November 10, 2016

 Here Are The Best Bluetooth Headsets Under Rs. 10000

This is it! Here are the Best Wireless Headphones of the year 2016. We the rising popularity of Bluetooth headphones, we stumbled upon a large number of extremely well built and great sounding pairs. However, after tediously curating and striking out the not very relevant, here is presenting to you the best of Bluetooth headphones that you can get your hands on.

    This list has been compiled with the help of users as well as our in-house experts.

    In no particular order, here we go!

    1. Sony - MDR - XB650BT

    Well Designed Body. Bassy Sound 
    Sony - MDR - XB650BT

    • Sony - MDR - XB650BT
    • Sony - MDR - XB650BT

    Sony has come to be know for it headphones with Stupefying bass. And the Sony MDR-XB650BT is another headphone that has been designed specially for all the bassy heads out there. A wireless on-ear headset these feature Sony's popular Extra Bass tuning.

    Featuring Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, the XB650BT has 30mm drivers and Covers sounds across a wide frequency spectrum. It is designed for today’s bass-heavy music, picking up every possible bass note.

    It of a battery life of up to 30 hours of continuous playback. Thus, you can enjoy your music for long hours, without having to hassle about your battery draining off.

    The Sony MDR XB650BT headphones flaunts an eye-catching design with bright red metallic colour and oversized, angular shape. Sony worked hard on its design element and has tried to come with a cool and contemporary design. We love the look these feature.

    The in-built remote lets you carry out your function with just a touch of a button.

    A simple task to connect your headphones, you just need to long press the power button to pair the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Yes you are good go!

    All in all, the Sony MDR XB650BT is a lovely pair and is beautiful sonically and aesthetically.


    "The Sony MDR-XB650BT is a comfortable Bluetooth headphone pair that excels at delivering seriously intense bass."


    Amazing bass
    Stylish body
    Remote Control

    Lacks Audio Accuracy


    Our Verdict:
    If you are all about that bass, get your hands on these


    2. MEE Audio - Wave

    Highly Efficient Battery. MultiFunction Support
    MEE Audio - Wave

    • MEE Audio - Wave
    • MEE Audio - Wave

    Formerly MEElectronics, MEE Audio aims to deliver Music Enjoyment for Everyone. MEElectronics built its reputation for delivering quality audio at an affordable price. With MEE Audio and the Wave, they've definitely aimed at retaining that status.

    The MEE Audio Wave is surprisingly suitable for sport activities. The on-ear cushions have small holes cut into them to let your ears breathe when worn, stay warm, but dry, and not accumulate sweat or moisture. The headband is also well cushioned to provide comfort and stability, so you can use them while working out and it'll do the job fairly well.

    You can also get yourself the Air-Fi Connect Transmitter in case you'd like to use these headphones with the TV.

    The Wave is a visually appealing pair of headphones. The plastic build however, is a bit of a let down. It's true that with the features that it packs in at this price point, one can't expect much, but the plastic construction does make it feel rather breakable.

    Despite having an on-ear design, the Wave is quite comfortable and can easily be worn for long hours. However, where the design loses out on is noise isolation. Just like most on-ear headphones out there, you can't expect much. Sound leakage also may be an issue.

    The main feature that sets the Wave apart is of course, the Bluetooth connectivity. Pairing the Wave with all your Bluetooth devices is very easy. The range is standard, about 7-10 meters of clear audio. The Multipoint Technology is also a nifty trick that lets you pair it with 2 devices at the same time, which is impressive at this price.

    The Wave delivers on its promise of an outstanding 24 hours of battery life. Infact, it may even last for longer. Also, it requires only approximately an hour and a half to fully charge. The inbuilt mic also does its job well.

    On the whole, sound is inclined towards the bass end of the spectrum. However, despite being heavy on the lows, they aren't overwhelming. Just punchy and exciting. The mids are recessed, but the highs are clear and bright without being harsh.

    Soundstage and instrument separation aren't worth getting into. For a wireless headphone, they're good. Otherwise, not so much.

