How To Spot an Original Versus a Fake JBL Headphone

by Shanth Swaroop March 16, 2020

How To Spot an Original Versus a Fake JBL Headphone

There are few brands that can match the popularity enjoyed by JBL the world over. This brand is so unanimous with audio that regardless of what field of audio you’re in - professional audio, Home Theatres, personal audio or even car audio - chances are that folks have heard of it.

That is just how popular JBL is.

With such a mass appeal and recognition, it’s but obvious that JBL is also one of the most counterfeited brands in the world. The curse follows it in all the fields mentioned above.

With cheap fakes aplenty, it only makes sense to educate oneself as much as possible on how to look out for them.

JBL is a brand that has options at almost all price points. Getting quality and authenticity for the price paid is your right. 

It is with this spirit that we’ve compiled a list of ways and methods with which you can best your chances of catching a fake. Thus, making sure you get your rightful bang for the buck.

Looks Say A Lot

Brands go to great extremes to make sure that when their patrons buy something from them, they are assured of quality. A careful look at a product, its packaging and peripherals usually reveal a lot about their origins. Here are a few ways that looks can deceive the originality of a JBL product:

  • Getting the name right

    While brands go to great length, most counterfeiters must be ironically lauded in their effort in coming up with fakes. However, there are always those lazy ones that are too stupid to even try their hand at fakes.

    If you spot a JBL logo with anything but those three letters i.e. J-B-L, it’s a fake. There are no two ways about this. Some hilarious examples are - JDL, JBN, JCL and so on. We wish we were kidding but we aren’t.

  • Packaging

    A 70-year-old prestigious brand like JBL is no newcomer to the field. Every product comes in a smart and appealing packaging. Running a wary eye over the packaging can reveal a lot about the originality. According to JBL’s website(, the following must be carefully inspected:

    - High-Resolution Textured Prints
    - Serial Number
    - Barcode sticker
    - Brand fine-print
    - Compliance Icons

    JBL makes sure a lot of attention is paid to the packaging to not only ensure authenticity but to make sure the product inside is well-protected and appealing in nature. If the print looks cheap or washed out and ‘non-generic’ chances are that it is a fake.

    Most fakes do not possess the resources needed to copy the original completely. Messy fine print, shoddy looking compliance icons and so on are just a few ways in which the originality of a product is made apparent.

  • Product design speaks volumes

    When designing a product for mass appeal, brands invest in worthy materials for achieving solid composition for a brand-worthy performance. Fraudsters neither have the money, time or even resources to replicate this. Hence, a fake will almost always look and feel inferior to an original. Moreover, features like buttons, if any, their positioning along with the brand placement will all have some form of symmetry and feel to them. Any deviations from the norm should set alarm bells ringing in your head. A few examples are:

    - Wired JBL headphones have an orange lining on the 3.5mm jack
    - A serial number will be found on almost every headphone, just like the packaging and so on.


    Cost Cons

    It is but natural for an individual to scour the internet or various outlets to find the best possible deal for a product. We just can’t help it. While this is a fairly appreciable quality, one must know where they’ve crossed over to the realm of fakes. JBL is a brand that offers impressive options at all price points.

    From humble wired options around a grand to superior audiophile-grade ones that find many a taker. You might even spot cray discounts at times. However, make sure you check more than one website or place so that you figure out a rough approximate at which a headphone is going for.

    You can always check an authentic site like ours where we monitor prices with dedicated precision. Checking this against an incredible offer you might have chanced upon, is an exercise you just can’t afford to miss. As they say - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    So there you have it, a well-thought-out, multi-pronged strategy to make sure that you are well-informed to spot a fake. However, with the counterfeiters getting more and more crafty by the day, it gets extremely tougher to spot fakes. There is one thing that you could do.

    Do note that Headphone Zone prides itself on being a brand that enforces extensive checks to make sure of the originality and authenticity of all our products. Every product is sourced from legitimate channels so that You, our dear patron get the quality and experience you paid for.

    Your satisfaction is important to us. So be rest assured that when you order something from us, you get a product that is 100% authentic. If you wish to head straight to get your pair of JBL, head right here.

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    Shanth Swaroop
    Shanth Swaroop

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