loops when wearing them that can be a bit uncomfortable.

The Good

  • Lightweight design
  • Deep bass sound
  • 15 hours of battery life

The Bad

  • Cables lack durability
  • Microphone is very sensitive.




Sony - WI-XB400

The Sony MDR XB400 is an absolute budget killer. As the name suggests, it is purely designed for extra bass sound. The bass is tight and controlled, and does not overpower the other frequencies given it has Extra Bass sound. With 15 hours of battery life and 3 button remote and microphone well bass heads don't need to look for other options.


The Good

  • An Extra Bass sound with a good bass output
  • Great design and ergonomics
  • Brawny build and highly portable

The Bad

  • The microphone quality could've been better
  • The treble quality tends to get a bit sharp




Beyerdynamic - Byron BTA

Beyerdynamic Byron BTA is an In-ear headset for definite music playback. Comes with a Neutral sound along with soothing bass. Fantastic Bluetooth® transmission quality for Android and Apple (Qualcomm® aptX™ and AAC). Coordinated 3-button remote for media control. Battery life of up to 7.5 hours.


The Good

  • Detailed & natural sound
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Sleek design

The Bad

  • Patented charging cradle
  • 7.5 hours of battery life




Shanling - MW100

Shanling’s versatile players are outstanding for their progressed Bluetooth availability and individuals around the globe are utilizing them with Bluetooth earphones all things considered.

Presently they launched have another great product that is the Shanling MW100, their first Bluetooth earphone. The bass is coloured and has a punch to it, keeping the mids and highs very smooth. Comes with a CVC microphone for better calling experience.

The Good

  • Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX, AAC and SBC support
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • Magnetic Earbuds for dangle free experience when not being used
  • Clean voice calls (CVC) noise cancellation technology

The Bad

  • Driver shell could be enormous for the individuals who has little ears





RHA - MA650 Wireless

The MA650 Wireless is a superb Bluetooth® in-ear earphone with a refined form for enduring execution and solace. In the case of working out, voyaging it comes with IPX4 Sweatproof and water resistant.

Power throughout the day with 12hrs playback. Along with aptX codecs it gives you CD-like, excellent audio. And it also support Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana control. Sweeten the deal with a 3 years of warranty.

The Good

  • Lossless sound with aptX & AAC Codex
  • IPX4 Sweat Resistant
  • Multipoint Connection
  • 3 years of warranty

The Bad

  • Lacks bass
  • Doesn’t come with hard case





V-MODA - Forza Metallo Wireless

The V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless comes with the dynamic bass, distinctive mids and vivacious tranquil highs. Among with the Bluetooth codecs like Qualcomm aptX, Forza Metallo Wireless guarantees an effectively open quality sound experience throughout the day, consistently, simple.

With more than 10 hours of battery life, and 2 hours by means of 15 minutes of FastCharge, Forza Metallo Wireless can accompany you all day. Experience remote opportunity with multi-point connectivity, changing from PC to cell phone to smartwatch and back again easily.

The Good

  • Solid Bass
  • Customisable Fit

The Bad

  • Lack in Mids
  • Cables are bit long




RHA - T20 Wireless

The T20 Wireless is a versatile in-ear monitor equipped with DualCoil drivers which deliver an immersive audio with bass and treble boost via changeable tuning filters. The 12-hour battery life helps you listen to music & taking calls all day. The latest Bluetooth Version 5.0 along with the high-fidelity aptX gives you a better connectivity with a lossless music listening experience.

The Flexible neckband gives you a better comfort. There is also an option for 3.5mm cable for high-resolution audio. And the 3-year warranty it is definitely a good deal.

The Good

  • High-fidelity music Whether You Stay Wired or Go Wireless
  • Interchangeable Tuning filters
  • Stainless Steel Housing

The Bad

  • No mic/remote on wired cable
  • Bulky form factor




There we go. These are the best earphones we would recommend for iPhone 11 Pro, we hope this helps you make the right choice!

Headphone Zone
Headphone Zone

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