Here's How RHA Create Their Finest Earphones...

by Bernadette Braganza March 22, 2018

Here's How RHA Create Their Finest Earphones...

RHA is known for creating hi-class and premium in-ears. These earphones use the latest technology to give you a great sound while reducing distortion and resonance. Each piece is crafted to last a long time (shown by their 3-year warranty). A major process used to create these is known as injection moulding.

So what is injection moulding? Well, this is a process used to make the housings of RHA’s T Series (T20 and T20i) and the CL1 Ceramic. These housings use a blend of durable materials which is responsible for delivering a sound that is free from distortion. Injection moulding is also used in jet engines and synthetic diamonds due to its extremely low internal resonance properties.

Curious to learn more? Read on to find out about this process below:

Stage 1: The Materials

RHA’s Injection Moulding Process Stage 1


The Injection Moulding process starts with two materials—finely powdered steel/ceramic and synthetic polymer. These materials are mixed together to increase their elastic properties.

Stage 2: Taking Shape

RHA’s Injection Moulding Process Stage 2


The mixture created in Stage 1 is now heated and combined in a liquid. A mould which is 20% larger than the required housing is used. This liquid is injection moulded into it so that it takes the shape needed.

Stage 3: Extracting

RHA’s Injection Moulding Process Stage 3


Using a combination of dissolution and evaporation, polymer particles are extracted from the formed housing pieces. These are also known as ‘Brown Parts’.

Stage 4: Heating

RHA’s Injection Moulding Process Stage 4


The housing pieces created are now are now subjected to intense heat. Remember in Stage 2 we told you that it was 20% larger than needed? Well, due to the heat, this size is reduced to the one needed. As a result of the heat, the part’s density also increases.

Stage 5: Polishing

RHA’s Injection Moulding Process Stage 5


Each part created is checked for imperfections. The ones with flaws are discarded while the perfect pieces move on to be polished. For an ultra high-quality finish, workers at RHA’s manufacturing plants polish these by hand.

Stage 6: Assembling

RHA’s Injection Moulding Process Stage 6


This is the final stage where the entire earphone is completed. The pieces are assembled with other parts of the in-ears (Eg. drivers, port cover, protective paper mesh, cables, etc).

Your gorgeous and awesome-sounding earphones are now ready to the packed and shipped to you.

Apart from the above injection moulding process, RHA’s expertly engineered drivers are also responsible for its superior performance. Cutting-edge technology and design, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this brand is known as the ‘Ashton Martin of Headphones’.


So what do you think about RHA’s injection moulding process? Share with us in the comments.

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Bernadette Braganza
Bernadette Braganza

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