Comparison:  Sennheiser CX275s VS Sony-MDR-XB55AP

Comparison: Sennheiser CX275s VS Sony-MDR-XB55AP

by Sheena Ribeiro February 03, 2017

Comparing the two most popular in-ear earphones, the Sony MDR-XB55AP and Sennheiser CX275s.
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Sony MDR-XB450AP: Worth An Upgrade From The Sony MDR-XB450?

by Sheena Ribeiro January 25, 2017

So what is the big difference between the Sony MDR XB450 and Sony MDR XB450AP. Read on to know more.
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VIDEO: Sony MDR-XB450 In-Depth Review

by Drishti Patel November 07, 2016

The Sony - MDR-XB450 is one of the entry level model from Sony's extra bass or XB series. Refer to this video if you are a huge bass lover.
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