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by Bernadette Braganza February 17, 2018


No matter whether you are a sports freak or a just running to keep fit, listening to music while exercising is a given. Since wired earphones tend to come in the way thanks to their tangle-prone cables, wireless is certainly the way to go.

What you should expect in this category and range:

Build: While a good number of earphones are made of hard plastic, you will also find some made of lightweight metals like aluminium.

Connectivity: Bluetooth is the major connectivity option though a rare few also support NFC.

Water/Sweat-proof: While most earphones are sweat-proof, you may get lucky to find one which you can use under a running tap. However, for something that can be submerged underwater? Time to look at a higher range.

Mic & Remote: Most earphones come with a mic and remote. With these, you can even speak while on-the-go.


Here is a list prepared with the help of our in-house experts to keep you in step with your music. In no particular order, here we go...

1. Lively And Powerful: JAYS a-Six Wireless

Best Wireless Sports Earphones Under 10,000 JAYS a-Six

The a-Six Wireless are super-tiny but pack in a powerful and lively sound. The rich sub-bass with pristine highs and crystal-clear mids are enough encouragement to pump your way through even the most rigorous workouts. The uber-wide soundstage lets you immerse yourself in your music.

The durable aluminium housings fit in your ears perfectly and comfortably. The 12-hour battery life, 3-button remote and mic as well as voice prompts let you go truly hands-free. (Do note that these earphones are not IPX-rated and are hence, not sweat & water-proof.)

Ok, Show Me

2. Where Style Meets Sports: EOZ - One

Best Wireless Sports Earphones Under 10,000 EOZ - One

The EOZ One is known as the most stylish Bluetooth earphones ever. It is built with premium materials like aluminium and ethically sourced Vegan leather. It has been designed to fit the natural curves of the human ear for a perfect fit. The IPX4 rating makes it sweat and dust proof so that nothing comes between you and your workout.

Coming to the sound, experience a rich deep bass, crisp mids and detailed highs with the EOZ One’s 9mm electro-dynamic drivers. aptX technology ensures high-resolution lossless music while streaming music over Bluetooth. Enjoy all this with the 9-hour battery life (with continuous use). The EOZ One also comes with a beautiful carrying case that certainly complements the earphone’s style.

Sounds Good!

3. Intelligent Audio Coach: Jabra - Sports Coach Wireless Special Edition

Best Wireless Sports Earphones Under 10,000 Jabra - Sports Coach Wireless

The Jabra Sports Coach Wireless Special Edition is one of the smartest Bluetooth earphones. It has Track Fit motion sensors that measure steps, pace, distance, cadence and calories burned. This is sure to help you if you are an exercise freak looking for results of your workout.

The Jabra Sports Coach Wireless Special Edition is built to withstand all kinds of intense exercises. They are cased in Kevlar (the material in bullet-proof jackets) and carbon fibre. With these earphones, you can enjoy a raspy bass, ringing mids and clear highs for a period of 5 continuous hours (on a full charge).

I'll Check it Out

4. On-The-Go Buddy: Plantronics - Backbeat Go 3

Best Wireless Sports Earphones Under 10,000 Plantronics - Backbeat Go 3

Plantronics has been known to create cutting-edge wireless headsets since the Space Age. The Backbeat Go 3 is a pair of wireless earphones that can be used anytime, anywhere. Tangle-free cables and fit stabilizers ensure that the earphones fit perfectly and comfortably. The P2i nano-coating make sure that evens rain do not stop you from your daily exercise.

These earphones can connect up to 8 devices at one time. The Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 has a battery life of 6.5 hours. The portable charging case gives you an additional 13 hours battery life so that you do not have to search for a power outlet. Even when you are not working out, the Plantronics still make a perfect companion as it lets you take clear voice calls with echo and noise cancellation technology.

Take Me There

5. Listen for Long: Beats by Dr. Dre - BeatsX

Best Wireless Sports Earphones Under 10,000 Beats by Dr. Dre - BeatsX

The BeatsX contains the goodness of the Apple W1 chip, signature Beats sound and lots of comfort. The W1 chip lets you switch between iPhones with ease. You can also take calls on the Siri-compatible remote talk.

In terms of speed charging, the BeatsX is the quickest. A mere 5 minutes of charging time gives you 2 hours of battery life. Its battery lasts for 8 hours of continuous use. By far, the BeatsX is extremely comfortable with its flex-form cable, magnetic earbuds and numerous eartips.

Cool, Let's Go

6. The In-Ears You Can’t Feel: JBL - Reflect Mini BT

Best Wireless Sports Earphones Under 10,000 JBL - Reflect Mini BT

The Reflect Mini BT is an extremely lightweight earphone. These are designed to be so comfortable, you won’t even feel it. The earphones come with adjustable reflective cables that rest gently on the neck. This makes running in the night a lot more safer as the cables are clearly visible in the dark.

The earphone sports JBL’s signature sound with crystal-clear trebles and mids and a rich deep bass. The IPX4 rating lets the Reflect Mini BT endure splashes and spills. Last but not the least, the earphones let you control your music as well as take calls on-the-go with its one-button remote and mic.

Let Me See

There we go. These are the best wireless earphones under 10K we would recommend for sports. So what are you waiting for? Get Set Go!

Done with your research?

Bernadette Braganza
Bernadette Braganza

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