May 17, 2017

On our comparison wheel today, are two audio companies which come from different origins but yet meet each other at the same price bracket. 

The Swedish brand has innovated the ultimate a-JAYS Five, a solution for your Android or Windows smartphone with their custom drivers, durable aluminium and thermoplastic materials. Whereas, the SoundMAGIC brand hails all the way from China with their price concised earphones.


"If sophisticated Swedish design, a generous 2 year warranty, customisable headset controls impress you, then the a-JAYS Five presents phenomenal value.

But, If you want no further than a basic earphone with mic then you should go with the SoundMAGIC E10C."
Raghav Somani 


Soundmagic E10C

Headphone Zone Soundmagic E10C



DESIGN: JAYS - A-JAYS 5 vs Soundmagic E10C

After a lot of research, JAYS has carefully designed these earphones to be comfortable for longer periods of usage. The fit is secure, and the angular shape of the earphones make sure they rest comfortably in your ears, isolating external noise. By combining different materials into the build, and covering precision-turned aluminum with a flexible thermoplastic form, they were able to create compact, soft and flexible earphones with great acoustics.
Everything about the a-JAYS Five speaks highly of JAYS' sense of aesthetics. Let's just say, we're not surprised that their made in Sweden. Available in colours of black and white, these earphones are really very easy on the eyes.

SoundMAGIC has come to be known as a brand that offers good quality earphones at veryaffordable prices. Thus, it has won applause from earphone enthusiasts all over. The E10 series from SoundMAGIC has gainedimmense popularity.

SoundMAGIC recently upgraded their most popular E10S to the E10C. The major point of difference is that it has a 3-button remote and microphone which is supposed to be universally compatible with all devices and smartphones. 

Let’s talk about the design - the E10C has its earpieces built of metal. However, the metallic red accents and the L-R indicators may come across as gaudy to some if not all. The cable of the E10C, like the E10S series earphones isbraided. This makes the cable tangle resistant. Although, the plastic sheath coating the cable makes it look pretty cheap. With its plastic cables and almost fragile sense of durability, the build quality disappoints.


USABILITY: JAYS - A-JAYS Five vs Soundmagic E10C


The a-JAYS Five is a very impressive mobile headset. A three-button remote control is provided on the cable and each button is customizable using the JAYS Headset Control App. Which, by the way, is available for free on the Google Play Store. Want to auto-start a favourite app? Or call your girlfriend in 3 quick button presses - these earphones will let you do that and much more.
Let's talk about fit. JAYS has, in its exquisitely packaged a-JAYS Five supplied a whole bunch of silicone eartips - 5 pairs, if we're not wrong. If you have dwarf-like enormous ears or tiny baby ears, you should be able to find the right fit. And achieving a right fit is the golden key to achieving good noise isolation! Oh, and a nice touch is its hard carry case that you can flaunt in bag as you cruise through the streets.
The cherry on the cake has got to be its tangle free cables. Honestly, if someone has a JAYS in hand, you can probably tell from a mile away. These flat cables are really durable to the touch and feel like they would last forever.
An expected feature at this price point, the SoundMAGIC E10C sports a functional microphone and 3 button remote.This means you can stow away your smartphone, while answering calls and controlling your music on the go. However, you can't do much else with the buttons except change tracks.

The E10C packs along with it seven pairs of silicone ear-tips of varying sizes, including a double-flanged pair. There's also a small carry case , a shirt clip, and a double-pin adapter to use the headset with a laptop or computer.

A small complaint would be the noise isolation. You will find that these in-ears do not do not do a great job of effectively attenuating environmental sound. However, this does not depricate the value as this is a smaller issue. Further more, noise isolation and fit can be improved with a pair of Noise isolating  Comply ear tips

Coming to the warranty, JAYS offers 2 years Manufacturer's Warranty whereas SoundMAGIC E10C offers a warranty of 1 year only.

SOUND: JAYS - A-JAYS 5 vs Soundmagic E10C

The a-JAYS Five sits pretty at the top of the a-JAYS Series.
JAYS has, since its very inception, carved a name for itself for its great sounding in-ear headphones. As a specialist earphone company, they're dedicated to creating custom driver units for each of their earphones. With a custom assembled A5 driver, the sound is intentionally made to feel natural and dynamic.
Earth shattering bass is never really desirable because that comes at the cost of losing the natural midrange and treble quality. The bass on the a-JAYS Five is rich, and doesn't bleed into the mids and highs like most other earphones at this price point do.
Have an eclectic taste in music? The a-JAYS Five will do justice to all genres.


SoundMAGIC's E10C has managed to maintain an almost identical sound signature to the older, now discontinued, E10 and E10S. With a reasonably sized driver unit of 10mm, the sound can get loud and can pack a good punch.

Compared to the a-JAYS Five, bass output is a little exaggerated but does have an appeal to those with a large appetite for bass. So fans of EDM and Bollywood should be able to appreciate the warmth and the power of the bass. That said, don't mistake these to be a bass driven pair, as other earphones in this price point, like the Sony XB Series, definitely take a big chunk of the (bass) cake.

Vocals are slightly recessed and the highs are somewhat clean for the price. The overall clarity on the SoundMAGIC E10C is surprisingly good.



  • Natural Bass with a Dynamic Range
  • 3 button in-line mic
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • TPE coated flat tangle free cable
  • L-Shaped Gold Plated Jack

  • Warm Bass & Good Clarity
  • 3 Button Remote & Mic
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Plastic, braided cabling
  • 60 Degree Metal Jack


 The a-JAYS Five has a lot going for it. The fact that it doesn't truly belong to the 2000 rupee price point (up to 70% off!) is very apparent in its design, comfort features and sound.

The SoundMAGIC E10C is a popular buy and offers a pleasingly warm sound with a functional remote that appeals to most.

What is going to be your pick? Let us know in the comments section below.

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