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Our Headphone Gurus' Picks for Wireless Earphones under Rs. 3000

by Bernadette Braganza March 06, 2019 4 min read

Our Headphone Gurus' Picks for Wireless Earphones under Rs. 3000

The world is going wireless and why not! No tangles, freedom of keeping your phone away, and with phones starting to dispose of 3.5mm jacks, this might soon be the only option!

There are several options out there and it can all get confusing, especially if you're on a budget. It depends on what you're looking for in an earphone - our Headphone Gurus break it down for you!


What should you be looking for?

Most products in this segment come with a plastic build instead of a metal / aluminium one. Aluminium is generally more rugged and durable than other materials when it comes to earphones. You get two options - a neckband, or cables. While the former offers more stability, earphones with the latter are generally lighter. Some in-ears (though rare) also have an IPX rating that indicates sweat and water resistance.

Look for a battery life that suits your usage. Unlike regular wired in-ear earphones, wireless earphones use a battery to keep playing your favourite songs. So - if you listen to music for 2 hours a day, the earphone you pick up should have a rated battery life of at least 3 hours on a single charge.

In terms of sound quality, wireless earphones around the Rs. 3,000 price point have an above average sound quality - and is definitely far better than the wired earphones that came along with your phone. That being said, you'll certainly find that higher priced wireless in-ears or wired earphones at the same price point will sound better. While rare, some are engineered with Bluetooth codecs like Qualcomm aptX or AAC which greatly improves sound quality.




Our Headphone Gurus' Top Pick

1. Whizzer AM1E

The All-Rounder
Whizzer AM1E

Whizzer is a premium audio brand from China. Their IEMs are quite popular with audiophiles and the brand aims to bring great audio to everyone, even those on a tight budget.

If you're looking for something that's awesome for everyday usage, you’ll need something that blends that best of everything. This includes great sound, a sturdy build and long battery life. The Whizzer AM1E fits the bill with its smooth balanced sound and flexible silicone & plastic build. This in-ear also features the latest Bluetooth v5.0 and a whopping 15-hour battery life.

+ Pros

  • 15-hour battery life, meaning loads of tunes between charges.
  • Rich balanced sound — Hear the music as the artist intended.

- Cons

  • Treble might seem sharp at times, leading to listening fatigue.




Our other picks at this price point are:

2. JBL Endurance SPRINT

Your True Gym-Buddy
JBL Endurance SPRINT

For gymming or exercising, you will need a tougher-than-usual wireless earphone. The JBL Endurance SPRINT is one that's made to run along with you. An IPX7 rating makes it sweat & water resistant while the 8-hour battery life keeps it going for the longest workouts (and then some!).

The earbuds offer a better and more secure fit than standard in-ears in this category while the built-in magnets keeps them physically together when they're not in use - which also helps avoid tangling. This also keeps it from tangling when you keep it in your pocket or gym bag.

+ Pros

  • IPX7 rating for water resistance.
  • TwistLock feature for a more secure fit that keeps your earphones from falling behind.

- Cons

  • Bass can be overpowering drowning out the other elements (instruments) in your music.



3. Sony WI-C400

The Battery Boss
Sony WI-C400

The Sony WI-C400 is made for the music lover on the move. With its 20-hour battery life and easy NFC pairing, using this earphone is a breeze.

The long battery life is perfect, especially if you have a habit of forgetting to switch off your wireless earphones. Want something that sounds good with most genres? That's what the WI-C400 does well.

+ Pros

  • 20-hour battery life which is among the best in class.
  • Vibrates to indicate incoming calls so that you never have to miss a call.

- Cons

  • Poor call quality.



JAYS t-Four Wireless

JAYS is a Swedish brand that's known for its minimalist design, tangle-free cables, high-end Bluetooth connectivity and smooth, rich sound.

If a bass-heavy sound that keeps your feet tapping is what you crave, you definitely need to get yourself an Extra Bass wireless earphone. And, you won't get anything better than the Jays t-Four Wireless at this price-point. Along with the rich bass, you also get a 10-hour battery life.

+ Pros

  • Rich bass for the party and EDM lover.
  • 10-hour battery life that lets you enjoy your music for long.

- Cons

  • Charging slot feels flimsy.



5. Urbanista Madrid

Always On-Call
Urbanista Madrid

The Urbanista Madrid is a stylish earphone that's meant for those who frequently take calls on the go. It has excellent voice clarity and sports a 3-button remote that lets you control your music and calls seamlessly.

What's more, the fashion-conscious will love these! Founded to celebrate the urban lifestyle, this brand makes earphones that don't just sound great, but are trendy as well!

+ Pros

  • High-quality microphone for calls.
  • Fashion-forward design so that you always step out in style.

- Cons

  • 4-hour battery life.




So there you have it - our picks for the best wireless earphones under Rs 3000, suited for a variety of purposes. If you want to check out more, check them out here. Here's to an awesome pair of earphones to welcome to you the wireless revolution!

Bernadette Braganza
Bernadette Braganza

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