Meze 99 Classics vs Meze 99 Neo

by Rishikesh Kisla July 27, 2017

Meze 99 Classics vs Meze 99 Neo

Today, it's Ben Affleck vs Casey Affleck. Not per se, but just the thing we'll see today. What do you expect when a new player equally as good as an established one comes into the ring? Competition that makes us happier, isn't that right?

The Meze 99 Classics has been the benchmark of rich and bright audio in the under Rs. 30000 range. No audiophile has ever said 'NO' to these cans. Then come in the 99 Neo. Nearly the same, yet they appeal to you differently.

Let's check out how the two brothers turn out when compared. It's the Meze 99 Classics vs the Meze 99 Neo.


"There's very little not to like about the new Meze 99 Neo. It has the same comfy headband, a warm, enveloping sound signature and its fully serviceable just like the 99 Classics.

If you'd like to save your rupees and your style is more contemporary and bold, the 99 Neo is right up your alley. But if you're an old soul at heart and the appeal of the antique-like 99 Classics is not lost on you, then you're not missing out."
Raghav Somani 

Meze 99 Classics

Wooden build with a classic sound
Meze 99 Neo

The classic Meze signature with an 'oomph'


DESIGN: Meze 99 Classics vs Meze 99 Neo



The Meze 99 Classics is known for it's exterior wooden design. With a metal band and a leather strap that rests on your head, comfort is a class apart with the Meze. While the wooden earcups appeal to most, the adjustable leather strap just adds to the feel. Soft fabric and leather earpads keep the drivers at proper distance and make you feel light on the head. The natural polished wooden cups give a premium feel.

Both the Meze 99 Classic and Neo come with detachable cables. A 3 meter cable and 1.2 meter cable surely add to every listener's purpose. The shorter cable features a microphone to add to your connectivity. Gold plated jacks, kevlar fibre cables and the classic Meze appeal are common to both the Cans.

The Neo aptly named, brings a fresh new perspective to Meze's design language. It appeals to the more lively urban audiophile with it's black polished design with shining silver frame. The wooden like feel on the Neo is truly hard plastic with an alloy coating, which in no way compromises on the feel and factor. With it's design language being similar to the Classic version, it carries the class but with a 'oomph'. Some may even say that the design of the Meze 99 Neo is more appealing to them with the modern revamp on the classy contemporary design. Both the headphones set a trend in design.

COMFORT: Meze 99 Classics vs Meze 99 Neo


With great design comes great a need for greater comfort. This Romanian boutique headphone brand just takes it a notch higher. The Meze 99 Classics are actually loved by music lovers due to their comfort of being donned on for long sessions. With soft leather ear cushions and leather strap resting on the ear, comes in the contact of comfort. The metal alloy frame created with a view to be sturdy as well as light factually keeps the headphone comfy on the head. The Neo and Classics turn out twins in this case. The Neo too carries on the legacy. Literally similar in all aspects of design, both the cans make you feel at ease to light up your musical side.


When you factor in the feeling of cosiness while wearing them, the Meze 99 Neo factors in a little higher than it's predecessor with the more soft and thicker padded ear cushions. Nonetheless, there is not much one can complain about both these headphones.


Meze 99 Classics vs Meze 99 Neo


This brings us to the primary factor of comparison. You want your music to sound greter than you expect. The Meze cans take your expectations beyond the moon when it comes to Sound. Twins probably in every way, Sound is the only thing that factors in a little differentiation.

The Meze 99 Classics are a combination of balance, dynamic, wide and warm. It takes your natural sounding track a little higher, but not as much as you'll feel it's boosted. The classic Meze audio is what appeals most to music lovers and audiophiles. Try getting a bass-head and professional artist together, they both won't dislike the Classics in any way. 

Want to pump it up a little more? Never say no to more, right? This is what the Neo actually does. It takes the Classic Meze sound signature to the top of the audio tree. With a little more warmth and slight slower frequency that doesn't in anyway compromise, the Neo appeals more to you at first. It's a treat to the ears of bass lovers who had never heard all the parts of a song with their bass-heavy cans. The Neo brings you the best of both, damp but active bass and clear mids and trebles.


On trying them out, it isn't easy to differentiate at all, but you notice that clearly with the frequency response. Made for the modern urban audiophile, the response is a little smoother than crisp as in the Classics. The Neo have a slightly pumped up musical bass. This makes it alluring to the bass-heads as well as those with a natural experience. Though it doesn't get muddy like a bass heavy pair. It smooth-ens the audio and adds 'oomph' to your classy experience.

Classics are always classy. They give you the perfect dynamically balanced audio response. All kinds of music sound above your expectations in the Classics. The wood behind the drivers does add a warm and wide natural feel to your tracks. Having a faster frequency response than the Neo, the Classics churn out the perfect Audio experience for every damn music lover, whether it be an audiophile or a novice at understanding music.


Meze 99 Classics

  • Classic wooden and metal design
  • Meze signature sound
  • Comfortable for longer sessions
  • Dynamically balanced Audio
  • Wide and warm Sound
  • Classy design with bright appeal
  • Economically reasonable when compared to similar Sound signatures.
Meze 99 Neo

  • Clean modern design appeal
  • Slightly boosted Audio performance
  • Softer and thicker ear cushions
  • Reasonably cheaper than the Classics
  • Enhanced Sound
  • Signature Meze appeal with a modern twist



These Meze headphones, come neck to neck when compared. Twins as they look, similar as they appeal, a little difference in the audio response makes it more difficult to select one. 

If you like slightly dynamic balanced Audio and like to listen to every bit of your music for as long as you feel relaxed and lazy(maybe), the Classics are your pick of the two.

Want a little more 'oomph' factor to your music. Want the Classics to look sexier, and like a little more boost, go for the 99 Neo. 

If you'd like to learn more, #AskHeadphoneZone!




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Rishikesh Kisla
Rishikesh Kisla

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