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We're so accustomed to everyday mp3 files in our phones that our thirst for quality has disabled. Then come in these excellent DAPs at moderate prices that make your music sound better than you've heard before. 

Let us compare the two competing Digital Audio Players in this segment, the Aune M1s versus the FiiO X5.


"The Aune M1s is a simple and powerful package that gives you premium DACs into a mid-segment audio player. It is a great option to go for in Hi-Res players.

FiiO X5 is a great option with it's smart touch screen and dual DAC feature. Both these DAPs pack premium high quality audio in a smart package."
Raghav Somani 

Aune M1s

Chic design with High quality audio
FiiO X5 (3rd gen)

Metal build with Hi-res audio


DESIGN:  Aune M1s vs FiiO X5



As sleek as it looks, the Aune M1s packs more than how it appears. Designed with 3d framing on metal, this audio playerhas style with a class. It comes in a dark metal shade. 

The M1s features a power button and volume rocker on the right side of the frame. The centre sports a screen that displays all the information and your music library. Right beloww the screen is the scroll touch control with two control buttons. A 3.5mm audio jack, a 2.5mm balanced audio port and a micro-USB connection point stand down the side.


A hefty yet classy looking touchscreen, at first makes you wonder if it's a phone. The FiiO X5 3rd generation model has a 4 inch capacitive touch screen for all your controls. It's body is made of aluminium which makes it sturdy and durable. Sporting a power button on the right and a volume knob, play/pause button and track change controls on the left frame, the X5 looks huge yet classy. The X5 comes in three colours- black, red and titanium.






Sleek and small, the Aune M1s fits in your hand comfortably. It's a Hi-Fi portable music player but it's interface seems simpler than others. A touch scroll and two buttons to navigate throughout make it a simple job  to browse through your music files or tweak a little in the settings. Adjusting volume and changing tracks is also convenient. 

When it comes to connectivity, this DAP is simple and easy to connect. It comes with a 3.5mm jack for the regular earphones and a balanced 2.5mm jack for hi-res supported headphones. A micro-USB port makes it easy to connect to a pc or mobile and transfer files. The micro-SD card slot supports upto 128GB of external storage.


The FiiO X5 3rd gen has certainly evolved over it's previous model. The new X5 has a full metal body that feels premium in hand. With a full color interface based on android that let's your scroll easily through your files. The touch screen is more reliable and provides a smooth experience. Browse through your files via artist or name or file type with the correct sorting. To make it look prettier, you get an option to select from six colour themes. 

Connecting headphones and earphones is easy using the 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth. More over, FiiO has adopted bluetooth with AptX codec which gives a nearly lossless audio transmission. The FiiO  is smart enough to be your music buddy for long drives, it connects and disconnects automatically when used in the vehicle mode. You can also connect it to the internet using Wi-Fi and access music files. With 1GB of RAM and 32GB storage expandable upto 512GB via micro-SD cards, the X5 makes it high in this department.


HOW IT SOUNDS: Aune M1s vs FiiO X5


Let's come to the topic that matters most - Sound Quality. 

The Aune M1s delivers highest quality audio with native DSD support and high quality audio support for formats like WAV, FLAC, OGG and more. It sports a Cortex M7 chip inside to provide the perfect experience. The highest point to boast about is two DACs and two Amps inside which can power upto 600 ohms. In addition, there is a jitter free technology that gives the best sound without distortion. It gives you the feature to tune into three different sound signatures, balanced, natural and musical. It is designed with a lot of engineering to provide quality sound.


The FiiO X5 makes a mark with it's audio performance. Featuring two AK4490 DAC and a quad core processor, the X5 is way above it's competition. It processes your music in superior quality and supports all high quality lossless formats. With a 2.5mm jack for balanced audio output, get the perfect sound in your high-res headphones. Transmit wirlessly over Bluetooth with AptX support. 

Make your music sound better with these Digital Audio Players.


Aune M1s

  • Sleek Metal design
  • High quality dual DACs
  • 3.5mm jack
  • 10 hours battery for playback
  • Hi-Res audio certified
  • Comfortable quality and usability
  • Various external storage options
  • Volume and track change controls
FiiO X5

  • Classy metal design with 3d buttons
  • Volume control wheel
  • Dual AK4490 DACs
  • 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX
  • 8 hours playback battery
  • Hi-Res audio certified
  • Durable and comfortable
  • High compatibility and In-vehicle mode



Both these DAPs pack a better than good performance when it comes to high quality sound and usability. They both posses some functions over the other. Hi-Res certified, long battery life, easy connectivity and all that they boast of are points to consider.

If you want a High quality audio player at a mediocre budget, these two are the best to go for. If it comes to making a choice over the other, design and functions will be something to differentiate over. 

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