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by Shanika Jhunjhunwala March 31, 2016

(The article was written by Nandagopal Rajan & originally published in Indian Express here)

Jays u-JAYS is for those looking for a great headphone that will give you no reason to complain

Headphone manufacturers are coming to India in hordes, given that this is the world’s fastest growing smartphone market. The latest in this list is Sweden’s Jays, makers of high-end headphones. Will they have a chance against more established players like Bose and Sennheiser. Jays U-JAYS is one of the two headphones made by this company. One look at the box and you know they mean business, in a very European kind of way. No kidding around with build quality of the hardware. The design and style is what you would expect from an European manufacturer. Interestingly, the ear cups on the headphones need to be screwed on like lens on a camera.

Price: Rs 15,999

What is good?

Let’s start with the design. The earcups are very comfortable, even after you listen for really long hours. They don’t exert too much pressure on your ears, but still manage to keep noise out. The headband too adds to the comfort factor. I loved the balanced audio profile of the headphone. Not partial to bass or treble, it works well for all kinds of music. I used it to listen to western classical as well as Carnatic music and loved the experience across the board. However, I don’t think this would be appreciated by those who are looking to groove to hard rock. But I have a feeling U-JAYS is best for music that has more vocals. The headphone reproduces human voice like it is intended to be heard. Even lovers of Hi-Fi music will enjoy this one. The U-JAYS is relatively portable and can fold flat to slip inside your laptop sleeve. It comes with a detachable cable that has a three-button which works with Android phones.

What is not that good?

Really, there are no major issues with this headphone. However, it is expensive and you have good substitutes at much lower price points.

Also, the remote does not work on laptops and that is a bit of a quirk if you ask me.

Should you buy?

Yes, if you are looking for a great headphone that will give you no reason to complain. Yes, it is expensive, but you should go ahead if you don’t mind paying a premium for staying different from the rest of the crowd.

Done with your research?

Shanika Jhunjhunwala
Shanika Jhunjhunwala

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