May 19, 2017

After the sudden drop of the 3.5 mm jack on the Apple iPhone 7, practically every headphone company resorted to launching Bluetooth headphones of their own. Beats by Dr Dre had to be the next in line to release their wireless headphones, so we weren't surprised when the Beats X was made available almost immediately after the iPhone 7.

V-MODA is trusted worldwide for their range of exemplary professional DJ headphones with a fashion forward design. For the first time, V-MODA is getting in on the wireless product category and has collectively launched three new wireless products - the Crossfade 2 Wireless over-ear headphones, the Forza Metallo Wireless sports in-ears and the Remix Bluetooth speaker.  The Forza Metallo Wireless is the only Bluetooth earphone as part of Forza series.

If you're in the market for bass driven, wireless earphones, this comparison between the Beats by Dr Dre X and the V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless should help you narrow down your options.


"The Forza Metallo Wireless is the best wireless earphone I have witnessed till now, it exceeds all the expectations one could have from a pair of wireless earphones. 

They are definately the best and don't see any reason to resort to the Beats X.
Raghav Somani 

V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless



Headphone Zone BEATS BY DR. DRE - BEATS X



DESIGN: Forza Metallo Wireless vs Beats X

The Forza Metallo Wireless has all the famous technologies of its wired versions. It further adds numerous other technologies to make sure your life can be hassle-free. 

The V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless also embeds a noise cancelling microphone which is compatible with all the Android, Windows and OS devices. It can also sync with SIRI and Google OK to make commands without taking your phone out.  

The Forza Metallo wireless walks the path of its wired sibling in terms of housings. The Forza Metallo Wireless' housing is built of the tough CNC forged Aircraft grade Metal Housing and yet weighs mere 22.5 g. Thereby rendering the best of the materials with minimal ear fatigue. 

The Metallo Wireless does not only stay just a lifestyle product but can be used for sports with the same efficiency. The earphones pass various tests such as water and sweat resistant tests, high and low temperatures, humidity and UV exposure before shipping it to you. Thus making sure that they don't wear out due to your extreme workout sessions.

The Metallo Wireless comes in two sophisticated colours: Black and White

While the V-MODA wins with their technologies, their colour variants are limited. Whereas the beats as all their other products make sure that each of their colours to a specific audience. Apart from Black and Grey or Classic Black and Dove Grey as they call it, the BeatsX also comes in Vibrant Blue and Delicate White.

The Beats X also pose a unique neckband style which is flexible and can twist and turn according to your convenience. The Flex-Form cable technology helps in reducing ear fatigue for all-day wearing comfort. 

Another unique technology is magnetic earbuds that lock around your neck whenever you are not using them. Thus letting the fear of wireless earphones go. 

While Beats sure has put efforts in making these a non-conventional pair of earphones, can they match the technologies of the Metallo Wireless? We doubt!

USABILITY: Forza Metallo Wireless vs Beats X


When it comes to usability, V-MODA has taken great efforts to create the wireless earphone one would want to use whether on the run or over their long commutes. It has a simultaneous two device pairing that further lets you easily switch between two devices.
The unique nanotechnology makes the headphone water and sweat resistant, whereas the BLISS™ 3.0 fittings make sure that the earphones stay in place no matter where you are and what you are doing. Further, the ActiveFlex™ sports fins ensure fit and secure fit while you are on a run. The microphone vibrates every time you get a call thereby not letting you miss any important calls. This is done with the help of unique Haptic Vibration Technology. 

The Metallo Wireless has a battery life of 10 hrs and a Bluetooth range of upto 10M (33 feets). Thus you can easily roam about in the house or gym, without being tensed about caring about the reception. Further, a mere charge of 15 minutes can give you an astounding playback of 2 hours. So your music doesn't stop!

V-MODA as it is known for also provides a plethora of accessories with the Forza Metallo wireless. There are 8 pairs of BLISS™ 3.0 fittings that ensure great noise isolation and lets you get away with the outside world. It also has 3 pairs of ActiveFlex™ which are sports earfins that can be used when you are over your long runs. The package also includes 2 RemixRings and a Carry Pouch
The Beats by Dr DRE - Beats X was amongst the first earphones that were released alongside the Apple's wireless announcement. It comes along with an astounding battery life of 8 hours.  

The RemoteTalk technology makes the earphones compatible with SIRI and takes your calls seamlessly, and giving commands.

It also has Apple's W1 technology, that helps in switching between your Apple devices and adds to it other compatibility and battery life. It also comes with a lightening charger which has fast fuel charging technology that can give 2 hours of playback after charging for only 5 minutes. 

Coming to the warranty, both V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless and Beats by Dr Dre Beat X come with a warranty of one year.

SOUND: Forza Metallo Wireless vs Beats X


The V-MODA consists of 5.8mm lightweight micro drivers that provide powerful sound without feeling the weight of it. 

V-MODA may have resorted in a lot of terms while making their very own wireless earphones, but one thing that didn't change is their famous sound signature. The typical V-shaped sound signature can be felt even in the Metallo Wireless. Thus, making sure that you listen to the same kind of music with the same clarity as you did in your wired earphones. 

It also comes with a Qualcomm Chipset+ AptX Technology for a near CD-Quality which provides the best wireless listening experience available. Macbook owners can also check the codec in which the music is streaming over Bluetooth audio. 

Music genres like EDM, Rock and Metallic sound best with the V-MODA's Metallo Wireless.  

The sound of the Beats X may not be as well defined as the V-MODA, but they claim to be having the sound signature of the Beats. The Beats define the sound of Beats X as Clear and AcousticOn the whole, you might want to look elsewhere when enjoying your music is your first priority.  

We are not sure if we could suggest a specific genre for the Beats X, but it works just fine with your Spotify and other streaming services.



  • In-Ear Design
  • In-line Remote and Mic 
  • 1 Year Warranty
Beats by Dr DRE Beats X

  • In-Ear Design
  • Remote & Mic
  • 1 Year Warranty


If you are looking for a pair of earphones that embeds the best of the technology and sound then you should go with the V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless. 

On the other hand, If you are a sheer lover of Apple and everything they are associated to then you should go with the Beats X.

What is going to be your pick? Let us know in the comments section below.


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