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Comparison: Beats by Dr. Dre EP Vs Grado SR60e

by Sheena Ribeiro March 27, 2017 6 min read

Comparison: Beats by Dr. Dre EP Vs Grado SR60e

Beats by Dr Dre has been the most popular audio brand in these years, especially among youngsters. While, Grado, the Brooklyn-based audio company is widely revered among audiophiles for their 'aim to perfection'. 

Today, we have the Beats by Dr. Dre EP and the Grado SR60e. Both these headphones are distinctly different from each other, in terms of characteristics as well as sound. The EP and SR60e are both aimed at two different set of audience, and making a pick between the two is a fairly simple choice. Read through for a detailed comparison between the two headphones.


"The Beats by Dr. DRE EP are an extremely stylish pair of headphones and come as a first venture of Apple and Beats together. If you own an iPhone, and want to add an extra style statement with Remote and Mic, then you should go with the Beats by Dr. Dre-EP.

The SR60e from Grado are handcrafted to perfection and drift away from the conventional headphone in the market, as always. These Open-backs are designed to deliver the best sonic signature, but to be used indoors."

-Raghav Somani

Beats By Dr. Dre - EP

Headphone Zone-Ultrasone-HFI-450

Grado - SR60e



DESIGN: Beats By Dr. Dre EP vs Grado SR60e



Beats,as a brands has always swept us away by creating extremely stylish and fun sounding headphones. Taking forward the tradition, the brand presents the Beats By Dr. Dre EP, but at a surprising price-point of under 8000.The headphones come as the first pair of headphones that are the result of an amalgamation between Apple and Beats. The Beats EP is a delight for all the beats fans out there.

The cool looking Beats EP is sure to impress everyone, but youth especially, with its bright and fresh design. The headband is plastic, that being said, it is a much stronger, hardier-feeling plastic than the material used on most other Beats models. For added sturdiness, the stainless steel metal holds the earcup and the headband on either sides. The earcups have a slide adjustment feature so that the headband sits perfectly on you head. 

Branding isn't loud or in-the-face. The typical 'b' for beats is placed on the back of each earcup, whereas the headband features the brand name which does not go overboard and rather looks good. 

If you are one who loves colour, you in for a treat with these on ears. The Beats EP comes in a slew of colours to pick from, you can choose from the bright Red and Blue or the much sober White and Black. The cord comes in the same color as the that of the body and thus, the logo and the metal adds a nice contrasts to the whole look. 

Grado has always been on another route, as opposed to other brands such as Beats by Dr. Dre. Not being shaken by the more prevalent audio brands, Grado, the Brooklyn based family run audio company continues along the path it knows best. 

The Grado SR60e sports a design that is distinctive from the Beats by Dr. Dre EP in many ways than one. While, the EP can be pictured as being worn by a youth strolling down the street, the Grado SR60e is more of a premium looking heirloom. Not very huge, the On-ears are appropriately sized. The mesmerizing build, all that bars you from touching the drivers is the grill mesh on the earcups. This means that you can see your drivers meticulously at work.  

When it comes to the durability and sturdiness, the SR60e's construction is very basic. These headphones are sturdy enough, but may not be able to to take the most rough treatment. The earcups are made of plastic and are attached to the headband with the help of two steel robs.  

When it comes the warranty, the Beats by Dr. Dre EP and Grado SR60e, both come with a One-year warranty. 

USABILITY: Beats By Dr. Dre EP vs Grado SR60e


When it comes to comfort, the the Beats by Dr. Dre EP is very lightweight. It also comes with a soft cloth carrying bag which may not entirely protect the headphones, but looks nice and fits easily in a different, larger bag or backpack. We wouldn’t trust it out in the elements as much as the neoprene and hard cases other Beats products use.