    Being a wireless headphone, sound quality is definitely weaker than the others in this list. However, the plethora of functions it offers definitely make this the most value for money option in this budget. "



    "MEE audio Wave is a nice multipoint supported Bluetooth headphones with clear sound and heavy controlled bass."


    Multipoint Function
    Remote and Microphone

    Plastic Build


    Our Verdict:
    Super sound quality, and beautiful design. Makes for a good pair.


    3. Jabra - Move

    Well Engineered Sounding Headphones
    Jabra -Move

    • Jabra - Move

    In the world of wireless headsets, Jabra is the Scandinavian brand that is probably one of the pioneers in affordable Bluetooth headphones that are a fantastic combination of attractive form and functionality. And the Move is testament to that.

    Available in a wide variety of colours, the Move is simple and very classy to look at. The on-ear design is comfortable, and the design accents are minimalist, with a Jabra logo above the earcups and some small writing that says that the sound design is by Jabra, from Copenhagen. It's a design move that is quite innovative the earcups are basically blank with a matte finish except for tiny writing, so it tends to look like a decorative border from a fair distance. One thing is for sure, wear it and you won't look out of place, geeky, or like a kid. They're gorgeous.

    The earpads and underside of the headband are cushioned enough to stay comfortable over long listening sessions. Controls on the left earcup include a Play/Pause/Answer Call/End Call button along with two additional buttons that adjust volume or navigate tracks depending on how long you hold them down. It also comes equipped with MultiPoint technology, so that you can connect two devices at the same time! The battery life of the Move Wireless is at roughly 8 hours.

    Noise isolation, unfortunately is a little mediocre and noise leakage may be an issue when music is played at loud volume.

    Moving on to the sound, the Move is punchy on the bass. It delivers some serious thunder and doesn't distort even at very high, unsafe listening levels. At moderate volumes, the deep bass still commands the mix, but leaves enough high-mid and high frequency presence to keep things balanced. Bloated, overwhelming bass isn't an issue here.

    The mids, although clean could use a little more definition and detail. The same issue isn't present with the highs. They shine with vocals and higher register strings and brass getting plenty of sculpted high-mid and high frequency presence to remain the focus in classical music.

    All in all these are excellent fun sounding headphones. However, purists may find this sound a bit bass-heavy.


    "The Move Wireless are an excellent budget option for couch potatoes and fitness buffs alike."


    Excellent Sound Signature
    Value For Money
    Lack Of Noise Isolation


    Our Verdict:
    A perfect buy if you are constrained by budget.



    4. AKG - Y45BT

    Great Pair. Best Design
    AKG - Y45BT

    • AKG - Y45BT

    The Austrian brand is well known for its extreme attention to detail and highly stylish audio headphones. This time around the brand brings to us the AKG Y45BT.

    The AKG Y45BT comes in a very stylish executive design, where cool and elegance come together. There is absolutely no flashiness in show here; the headphones very easily make its way through on the style front. The model comes in two basic solid colours: black and white, these look fantastic.

    The biggest boon that comes with this model is its cable. You can go wired as and when you wish. Thus, save up on your battery, by using the passive mode at other times.

    The earcups feature a remote control and remote that lets you to carry out all your essential functions. However, you will not be able to use these functions when the headset is connected to the cable. The left earcup also houses a micro USB connection for the included charging cable.

    When it comes to the sound, Y45BT delivers a laudable amount of deep low-end. It doesn't distort even at high ends. The headphones maintain a strong sense of low frequency response. We love how the audio sounds with crisp at high-mid presence and even lower volumes.

    A drawback, the Bluetooth transmission is not very clear. You will find that audio may sound hissy at lower volumes. However, the cable does help in such a situation.

    Over, the AKG Y45BT is aesthetic looking pair that delivers fantastic audio.




    They’re portable, comfortable and well made, and they sound good too. These are well worth investigating."


     Stylish build
    Microphone and remote
    Fantastic Audio Quality
    Low Quality Bluetooth Transmition


    Our Verdict:
    An elegant headphone that produces great sounding audio.



