5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2021

by Abhijeeth Shetty July 21, 2020

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2021

If you are looking for headphones, you must have definitely come across Sony headphones. They are among the most trusted and highly popular among music lovers around the world and rightfully so. Sony headphones have been consistent in offering the amazing sonic experience, with a host of cool features and stylish design that makes them truly unique. Sony is known to be providing some of the best noise-cancelling headphones in the market. They have something for everyone and therefore they have some of the best headphones to offer across multiple price points. From wired headphones to truly wireless earbuds, Sony headphones are among the top picks of avid music listeners around the world.

In this blog today, we are going to list down the latest Sony headphones launched in the year 2021. They have some of the most exciting and promising headphones under different categories to meet customer expectations. So if you have been keen on buying a Sony headphone, or a headphone with a cool set of features and high-end performance, then this list is a must-read for you. We have highlighted the features of each Sony headphone and have given our word on why we think you should be it. Enough said, let’s start off the list of newly launched Sony headphones in 2021. Here we go!


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Sony WF-XB700

Best of Truly Wireless, Best of Bass!

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WF-XB700

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WF-XB700

Enrich your daily life with thumping bass and true wireless comfort. Featuring the popular Sony EXTRA BASS that delivers powerful and thumping low-end frequencies effective enough to get you grooving. It is a true wireless earbud from the house of Sony featuring a bold and unique look along. It features a comfortable ergonomic design which is designed for long term listening comfort. Enjoy music listening for as long as 18 hours with the help of the handy charging case which comes with these earbuds. In a hurry, you can quick-charge these earbuds for 10 minutes and it will give up to 60 minutes of battery life.

Sony WF-XB700 combines advanced Bluetooth chips and an optimised antenna setup which not only provides strong wireless connectivity but also elevates your music listening experience. Additionally, it has low latency which allows you to enjoy your games and movies without an audio-video lag. These ergonomically designed true wireless earbuds from Sony deliver true comfort and secure fit. Moreover, these earbuds come with an IPX4 rating that makes them resistant to sweat and water splashes. So wear them comfortably in the gym or while jogging and always have music by your side. These earbuds host easy control buttons to control your music playback. Additionally, you can answer calls and activate voice assistants by just tapping on your earbuds.

What we like

  • Featuring Sony’s EXTRA BASS for bass-rich sound
  • A total of 18 hours of playtime with the charging case
  • Designed ergonomically for a safe and comfy fit
  • Compatible with voice assistants & handsfree calling
  • Swear and water resistance with an IPX4 Rating

Why you should buy it

Sony WF-XB700 is a feature-packed true wireless earbud geared towards delivering rich Bass and absolute user-comfort. Moreover, features like IPX4 rating, ergonomic design and a strong battery life only add to the usability of these earbuds.


Sony WF-SP800N

Your perfect music companion for workouts!

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WF-SP800N

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WF-SP800N 5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WF-SP800N

Sony WF-SP800N is designed to elevate your music listening experience with the bass-centric sound output. The SP800N can easily resist sweat, water splashes and dust, thanks to the IP552 rating, you can now focus on your workouts while the music keeps you motivated. With soft cushioned arc supporter and 3D curve design, the SP800N offers a comfortable and secure fit around your ears. While the earbuds alone offer up to 9 hours of battery life, the playtime can be extended with an additional 9 hours using the charging case. Giving you a total of 18 hours of playtime. If you turn off the noise-cancelling feature the earbuds last for 13 hours on itself and more 13 hours is extended by the charging case taking the total to 26 hours. To make the deal sweeter, a quick 10-minute charge will give you up to 60 minutes of music time with noise cancelling. Immerse yourself to your music with 360 Reality Audio which gives you an immersive and life-like music listening experience.

The Sony WF-SP800N comes with an advanced Bluetooth chip and an optimized antenna design which serves strong connectivity and best listening experience. Additionally, low latency elevates your video watching experience. Say no to external noise with digital noise cancellation and keep yourself hooked to your music. Sometimes you need to be aware of your surroundings while listening to music. That's precisely what the Ambient Sound Mode takes care of. To make this even better, the adaptive sound control changes the ambient sound mode to match with your surroundings. You can even change the Ambient Sound Mode based on location. Placing the finger over the earbud will reduce the volume and lets the ambient noise in so you can have a quick chat with someone. Control your music playback with intuitive touch controls which can be further customized using the Headphones Connect App. You can easily access your favourite voice assistant with just a touch. Picking up calls and hanging up is easy with one touch.

