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Apple Airpods vs Jabra Elite Sport

by Rishikesh Kisla July 20, 2017

Apple Airpods vs Jabra Elite Sport

‘I want it to be smaller’, is something no one ever says. But that's not the case when it comes to earphones. *cheeky grin*

As the world is shrinking through micro and nano, small earphones with excellent sound is what is expected from in-ears. And small earphones which have ditched the wires? Even better!

Truly wireless earphones are the trend in today’s technological din. They literally are truly wireless, devoid of any cables and bands, and the two earbuds go directly into the ear. Let’s compare two such earphones, the trendsetting Apple AirPods and the new Jabra Elite Sport.


"If you're crazy about fitness and music and the word 'compromise' doesn't exist in your dictionary, you can't go wrong with the Jabra Elite Sport.

But, if your love for Apple sees, or rather, hears no reason, and you're willing to wait for them to be launched in India, then go back to the long queue."
Raghav Somani 

Apple AirPods

Minimalistic design with rich sound 
Jabra Elite Sport

Chic and Cool looks with waterproof design and Bassy Audio



Apple Airpods vs Jabra Elite Sport


The most popular earbud design in-ear is now wireless, not just wireless, truly wireless. With the evolution of apple iPhones getting bigger, the earbuds just became more rounded and white. Traditionally designed as earbuds, they aren't meant for noise isolation. Some feel sophisticated, some feel nerdy donning the tiny AirPods. Having no cables, it actually looks like two white rods sticking out of the ear.

Simple, Minimalistic and White has always been the design language of Apple, and not many have been able to resist them. The AirPods case is also minimalistic and curved to the edges. Seeing them, just hope that Apple doesn’t get into the furnishing market.

Jabra Elite Sport. Well, the name says it all, for the elite during sports. It’s price may indicate so too, but that just isn’t the case. Talking about its looks and cools, it really looks chic with the full black or gray and green design. Featuring a aural housing and an actual in-ear design to deliver an isolated experience for your music, it has buttons and gesture controls on the buds. They also have a mini fin that will help fitting in the earphone..


Apple Airpods vs Jabra Elite Sport


With great design comes the responsibility of delivering great comfort. Apple somewhere tries to fulfill this quote. The ease of connecting the AirPods with your iPhone is just with a single click. Take your buds out of the case and they automatically start, put’em back they start charging. Another cool feature is it pauses playback if you take it out of the ear. Siri is at your beck and call to whenever you need to change a track or start a function.  

When it comes to physical comfort, the AirPods don’t prove their point as they are for casual listening and may fall out of the ear even if you move fast or shake a little. So definitely not for workouts.


Jabra gives a blow to the AirPods when it comes to physical comfort. They fit in easily with their in-ear design and fit to the spot with a fin type support. Meant for sport, they don’t fall off when running or playing. You also get the option of using Comply foam tips for better comfort. 

Connectivity doesn’t seem difficult as well. Just turn on the earbuds by taking them out of the case and pair it to any phone, be it Apple or Android. The most beneficial feature of the Elite Sport is that it acts like a fitness meter too. You can monitor workout sessions or play tracks in background using the Jabra Sport Life app.  



Apple Airpods vs Jabra Elite Sport


Something that matters most, ain’t it? Earphones give you the freedom to tune into music anytime and anywhere. Such truly wireless in-ears are a cherry on the cake. But, how great do they sound?

The AirPods aren’t the best when it comes to audio quality. If you have ever purchased a pair of headphones above 50 dollars, they many times sound better. However, Apple does maintain the audio standard you expect from it. It isn’t like the in-box cheap earphones you get with your phone.

Elite over AirPods, is something you can experience if you compare them. Not much of a difference in the sound signature, balanced and normal to a layman’s ears, though the Jabra possesses a slightly more bass than the Apple. That does make sense as it’s meant for sport. In addition to the isolation it gives your music, Elite Sport features a noise blocking technology, that with a tap on the earphone will make you aware of your surroundings or give complete isolation. .


Calling is another function that makes truly wireless true to its name. AirPods feature two miniature microphones that help in taking in speech that is necessary and suppresses the other noises..

Something better is the Jabra featuring four MEMs microphones that block unwanted noise using both the earphones. More is better in this case. Switching to mono when using a single earbud is a feature in the Jabra, something that the AirPods lack.


Apple Airpods vs Jabra Elite Sport


For a wireless device so small, there can’t be much battery life. The AirPods and Elite Sport defy this myth. Apple AirPods offer nearly 4 hours of music playback on one charge. For more than this, plug it into the charging case. This in total gives you nearly 20 hours of battery life per wall charge. Cool, isn’t it?

Similar with the Jabra Elite, upto 4.5 hours of music per charge and additional two charges using the earphone case which give you 9 hours more. A total of 13 hours gives you a day long truly wireless music experience. Even better, Jabra Elite boasts of quick charge that allows you to charge your earbuds in an hour for three hours playback time.

Both these truly wireless in-ears come neck to neck in battery life.


Apple AirPods

  • Minimalistic Sophisticated Design
  • Connects and Disconnects automatically.
  • 24 hours battery backup using AirPods case.
  • Connects seamlessly to all Apple devices.
  • Quick access to Siri
  • Audio performance is standard
  • May fall off due to rigorous movement
Jabra Elite Sport

  • Chic and Cool Design
  • Fast connectivity with all devices using Bluetooth 4.1
  • Waterproof (IP67 rated) and sweat proof.
  • Can be used as Mono or Stereo
  • Bass enriched yet Balanced Audio
  • 4 microphones provide better suppression of noise
  • Volume and track change controls
  • Jabra Sport Life app compatible
  • Realtime movement tracking and Audio Guide
  • Fits perfect using fins and Comply


The Apple AirPods give you the pleasure of owning an Apple and deliver the standard Audio expected from them. If you're really frenzy about Apple, need quick conncectivity with all Apple devices, go for the AirPods 

If Sport is your forte or being active is something you like, the Jabra Elite Sport are the perfect truly wireless audio companions. Connectivity throughout devices, Bassy audio, perfect fit and water resistance is what appeals to you, the Jabra Elite Sport are your perfect match.

If you'd like to learn more, #AskHeadphoneZone!




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Rishikesh Kisla
Rishikesh Kisla

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