RHA - MA390 Universal vs SoundMAGIC - E10C

by Bobby Pattani November 19, 2019

RHA - MA390 Universal vs SoundMAGIC - E10C

On our comparison wheel today, are two audio companies which come from different origins but yet meet each other in the same price bracket.

RHA has come to be known worldwide as the 'Aston Martin of Headphones' and is designed and built in Scotland. Whereas, SoundMAGIC hails all the way from China with their price-conscious earphones.

Cutting the Long Story Short

"If a whooping 2-year warranty and a plethora of accessories are on your mind, then the RHA MA390 Universal is the best pick in this price bracket.

But, if you want no further than a earphone with a mic, then you should go with the SoundMAGIC E10C."
-Raghav Somani

RHA MA390 Universal



Headphone Zone SOUNDMAGIC-E10C



DESIGN: RHA MA390 Universal vs SoundMAGIC E10C


Coming to the design, RHA has taken a subtle route. It has used high-grade aluminium alloys that make the MA390 Universal sturdy and durable. Attention to detail is very apparent in their signature aircraft grade construction and their aerophonic design. This time, RHA ditched the black anodization housing, going for a full silver look. While the back is nicely recessed making it appear slightly dimpled, as opposed to its previous completely flat design. The eartips bloom outwards like a trumpet and are proof that these earphones have been designed with aesthetics in mind. The new housing is considerably smaller in diameter and a tad bit deeper in terms of length. At a phenomenally affordable price point, one can tell that this is a truly premium product.

In terms of thought to design, RHA deserves an applauseThe aluminium build assures durability and strength unlike any other earphone under Rs. 2000. Contrary to the SoundMAGIC E10C, the RHA MA390 Universal comes in a single colour.


SoundMAGIC has come to be known as a brand that offers good quality earphones at very affordable prices. Thus, it has won applause from earphone enthusiasts all over. The E10 series from SoundMAGIC has gained immense popularity.

SoundMAGIC recently upgraded their most popular E10S to the E10C. The major point of difference is that it has a 3-button remote and microphone which is supposed to be universally compatible with all devices and smartphones.

Let’s talk about the design—the E10C has its earpieces built of metal. The cable of the E10C, like the E10S series earphones isbraided. This makes it tangle-resistant. Although, the plastic sheath coating the cable makes it look pretty cheap and fragile. 

USABILITY: RHA MA390 Universal vs SoundMAGIC E10C


The MA390 Universal is amongst the world's best-rated in-ear headphones. RHA has taken considerable effort to create a truly comfortable in-ear that has been designed keeping noise isolation a priority. The in-ears are a typical IEM-style of an over-ear contoured cable that is designed to keep the earphones in place while in use. The tight sealed in-ear fit effectively attenuates external noise to let you experience your audio with great precision. If you enjoy a long listening session of music enjoyment, the RHA MA390 Universal is a great choice since the build is lightweight and helps in reducing ear fatigue

It features the fabric braided tangle-free cables designed to be extremely durable. RHA's specifically engineered remote is now universal. Both, Android and iOS users can now easily use the one-button remote to take/end calls, play/pause tracks and access your digital assistant seamlessly.

The cable is covered in fabric and lends fair durability. Although the angling is not entirely eliminated, it is fairly better than plastic and rubber coated cables. The Y-shaped cables, are 1.3m long and are made to be conveniently used with a mobile phone. The cables end with a 3.5mm connector and are gold plated for further stability.

The SoundMAGIC E10C sports a functional microphone and 3-button remoteThis means you can stow away your smartphone, while answering calls and controlling your music on the go.

The E10C packs along with it seven pairs of silicone eartips of varying sizes, including a double-flanged pair. There's also a small carry case, a shirt clip, and a double-pin adapter to use the headset with a laptop or computer.

A small complaint would be the noise isolation. You will find that these in-ears do not do a great job of effectively attenuating environmental sound. However, the noise isolation and fit can be improved with a pair of Noise isolating Comply ear tips

Coming to the warranty, RHA - MA390 Universal offers a 3 years Manufacturer's Warranty whereas SoundMAGIC E10C offers a warranty of only 1 year.

SOUND: RHA MA390 Universal vs SoundMAGIC E10C


Coming to the sound, the RHA MA390 Universal offers a good pronounced bass due to the updated drivers unlike the MA350, but without feeling overwhelming or muddying other sonic elements. Made with aluminium, RHA's Aerophonic™ housing works in tandem with the 130.8 dynamic drivers that have been machined from metal. The custom engineered dynamic drivers produce a rich, bass driven sound well suited for the likes of Bollywood, Pop, EDM and Rap/Hip-Hop listeners.

The mids are clear and detailed and can be prominently heard. They deliver extremely good sound clarity, accurate audio reproduction and produce a rich, bass driven sound over a wide range. One can enjoy precision in the sound at any volume with the RHA MA390 Universal.


SoundMAGIC's E10C has managed to maintain an almost identical sound signature to the older, now discontinued, E10 and E10S. With a reasonably sized driver unit of 10mm, the sound can get loud and can pack a good punch.

Compared to the MA390 Universal, the bass output is a little exaggerated but does have an appeal to those with a large appetite for low frequencies. So fans of EDM and Bollywood should be able to appreciate the warmth and the power of the bass. That said, don't mistake these to be a bass-driven pair. While the vocals are slightly recessed and the highs are somewhat clean for the price. The overall clarity on the SoundMAGIC E10C is surprisingly good.



RHA MA390 Universal

  • In-Ear Design
  • Mic & remote
  • Clear Audio with deep Bass
  • 2-Year Warranty

  • In-Ear Design
  • Remote & Mic
  • Wide audio with subtle response
  • 1-Year Warranty


If you are looking for a rich bass and premium looking earphones then RHA MA390 Universal is a good pick since it provides a a rich, detailed sound signature with aesthetic looks

On the other hand, SoundMAGIC E10C as compared to RHA - MA390 Universal has a heavier bass and crystal-clear audio. 

What is going to be your pick? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Bobby Pattani
Bobby Pattani

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