Face-Off: SoundMAGIC E10C VS Sony MDR-XB55AP

by Abhijeeth Shetty July 01, 2020

Face-Off: SoundMAGIC E10C VS Sony MDR-XB55AP

There are a lot of good earphones in the market which are available under 2000 bucks but there are two earphones that are highly popular in the budget segment. The SoundMAGIC E10C and the Sony MDR-XB55AP. Two amazing earphones that have their own set of features making them unique.

While there are a lot of things said about these products online, we are only going to present a simple comparison between SoundMAGIC E10C and the Sony MDR-XB55AP so that you can decide on which one to go for. We are going to compare these earphones on four fronts—Feature Shoutout, Design, Usability and Sound. Sounds Good? Let's get started!


Quick Feature Shootout

SoundMAGIC E10C Hero Image 1
Sony MDR-XB55AP Hero Image 1


  •  Impressive Wide Soundstage & Balanced Sound
  • Strong Metal Build
  • In-Universally Compatible Three-button Remote & Mic
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • 7 Pairs of Eartips
  • Tangle-Resistant Cables

  •  Powerful Bass Output
  • Universally Compatible One-button Remote & Mic
  • Carry Pouch
  • 4 Pairs of Eartips
  • Serrated Cables
  • Strong durable design


Design: Shiny Metal Body VS. Stylish Elegant Body

SoundMAGIC E10C Square Image 1
Sony MDR-XB55AP Square Image 2.

A noteworthy upgrade to the highly popular E10S, the SoundMAGIC E10C comes with a strong metal body design. The earphones feature a unique 3-button in-line remote places in an astoundingly durable body while still being extremely lightweight. These in-ears are designed for absolute comfort and portability.

The SoundMAGIC E10C is available in 4 different colours—simple Black, elegant Gold, bright Red and a vibrant Violet. These earphones display red and blue indicators around the earpieces allowing you to quickly identify the left and right side of the earphone. Additionally, they have a subtle mention of the model name and brand logo on the back of the earpieces.

The Sony MDR-XB55AP features a design that looks and feels extremely stylish and elegant. Unlike conventional earphones in this price range, it is very apparent that Sony has put in extra effort to ensure that these headphones do not look ordinary.

The MDR-XB55AP is available in 3 colour variants—Blue, Black and White. The earpieces feature metallic accent casing, which when paired with the black variant looks, setting them apart. Sony has ensured that its branding is loud and clear and thus, has its logo printed in big letters on each earpiece.


USABILITY: 3-Button Controller VS. Single Button Remote

SoundMAGIC E10C Square Image 2
Sony MDR-XB55AP Square Image 3

The SoundMAGIC E10C sports a highly functional microphone and 3-button controller for total control for handling calls and music playback on-the-go. The E10C comes with seven pairs of silicone ear-tips of varying sizes, including a double-flanged pair.

The SoundMAGIC E10C includes a small carry case, a shirt clip and a double-pin adapter, to add to the utility of these earphones. The coiled cable design of the E10C makes it tangle-free and only aids in the cable extremely durable.

The Sony MDR-XB55AP sports a super functional universally compatible microphone and 1 button controller for answering calls and controlling your music on-the-go. It packs along with it 4 pairs of black silicone ear tips of varying sizes along with a small carry case, a shirt clip and a double-pin adapter.

When it comes to the fit, the MDR-XB55AP employs an angular in-ear fit, thus, the earphones snugly fit into your ears. It also does a great job at isolating unwanted environmental sound. You will be amazed by how these in-ears so effectively cut out external noise.


Sound: Rich Acoustic Sound VS. Powerful Bass Output

SoundMAGIC E10C Square Image 3
Sony MDR-XB55AP Square Image 1

The biggest strength of the SoundMAGIC E10C is its sonic performance. The impressive three-dimensional soundstage is clearly wide, ensuring that you enjoy a more natural sound experience. The bass is good, without compromising on the mids and highs.

It is amazing how the tones are perfectly separated and you can clearly listen to each aspect of the sound through these earphones. All in all, the audio of SoundMAGIC E10C sounds clear and smooth. Music from all genres sounds great on this earphone.

The Sony MDR-XB55AP has been clearly targeted towards people who love all that bass. Just like the name suggests, the MDR-XB55AP has been tuned to deliver bass that is heavily pumped up. The lows are heavy and the MDR-XB55AP delivers an exaggerated punch for music across genres such as EDM, Hip Hop, Bollywood, etc.

A commendable feature that is not found among extra bass earphones in this range, the Sony MDR-XB55AP does not crack or distort even when played at the highest volume. It manages to maintain a decent balance between lows and highs as well but may sound muffled with certain genres.


Conclusion: SoundMAGIC E10C VS. Sony MDR-XB55AP

SoundMAGIC E10C Hero Image 2
Sony MDR-XB55AP Hero Image 2

If you prefer a balanced sound and are looking for a convenient 3-button universal button, then go for SoundMAGIC E10C.

If you wish to listen to music with extreme pumped-up bass and like a more stylish looking earphone, go with the Sony MDR-XB55AP.

That's all folks! We hope you found this comparison useful. If you have queries feel free to connect with our in house experts- Headphone Gurus. If you are looking for best earphones under 2000 bucks, kindly go through this article.


Happy Listening!

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Abhijeeth Shetty
Abhijeeth Shetty

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