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    5. Skullcandy - Uproar Wireless

    Good Build Quality. Crisp Audio  
    Skullcandy - Uproar Wireless

    • Skullcandy - Uproar Wireless

    Skullcandy is known to bring to us headphones that are funky, stylish and apologetically Skullcandy

    The Skullcandy Uproar Wireless are a simple pair of on-ear Bluetooth headphones that is well known for its bass response.

    Available in different basic colours, the over-ears have a simple matte plastic look that is stylish but does not look very luxurious.If you are looking for great designed headphones that are worth flaunting, you may not be too impressed.

    Although built sporting plastic body, the Uproar is durable and sturdy and will be able to take fair amount of abuse.

    The earpads are perforated and are well cushioned, letting you experience a comfortable fit. The headband however, may make you feel some ache after very long wearing hours. The pair is lightweight and compensates for the not very well fitting headband.

    When it comes to the sound, the Uproar sounds very bassy without doing justice to the other details. The highs and mids are not very impressive. The audio however, is transmitted distortion free.

    The Skullcandy Uproar are average sounding headphones and will definitely appeal to you if you are looking for great bass heavy audio


    "The Skullcandy Uproar Wireless Bluetooth headphones deliver some serious bass response for a very reasonable price."


    Excellent Bass
    Simple Design

    Plastic Build


    Our Verdict:
    A powerful, secure fitting bassy pair of headphones



    6. JBL - Synchros E40BT

    Reliable Battery. Affordable Quality Sound
    JBL - Synchros E40BT

    • JBL - Synchros E40BT
    • JBL - Synchros E40BT

    JBl, the brand for the young, has efficiently delivered great products that are high on the style factor and easy on the pocket , without skimping on the sound quality. The JBL E40BT is yet another popular addition to JBL's wide array. 

    The E40BT has relatively basic design, with no flash in show. The silver plate on the ear cups just adds enough oomph, adding a nice visual touch. The JBL is logo is prominent on the piece, and it is sure to successfully brand itself everywhere you go.  We like the cross textured rig on the earcups. The E40BT is available in a spectrum, letting you choose from black, blue, red and white.

    Well built, these headphones feel rigid and solid. The earcups fold, letting overall flattening of the pair. It is thus, is portable and travels easily.

    When it comes to the comfort, the E40BT is not the most comfortable headphone in this list. Although flexible, the headphones are fixed on your ears. You may find yourself adjusting the earcups every short while. That said, the well-padded earcups are covered in leatherette material, ensuring that your on-ears perfectly hug your ears.

    Noise Isolation is decent, and not rave worthy.

    A nice feature, the E40BT houses its button on the right earcup of the JBL silver saucer, serving as an easy control panel. The functions let you conveniently adjust your volume levels, skip tracks and answer calls alike. Another interesting niche feature, the E40BT comes with a unique ShareMe technology that allows you to simultaneously share your music with another share-me equipped pair of headphones.

    JBL promises that the E40BT delivers 16 hours of impressive music. The Headphones are engineered to preserve battery, and thus, they automatically turn off after a while of being unused. 

    On the audio, the JBL E40BT makes a fair good impression. The sound is crisp, clear and even punchy to say. The solid-mid range is impressive. What the E40BT lacks, however, is a bass output. We wish the thump was a little better. A surprising note, the E40BT can deliver sound that is plenty of loud, it can really blast your music. It may however, cause some sound leakage at loud volumes.

    The JBL E40BT is a worthy buy, without sacrificing on necessary features and delivering more than expected.



    NDtv Gadgets 360

    "There are better-wired headphones in the same price range but you won't have the convenience that you get with the Synchros E40BT."


    Crisp Audio Quality
    Convenient Control Panel

    Lacks Bass


    Our Verdict:
    Super choice that does not burn down your pocket.



    These were the best 5 wireless headphones that come under Rs 10,000. Although there are other headphones that come in this budget, these are the ones that we found are most Value-for-money. Hope this will help you choose the headphone that is most suitable for yourself. 

    What are your favourite headphones in this range? Do let us know in the comments below!

    If you'd like to learn more, #AskHeadphoneZone!


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