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by Tanaya Mistry May 22, 2018

Confused between which earphones are the best? Within a similar price range, Germany’s Beyerdynamic is a tough competition to China’s SoundMAGIC E10C. SoundMAGIC is known mostly for their price-conscious earphones while Beyerdynamic is famous for their high-end audio.

Beyerdynamic Byron

Headphone-Zone-Beyerdynamic Byron
German Engineering Marvel


V-Shaped Magic


Design: Beyerdynamic Byron vs. SoundMAGIC E10C

Headphone-Zone-Beyerdynamic Byron

If you are to compare the designs of the two, the Byron looks elegant in a classic black and metal body. Though made of aluminium, the housings are extremely lightweight. The cable has a Y-split with a regular 3.5mm angled jack. The left ear cord has a 3-button inline pod with a microphone. It works excellent on Android devices. The finishing could have been a bit better, but the silver accents look fairly decent. The cables are also considerably tangle-free.

Unlike the E10C which is compatible with all devices, the Byron’s remote works only with Android devices and not iOS ones. It has an impressive sound with a high level of comfort and straightforward controls.


Now onto the SoundMAGIC E10C, it is an upgrade over the acclaimed E10S earphones. It looks stylish and you can choose from various colors like red, blue, gold and silver. These in-ears are equipped with a 3-button remote and can be transformed into a multimedia computer headset by the supplied VoIP adapter. The twisted cable inside the cord is to guarantee strength and a tangle-free listening experience.

E10C incorporates a microchip in the remote to switch easily from Android to Apple devices. People owning multiple smartphones can swap between devices to control music, change the volume and conveniently pick or end the calls. It connects to your phone without any compromise.


Comfort: Beyerdynamic Byron vs. SoundMAGIC E10C

Headphone-Zone-Beyerdynamic Byron

Beyerdynamic offers 3 silicon eartips that ensure a comfortable fit even for longer hours. They also provide a secure fit and perfect sound. Considering the price range, these earphones offer great noise isolation.

The Byron has been created to fit the contours of your ears. Wearing them feels extremely snug and the earbuds do not fall off even after walking around for sometime.


Seven pairs of silicon eartips with varying sizes are provided by the E10C along with a double flanged pair for a better usability to make them stay comfortably in the ears. While the noise isolation offered may not be that efficient in cancelling the surrounding sound, it can be improved by using noise isolating Comply eartips.

The E10C has really tiny housings. Even so, unless you choose the perfect eartip size, they are bound to fall off when moving about. (Somehow, I also suspect that this is responsible for the not-so-great isolation).

The E10C offers a 1-year warranty whereas the Byron offers a 2-year warranty.


Sound: Beyerdynamic Byron vs. SoundMAGIC E10C

Headphone-Zone-Beyerdynamic Byron

Let’s start with the Byron. It puts forth powerful music through a well-balanced sound. While listening to it, you can almost feel a certain kind of smoothness to the music.

The 9mm drivers give you a rich, warm bass. The midrange is consistent though the vocals are not as clear as I would like. The treble is precise and quite clean for the price. They sound really loud even without an amplifier. It appeals more to people who love the warmth and power of their bass, but with clarity.


The E10C delivers a heavy bottom-end provided by SoundMAGIC’s engineers. A deep rolling bass is balanced with perfect musical detail. It has a V-shaped sound signature. The soundstage is quite wide for an in-ear and gives you a live music experience.

The treble has just the right amount of sparkle and when played with a weighty bass response, gives you a full, rich sound. The mids and vocals feel a little recessed. To my surprise, the audio sounded crisp and clear, especially for an in-ear in this range.



Beyerdynamic Byron
  • Aluminium Housing
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Controlled Bass
  • 3 pairs of Eartips and a Carry Case.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Metal Housing
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • Deep Rolling Bass
  • 7 pairs of Silicon Eartips.
  • 1-year warranty



Our Verdict:

It may be a tough choice, but if you have an Android device and are looking for an in-ear with a balanced sound, the Byron should be your pick. If you want something that is compatible with both—Android and iOS as well as has a warm, clear and bassy sound, then the E10C works great for you.


Done with your research?

Tanaya Mistry
Tanaya Mistry

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