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Shure SE215M+ Vs Klipsch Reference R6M

by Sheena Ribeiro March 27, 2017 6 min read

Shure SE215M+ Vs Klipsch Reference R6M

Today, we have the very popular in-ears, the Shure SE215M+, and on the other hand, the not-very-popular Klipsch Reference R6M. Both these earphones are priced under the 10000K line and give you more than you pay. 

With a large number of concerned buyers confused about the best earphones in the aforementioned budget, we take off the veil on the pros and cons of each of these two in-ears. While, both the earphones are targeted at varied audience, you make your most preferred pick. 

"If you want an industry standard IEM to use on and off stage, the  Shure SE215M+ is great value for money. It also offers you with sound that is worth every penny .

The Klipsch Reference R6M employs a very ordinary design, but its audio performance makes up for the same."

-Raghav Somani

Shure - SE215M+

Klipsch Reference R6M




The Shure SE215M+ is an upgrade to the well acclaimed Shure SE215 and does not stray too far away from its predecessor in terms of design. The SE215M+ sports a very cool design. Not adapting to conventional earphone designs, the SE215M+ features earpieces that are made from appealing translucent grey plastic. The edgy and angular profile of the earbuds and the see-through transparent housing, makes for a striking looking pair of in-ears.

It would not be wrong to say that the earphones do look like studio earing assistants. The earpieces rest on the outside of the ear, while the earbuds go deep inside your ear canal. 

Whan it comes to durability, Shure has never gone wrong with the build quality. Although plastic, the moulded earpiece material is thick and will not break down easily.

A design quirk that is hard to find in this price range, the Shure SE215M+'s cables are detachable. Although the cable is strong, the fact that it is detachable could make repairs down the road much easier and hassle-free.  


Klipsch is not a brand that is very well known amongst the consumer market but highly revered among audio purists. The reason behind this being that Klipsch knows its game and comes with its own experience.

The Klipsch Reference R6 was one of the most popular products from the Klipsch stable and that drove the brand to present us with the R6M.  Looking at the R6M model, you will realise that the in-ears are not very different from other earphones in terms of design. Klipsch has stuck to a very conventional design that does not really stand out. It's not the most eye-catching design out there, but it is minimal and straightforward in all the right ways.

The R6M uses Klipsch’s patented oval-shaped eartips. The oval-shaped ear pieces boast of a solid construction that feels that it's been ‘built to last’, but we wouldn't say these have the best built in this class. 

The earphones are engineered from a rubber elastomer material, with a few aluminium accents. However, these don't feel like the most premium.

When it comes to warranty, the Shure SE215M+ and the Klipsch Reference R6M come with a One-year warranty.

USABILITY: Shure 215M+ Vs Klipsch Reference R6M


The Shure SE215M+ has to be worn in an upward fashion, such that they cradle over your ears. The ear pieces are slightly large in size, and they are likely to fall of yours ears. Thus, the Over-ear design makes perfect sense.

The in-ear fit does feel uncomfortable in the beginning. And it needs a little getting used to because of the negative profile and over ear design of the earphones. But once it is settled, it conforms to your ear canal. The modules rest on your ear, while the earbuds go deep inside your ears, unlike other ordinary earbuds. Moreover, the SE215M+ packs with it numerous eartips, choose the right ones and ear strain won’t be an issue.

The noise isolation is the best we have experienced. And using the given foam tips, the isolation levels are possibly the best in class.

Coming to the detachable cables, they are excellent and of very high quality, making the Shure SE215M+ highly recommended.

If mic and controls is your priority, the Shure SE215M+ employs a 3-button mic and remote, enabling control without having to fetch your source audio device. 
The Klipsch Reference R6M offers a fit that is extremely comfortable. A part of the credit has to be given t the oval-shaped earbuds. The ear tips snugly fit in your ears and stay put even during long hours of continuous playback. Adding to the fit, the earbuds are angled, thus they contour the entrance of your carnal for maximum wearing ease. 

The cable is robust and tangle-free, ensuring a hassle-free audio experience. Thecable is of very high quality, and thedesign is intricate enough to abolish almost any cable noiseThe woggle on the cords let you adjust your and tighten the earphones accordingly.

Just like the Shure SE215M+, the Klipsch Reference R6M too comes with a mic and remote. However, the 1-button mic is multi-function and allows or basic play/pause functions. That being said, you will have to fetch your phone or music device when controlling your volume. 

Noise isolation is decent, and not best. The Shure SE215M+ definitely does a better in this aspect. 

SOUND: SHURE SE215M+ VS Klipsch Reference R6M

Coming to the sound. While the large design may not have impressed you, the superb audio performance that these in-ears deliver is sure to take you by surprise. This is where things start to get interesting. The Shure SE215M+ is definitely geared towards an audience who 'know their sound'.

Shure has fitted the SE215M+ with some really impressive drivers. The audio production is evidently neutral, however, with its own shimmer here and there. The bass is punchy, but does not bash out in all directions. With music genres like Pop and EDM, these do a terrific job without sounding shrilly even at high volumes.

There's an enough emphasis on bass and treble frequencies while the mids are laid back. The good bit is, none of the audible range vastly overpowers one another and there isn’t any early roll-off. The fact is, these do a great job even at bringing music genres like Jazz to life.

The earphones are a solidly sounding pair and will appeal to a large number of audience. 
Klipsch's experience in the world of audio clearly comes through with the Reference R6M. The earphones deliver good audio quality over all frequencies, but will not satisfy every purist. 

The earphones do lack that totally flat musical emphasis desired by some audiophiles and professionals, but most listeners will be glad with the way they sound. There’sweight in the bass and there’s room for the vocals to wash over the top. The deep lows are well balanced by crisp highs. Fundamentally, it’s a fun forward sound that is consumer friendly.

The soundstage is pretty decent, there is a presence of space, and they are gonna please a good deal of listeners. The audio does not sound coloured, but isn't the most accurate at the same time. 



  • Edgy design
  • Exceptional Build Quality 
  • Detachable Cables
  • Over-Ear Fit
  • Excellent Sound Signature
Klipsch - R6M 

  • Simply Unattractive Design
  • Fantastic Build with an all-metal housing
  • In-Ear Design
  • Works with all genres of music
  • Decent Sound Signature

Our Verdict

The choice should be pretty clear after this detailed comparison. If you prefer edgy design and perfect audio reproduction, the Shure SE215M is going to please your ears. 

If you prefer a more fun and exciting audio experience, the Klipsch Reference R6M should be your pick. 

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Sheena Ribeiro
Sheena Ribeiro

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