What we like

  • 9 hours of battery life in earbuds and charging case respectively
  • Resistant to sweat and water splashes with IP55 rating
  • Strong and reliable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Offering a comfortable and secure fit
  • Featuring EXTRA BASS for best bass experience
  • Cut on noise effectively with Digital Noise Cancelling
  • Be aware of your surroundings with Ambient Sound Mode
  • Control music playback with intuitive touch controls
  • Voice Assistant Support
  • Featuring Adaptive Sound Control
  • Efficient hands-free calling
  • Headphones Connect App Support

Why you should buy it

Ideal for your super active lifestyle, the all-new Sony WF-SP800N is here offering lasting battery life, sweat resistance, thumping bass output and an amazing digital noise cancelling feature. Keep yourself motivated with bass-heavy music with Sony WF-SP800N.


Sony WI-SP510

Perfect music companion for your workouts

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WI-SP510

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WI-SP510 5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WI-SP510

Never miss music during workouts, Sony WI-SP510 has an IPX5 rating which makes the Sony earphones water and sweat resistant. This headphone gives up to 15 hours of battery time so that you can listen to your music for extended hours. WI-SP510 features a soft-cushioned arc supporter along with a three-dimensional curved design which provides a secure and comfortable fit.

To keep you motivated throughout the day, Sony WI-SP510 features EXTRA BASS which delivers rich and powerful low-end frequencies. You can conveniently wear these Sony Earphones around your neck throughout the day, thanks to its soft neckband and lightweight design. The earbuds have magnets in them which keeps them clutter-free. For more convenience, WI-SP510 Sony earphones come with dedicated control buttons which will allows you to manage your music, calls and activate voice assistants.

What we like

  • Sweat resistance with an IPX5 rating
  • 15 hours of playback time
  • Cushioned arc supporter and 3D curve design
  • EXTRA BASS for rich low-end frequencies
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Magnetic earbuds for tangle resistance
  • Easy control buttons and voice assistance compatibility

Why you should buy it

Sony WI-SP510 is a perfect music companion for your athletic lifestyle as it comes with strong battery life, water-resistance and comfortability.


Sony WH-H910N

Add colour to your life with noise-free music!

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WH-H910N
Image via Sony Walkman Blog

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WH-H910N
Image via Sony Walkman Blog
5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WH-H910N

Sony WH-H910N is an over-ear wireless headphone that looks stunning with the dual-tone colour body. It has a sleek build with silicone headband and ergonomic soft cushioned earpads for ultimate comfort. They are foldable making it easy for you to store them in your bag. Cut the noise with dual noise-cancelling microphones. You can stay aware of your surroundings with the Headphone Connect App that features adaptive sound control. If you want to have a quick conversation with someone around you with the headphone on, just cover the touch sensor with your hand and the audio lowers letting in the ambient sound.

The Sony WH-H910N houses a 25mm driver which comprises aluminium domes urethane edge diaphragms bringing its performance close to that of 40mm drivers. It supports LDAC for superior audio quality and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) to realise high-end sound even with inferior music files. Experience lively and immersive music with 360 Reality Audio that uses Sony’s object-based spatial audio technology. It has an impressive 35 hours of battery life and a quick charge of 10 minutes gives around 2.5 hours of music time. Answering calls, managing music and activating digital assistants is just a tap away. You can further customize the sound with the Headphone Connect App.

What we like

  • Unique and beautiful dual-tone colour
  • Exceptional sound and noise cancelling
  • Hi-Res Sound output & 360 Reality Audio
  • 35-hour battery life with quick charge
  • Adaptive sound control
  • Quick attention mode
  • Supports LDAC and DSEE HX
  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Compact and foldable headphone
  • Touch controls and digital assistant support
  • Customize with Headphones Connect App

Why you should buy it

Featuring an excellent sound output, rich bass along with clear balanced sound and noise cancellation, Sony WH-H910N is a feature-rich headphone. Convenient features like ambient sound and quick attention are the deal maker here.


Sony WH-CH710N

Best mid-range noise cancellation headphone!

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WH-CH710N

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WH-CH710N 5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WH-CH710N

The Sony WH-CH710N delivers flawless audio with Automatic Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelling function (AINC) that detects the ambient noise and activates the best noise-cancelling mode. It features Dual Noise Sensor technology that cuts on the background noise for immersive music listening experience. You can even let in the ambient noise while listening to your music by turning on the Ambient Sound mode. With a single charge, you get up to 35 hours of audio listening with Sony WH-CH710N.

For more juice, you can quick-charge the headphones for 10 minutes to get up to an hour of battery life. These Sony Bluetooth Headphones have a stylish rounded design, adjustable metal slider and swivel design making the headphones stylish, comfortable to wear and easy to carry around. The WH-CH710N has new 30-mm drivers that propel pure and crystal clear sound across the frequency range. You can enjoy clear voice calls and conveniently activate your voice assistant hands-free through the headphone. Get the best of wireless convenience with the Bluetooth technology and one-touch NFC support.