The cord has a 3 button Apple remote and Mic which works well with the apple products, but may have compatibility issues in other devices. Being the first Beats product which is entirely made under the guidance of apple we are surprised to see that EP's cord doesn’t detach. That’s a little tough to swallow for this price range, although the cord is very high quality and is flat for extra tangle resistance. The cord is reinforced on the ends and feels like it’d be hard to break.

The compatibility of these headphones may differ for devices which are not iOS. The Remote Talk cable promises a hassle-free period of long music sessions.Their design is such that you can carry them everywhere you go. As they say just grab and go!

When it comes to the Grado SR60e's comfort, they do not disappoint. The foam earpads are gently caress your ears, however we wish that Grado employed a more generous amount of padding. The headband is covered in leathertte and does feel fairly firm, however, some might find the clamp to be a little to hard.   

A big drawback that pulls the SR60e down is that although these headphones are lightweight, they are not portable in the traditional sense. This means that you will not be able to carry these headphones around like you can do with the Beats by Dr. Dre EP. However, if you are looking to use these headphones solely at home, these headphones take are more than perfect.

As the cable quality, that is another aspect that suggests that these are not designed to be portable. The thick coated cable is very chuncky, and is longer than usual. The quality is commendable and does feel like this cable can take serious amount of strain. 

If you are looking for a mic and remote with the SR60e, you are in for disappointment. The Open-backs do not feature either. 

SOUND: Beats By Dr. Dre EP vs Audio-Technica ATH-M40X


When it comes to sound, Beats EP carries the Beat's audio tradition, If you are familiar with its products like the SOLO 2 and love it, you would definitely love the Beats EP. It has a bass-forward, fun sound signature that will work well with all the genres, but louder genre's like bollywood and Hip-hop will sound even better.The mids are just a touch thicker and the overall presentation slightly softer and less in-your-face than on the Solo 2. Highs are strong without being fatiguing.

The soundstage may not be as wide and airy as the Grado SR60e, as these are not meant for studio monitoring. Noise isolation is great, and the Beats-EP very effectively attenuates external noise. 

Overall, the sound is something that may not impress a lot of audiophiles, but for someone who wants it for casual listening and using them for your long commutes, you need not look further.


In one simple line, the Grado SR60e sounds superb. They are the most warm and and airy Open-back headphones that you will come across in this price range. 

Most cheap headphones have bass thrown all over them, but the SR60e moves far far away. The bass is not bloated or over-exaggerated. The lows have much depth and sounds amazingly deep, you will feel the punch from these. The sub-bass is not the best, but again that is found in much expensive headphones. A big reason why the SR60e is such a treat to experience is because mid-range is not mushy, while the treble oozes detail. The highs are perfectly in snyc and do not sound harsh or rough. 

When it comes to openness, the headphones do extremely well for open-back headphones. The imaging is clear and the vocals are sound crisp. Every little bit is right into your ears. 

A small drawback that is caused by the noise isolation. The headphones do not do the best job and the environmental disturbance may cause a spike in your music. This is especially the case when you are listening to music at low volume. Sound leakage is another issue, making these great only to use indoors.

All being said, the Grado SR60e gives you a serious audio signature, and is a lot superior to its counterparts in this price category. 


Beats by Dr. Dre EP

  • Sturdy Plastic and Steel Body 
  • Bass Heavy Audio Response
  • Soft Carry Pouch
  • Highly Portable
  • Thin Cable
  • Not a Very Soundstage
Grado SR60e

  • Durable Metal and Plastic Build
  • Warm and Smooth Audio Quality
  • 1/4" Adaptor
  • Mainly for Studio and Home Application
  • Thick and Tough Cable
  • Open and Wide Airy Soundstage


To put in simple terms, if you are looking for an urban pair of cool headphones that gives you fun and entertaining sound, then the Beats by Dr. Dre EP is great for you.

However, if you seek to listen to serious audiophile audio output, that is crisp and detailed, while also being warn and enjoyable, the Grado SR60e is the most accurate pick. 


Sheena Ribeiro
Sheena Ribeiro

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