March 27, 2017

AKG and Sennheiser are the top audio brands and have carved a great reputation for themselves in the world of audio. Extremely popular among music enthusiasts and audiophiles, both these brands continue to present the best to their loyal fans. 

Today, we have the two very popular over-ear headphones from these two brands. The K72 from AKG and the HD 451 from Sennheiser. While the K72  delivers a more balanced audio, the HD 451 presents you with boosted bass.

This is not going to be a very tough choice as both these Over-ears cater to a varied set of audience. Read on for a detailed comparison between the two.

"The AKG K72 is a great headphone to be used indoors and studios. At this price point, it invariably gives you more than you can ask for. 

The Sennheiser HD 451 delivers good frequency response and effectively isolates external noise. Perfect for listening to entertaining and fun music genres."

-Raghav Somani


Sennheiser - HD 451

Headphone Zone Sennheiser HD 451


DESIGN: AKG - K72 VS Sennheiser HD 451

Headphone-Zone-Sennheiser-HD 451

AKG, the audio brand has always presented to us great sounding studio headphones, minus all that fancy design. The AKG 72 does not stray too far away from the brands usual range of functional headphones. This pair of over-ears gives you the ladder to high-end sound, with ripping your pocket apart.

The AKG K72 sports a classic studio headphones design. One glance at these, and it quickly strikes, these are clearly not meant to be worn on the streets. The large circum-aural headphones are gigantic, and you should back off if sleek is what you prefer. 

Engineered entirely from plastic, we do not think that this pair looks cheap or flashy.Unlike most headphones, these over-ears feature an unconventional headband. We love the fact that AKG has substituted the commonly padded headband with soft fabric that gently sits above your head.  The actual frame of metal above, hold the headphones together, lending enough sturdiness. 

AKG has not gone overboard with branding. All you see is the brand's logo imprinted on the back of each earcup. Neat design details such as the texture on the earcups and little flourishes make these over-ears look worth much more than their price. 

If you are looking for mic and remote, the AKG 72 does not feature either. However, considering that these over-ears are studio monitors headphones, we did not wish for it too.

The Sennheiser HD 451 is designed to have a very minimalistic look. While some may love this simplistic look, people who love all things fancy are most likely to abhor these over-ears. Although built entirely from plastic, the material seems extremely sturdy and durable.

Matte finished, the headphones are available in just one colour option that is black. The only attraction to the aesthetic is the ripple design on the earcup. The coloured band around each earcup too add a nice quirky touch.

The headphones are exceptionally lightweight, and we do like the fresh new design that these bring with them. Sennheiser has ensured that the headphones are suitable for people with different head sizes, and thus, the HD 451 features a slider which retracts into the band. The flexible body also allows for easy swivel and tilting of the earcups. 

Just like the AKG K72, the Sennheiser HD 451 too does not come with an in-line mic and remote. If you are looking for one, there are plenty of options with this feature in the same price range. 

USABILITY: AKG - K72 VS Sennheiser HD 451


When it comes to comfort and usability, the AKG 72 offers the best comfort among headphones in this price category. The large earcups house large earpads that engulf your ears. The synthetic leather used to wrap the earpads is of high quality too, thus, the comfort found with these in-ears is something you will love the most.

Although closed-back, noise isolation is decent and nothing to write home about.

The headband also aids in making these in-ears extremely comfortable. The fabric headband gently cradles your crown, making long listening hours a real pleasure.

The cable is 3 meters long and thicker than most usual cables that we have come across. Although it does make the cord strong and durable, it does restrain easy portability. A big issue, the cable is not detachable, something that is particularly common among monitoring headphones.  


The Sennheiser HD 451 comes with a1.2 meter single cable. This makes it tangle free. Moreover, the one-sided cable lets you experience your music without the nuisance of having to sort the cable every time. The left-side cable is rubberized and terminates in an L-shaped, gold-plated, 3.5mm jack.

For enhanced comfort, the ear cups are heavily padded and covered in soft velour. The cushioned ear pads provide comfort even during long hours of continuous music listening. 

The heavily cushioned ear pads also ensure that outside noise doesn’t pass through. It effectively attenuates outside noise, letting you enjoy pure sonic bliss. 

When it comes to warranty, the AKG K72 and the Sennheiser HD 451 both come with an astounding 2-year warranty.

SOUND: AKG - K72 VS Sennheiser HD 451


When it comes to the sound, the AKG K72 is a detailed and accurate sounding pair of headphones. With the K 72, AKG has managed to deliver the basic monitoring tones that are present in higher level studio professional headphones.

The over-ears brilliantly handle different frequencies, while not sounding flabby or poorly controlled. Aiming to deliver a neutral presentation, the bass goes forward with rhythmic bass and is not over-punchy or too loud.

When it comes to the mid-range however, we did feel that it sounded under-saturated and constrained by other tones. The vocals do appear less apparent with a particular genre. The soundstage is spectacular, wide and breezy, you do feel like your music is coming from every direction.

Made for basic studio monitoring, you will undoubtedly be hard-pressed to find such good sounding headphones in this price range. 


The Sennheiser HD 451 delivers a good quality audio experience to all its users.It delivers bass frequencies with much thump. You will be able to enjoy every beat, whether it comes from a guitar or a drum.

The most important feature of these over-ears is that, even through all powerful bass, the mid and the high range is clear and distinct. Every little tone comes out smooth. The vocal brilliantly stand out even through the strong and crisp frequencies.

Sound leakage does not occur even at the highest volumes, nor does the audio distort. 

A small complaint and this is sure to bother true audio purist. The sound does rattle when playing bass heavy tones. All being said, the HD 451 is great when paired with genres like Jazz, Hip-hop and Bollywood. 



  • Studio Monitoring Balanced Audio
  • Sturdy And Durable Body
  • No Mic & Remote
  • 3 mm Long Cable
  • 2 Year Warranty
Sennheiser HD 451

  • Heavy Bass with Detail 
  • Lightweight Plastic Build
  • No Mic and Remote
  • One-sided Cable
  • 2 Year Warranty


The AKG K72 is the best buy if you want to get your hands on serious studio monitors, without robbing the bank. Delivering crisp and clear balanced audio, these Over-ears are the best you will get at this price budget. 

The Sennheiser HD 451 headphone is the exemplary choice if you are looking to experience variable bass heavy music that is also warm and pleasant to listen to.  

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