What we like

  • Automatic Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelling function (AINC)
  • Dual Noise Sensor Technology and Ambient Sound Mode
  • Featuring 30-mm drivers for clear and rich sound
  • 35 hours of listening and Quick charging
  • Stylish and rounded design
  • Adjustable metal slider for a perfect fit
  • Soft oval-shaped earpads for comfortable listening
  • Swivel design for portability
  • Best hands-free calling with voice assistant compatibility
  • Bluetooth convenience with one-touch NFC

Why you should buy it

The Sony WH-CH710N with best-in-class best-in-class noise cancellation and excellent music listening experience. It features dual noise sensor technology, ambient sound mode and 35 hours of battery life, making it one of the best Sony Bluetooth Headphones in the price range.


Sony WF-1000XM3

A noise-cancelling true wireless earbud like no other!

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WF-1000XM3

5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WF-1000XM3 5 of the Hottest Sony Headphones Launched in 2020 - Sony WF-1000XM3

The Sony WF-1000XM3 is a feature-rich and advanced true wireless earbuds from Sony. The main highlight of these earbuds is its HD Noise-Canceling Processor QN1e which offers industry-leading noise cancellation. These earbuds are highly sensitive to ambient sounds, owing to its dual microphone sensor technology. Experience unrivalled sonic experience with high-grade audio driven by small-yet-powerful 0.24" driver units that deliver rich sound with extreme clarity. Even the compressed music files will sound better on these earbuds, thanks to the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX™) technology. User comfort is taken care of with by the ergonomic design of these earbuds providing day-long wearing comfort. Enjoy strong connectivity with advanced Bluetooth chip, optimized antenna design and low latency that makes wireless streaming smooth. The ergonomic tri-hold structure and high-friction rubber surface make the earbuds comfortable and secure in your ears. To add to it, they come with 3 sizes of triple-comfort earbuds and 4 sizes of long hybrid silicon rubber earbuds for optimized fit. You can enjoy up to 6 hours of music time on these earbuds and with the charging case, you get an overall noise-free music playtime of around 24 hours. However, if you turn off noise cancelling, the earbuds will last for 8 hours and with the charging case, it will last up to 32 hours in total. For more juice, a 10-minute quick charge in the charging case gives you up to 90 minutes of playtime.

Don't miss calls with Sony WF-1000XM3 as they are designed to offer clear audio either on one of the earbuds or both, as per preference. For smarter listening, the earbuds feature innovative SENSE ENGINE™ technology to enhance your listening experience. With quick attention feature, you can place a finger over your earbud to reduce the volume and let in ambient sound for a quick chat with someone around you. To make this better, the adaptive sound control feature enables the earbuds to adjust the sound setting based on the surroundings. Additionally, the proximity sensor in each earbud adjusts the sound upon realising whether you are using one earbud or both the earbuds. For further convenience, pull out the earbuds and the music pauses on its own, put them back and the music resumes. You get a host of options to personalise your experience using the Sony Headphones Connect App. What's more, you ask? The WF-1000XM3 is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri. These earbuds have intuitive touch controls to manage the noise cancellation mode and music playback. You can even manage the touch controls using the Headphones Connect App. The Sony WF-1000XM3 sports a minimalistic and design along with a magnetic charging case. These earbuds let you enjoy 360 reality audio to experience music the way you would experience it in a studio or a live concert.

What we like

  • Best-in-class noise cancellation with amazing sound
  • Fashionable design for complete wireless freedom
  • HD Noise-Canceling Processor QN1e
  • With Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX™)
  • Low audio latency for best audio-video sync
  • Optimised ergonomic design
  • 24 hours of listening and Quick charging
  • Best hands-free calling
  • SENSE ENGINE™ technology and Quick Attention Feature
  • Adaptive Sound Control and proximity sensor
  • Customise music with Sony Headphones Connect app
  • Supports Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa
  • Intuitive touch control settings and 360 Reality Audio

Why you should buy it

The Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds are the premium true wireless earbuds that offer excellent audio quality with best-in-class noise cancellation. It has a host of excellent features including a strong battery life, stylish and ergonomic design, intuitive touch controls among others.


Well, that sums up our list of new launches of Sony headphones. We hope you liked what Sony has to offer this year. If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch with our in-house experts - Headphone Gurus. See you around in the blogging space. Buy best Sony Bluetooth Headphones online from Headphone Zone.

Happy Listening!


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Abhijeeth Shetty
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