May 17, 2017

On our comparison wheel today, are two audio companies which come from different origins but yet meet each other at the same price bracket. 

RHA has come to be known worldwide as the 'Aston Martin of Headphones', and is designed and built in Scotland.  Whereas, the Sennheiser hails all the way from Germany with their price concised earphones.


"If a whooping 3 year warranty and a plethora of accessories are in your mind, then the RHA MA390 U is the best pick in this price bracket.

But, If you want no further than an earphone with mic then you should go with the Sennheiser - CX275S
Raghav Somani 

RHA MA 390 U

Headphone-Zone-RHA-MA390 U





Headphone-Zone-RHA-MA390 U-Product
Coming to the design, RHA has taken a subtle route. RHA has used high-grade aluminium alloys that make the MA390 U sturdy and durable. Attention to detail is very apparent in their signature aircraft grade construction and their aerophonic design. The new housing is considerably smaller in diameter and a tad bit deeper in terms of length. It thus further reduces any contact with the outer ear, making it feel pretty flush and comfortable. Another aesthetic change is that they ditched the black anodization of the face of the housing, going for a full silver look. Also, the face is slightly recessed, making it appear slightly dimpled, as opposed to being completely flat previously.  At a phenomenally affordable price point, one can tell that this is a truly premium product.The RHA MA390 U surely give you a high-end feel.
In terms of thought to design, RHA deserves applause.This aluminium build assures durability and strength unlike any other earphones under Rs. 2000.

The CX 275s features a simple, lightweight design, with dark, metallic gray earpieces and black, ridged accents. Although the plastic construction does make them feel a little cheap but they’re durable enough.

As far as fit, the CX 275s feels quite secure—the earpieces are so tiny and glossy, they're almost difficult to put in at first, but once you get a good fit, they stay put.

A big boon is the inline remote of the single-button variety which is universally compatible. However, the cables are very thin and the lack of tangle-resistance is a disappointment.



Headphone-Zone-RHA-MA390 U

RHA has taken considerable effort to create  a truly comfortable in-ear that has been designed keeping noise isolation a priority. The in-ears feature is a typical IEM style of an over-ear contoured cable that is designed to keep the earphones in place while in use. The tight sealed in-ear fit effectively attenuates external noise to let you experience your audio with great precision.

The RHA MA390 U features the best in class tangle-free cables designed to be extremely durable with fabric braided cables. The Y-shaped cables, are 1.3m long and made to be conveniently used with a Mobile phone. The remote and mic is Universal works with both Anroid and iOS devices. The cables end with a 3.5mm connector and are gold plated for further stability.
The Sennheiser CX 275s comes with three pairs of black silicone ear tips, a cable adapter, and a small black carry pouch. And although touted to have a universal remote,these in-ears may not be compatible with older devices

The E10C packs along with it seven pairs of silicone ear-tips of varying sizes, including a double-flanged pair. There's also a small carry case , a shirt clip, and a double-pin adapter to use the headset with a laptop or computer

Coming to the warranty, RHA - MA390 U offers a 3 years Manufacturer's Warranty where as Sennheiser - CX275S offers a warranty of 1 year


Headphone-Zone-RHA-MA390 U

Made with aluminium, RHA's Aerophonic™ housing works in tandem with the 130.5 dynamic drivers that have been machined from metal. The custom engineered dynamic drivers produce a rich, bass driven sound well suited for the likes of Bollywood, Pop, EDM and Rap/Hip-Hop listeners.They deliver extremely good sound clarity and accurate audio reproduction and produce a rich, bass driven and a wide range of sound . One can enjoy precision in sound at any volume with the RHA-MA390 U.
They deliver extremely good sound clarity and accurate audio reproduction and produce a rich, bass driven and a wide range of sound . One can enjoy precision in sound at any volume with the RHA-MA390 U


On tracks with serious bass, the CX 275s provides ample boom, that too without distortion, even at high volumes. The CX 275s does manage to maintain a decent balance between lows and highs to some extent.

Sometimes, however, there is a  strange mid to high boosting. In specific areas, the highs are so boosted that there is a strange mix of elements that stand out dramatically. The mid-range and the upper mid-range in particular are significantly recessed. While the trebles are sharp at the very top.The noise isolation is decent but not great, assuming you can get a decent seal with the 3 different sized silicone eartips.

Certain electronic percussive sounds can seem far too bright, even a bit harsh or tinny. You will find that these in-ears may get muffled in the pursuit of pumpy audio delivery.This makes it great for bass heavy music like EDM and hip-hop, but listen to something with vocals and the CX 275s disappoints. The sound isn’t particularly detailed, either. The soundstage is also not as wide as the RHA 

 This is not the earphone for audiophiles but for the people who enjoy the added sheen in their music.



RHA MA 390 U

  • In-Ear Design
  • Tangle Resistant Cables
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Clear response with accurate bass
  • Metal build

  • In-Ear Design
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Tangle prone cables
  • Heavy bass
  • Plastic build


If you are looking for a rich bass and premium looks then RHA- MA390 U is a good pick since it provides a rich, detailed sound signature with aesthetic looks.

On the other hand, SENNHEISER-CX275S has a heavier bass as compared to RHA -MA390 U and don't do as well in terms of looks.

What is going to be your pick? Let us know in the comments section below.

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