The Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021

by Raghav Somani October 14, 2021

The Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021

The world of headphones is vast, filled with innumerable jargon and a simple task like choosing a pair of earphones can become unnecessarily daunting and frustrating. That’s why we’re here - to help you enjoy audio in the way you deem best, on a pair of headphones that you choose. We got the cavalry, you pick the machinery!

We’ve done the work and crunched the tech. So, how about we start you off with a peek at our well-researched recommendations on the best, wired in-ear headphones under 2000 rupees for starters? Also, just so you know, all these options are compatible with Android and iOS. All you need is an AUX port and you’re good to go. So here they are, in no particular order:

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Best Earphones under 2000


What should you be looking for?

Most products in this segment come with a plastic build instead of a metal/aluminium one - the latter being more rugged and durable. Aluminium is generally more rugged and durable than other materials when it comes to in-ear headphones. You get the options of both — an in-ear fit and earbuds fit. While the fabric braided cables offer better durability, most earphones in this segment are adequately sturdy. 

Universal compatibility is pretty standard with products at this price point. A three-button remote and microphone is an added advantage.

These earphones sound tons better than the stock wired earphones that came along with your phone. That being said, you'll certainly find that higher-priced wireless in-ears or wired earphones at the same price point will sound better.

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Premium Build at an affordable price

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - BLON BL-03

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - BLON BL-03 Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - BLON BL-03

The BLON BL-03 is a strongly built earphone with metal housing. Their cables are detachable, however, they are unique and you will be hard pressed to find compatible cables. The BL-03 comes with a one-button mic and remote and a tangle-free braided cables. It's got the wide soundstage that you hear and a warm smooth laid back sound signature.

The reason that these earphones are so popular is that this IEM has a very detailed presentation. You'll find that it's very easy to listen to and the sound stage is nice and open. For the price, you're not going to get a wider sounding earphone and at the same time, you're going to enjoy these premium earphones.

What we like

  • Wide Soundstage
  • Premium build
  • Comes in - Purple, Brown & Silver Colours
  • Designed For Comfort
  • High-Quality Cables

Why you should buy it

BLON BL-03 has been designed keeping in mind the durability and comfort at an exceptionally low price. Coming in different colors the BL-03 is a looker.




Incredible Sounding IEMs

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - KZ ZSN Pro X

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - KZ ZSN Pro X Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - KZ ZSN Pro X

Another IEM from the KZ family is the KZ ZSN Pro X. This IEM is very similar to the ZST X. It features a hybrid driver configuration : one dynamic and one balanced armature driver per side. It's very similar in its design to the ZST X but with one notable exception, that it's got a metallic faceplate giving a slightly more premium and durable look and feel.

The big difference between the ZST X and the ZSN Pro X is that this has a lot more emphasis on the bass and the low end. So if you are looking for a little more bass, then the ZST X ZSN Pro X is the perfect choice for you.

What we like

  • Hybrid combo of 1BA & 1D driver setup
  • Metallic Faceplates giving a premium finish
  • Slight Bass Inclination
  • Detachable Cables

Why you should buy it

The KZ ZSN Pro X is the perfect choice for stepping into the Audiophile World. With an exquisite look and rich bass-heavy sound you will be surprised.


Final - E1000C

Experience the Pinnacle of Japanese Engineering

Meet the latest addition of in-ears to this segment - the Final E1000C. Made in house by Final at Kawasaki, Japan, the E1000C showcases high precision design and delivers balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum. The E1000C is equipped with a 6.4mm dynamic driver on each side and tuned incorporating the latest in acoustic engineering and psychoacoustics technology. The results of these technologies embedded can be heard clearly with the mid-range shining and superior transient response. The E1000C comes with 5 pairs of ear tips to accommodate every user for a snug fit and these earphones also feature a unique swing-fit earpiece mechanism that transmits sound directly into the eardrum. The E1000C is lightweight owing to its plastic chassis and features a high-quality OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) cable with a microphone to transmit the highest quality audio signal. You can also opt for the slightly cheaper Final E1000 variant if a microphone is not your requirement.

The E1000C stands tall in terms of sound quality and will suit buyers looking for a balanced and relaxed sound. The bass response is deep and the mids and high range shine while playing any music through the earphones. So if you are on the lookout for a new pair of headphones that deliver balanced sound, Final E1000C is the earphone for you.

What we like

  • Made in Japan with Finesse and accuarcy
  • 6.4 mm Dynamic Driver Delivering Pristine Sound
  • OFC Cables in unheard of at this Price-Point
  • Lightweight, easy to carry around
  • Bundled with 5 Pairs of Eartips

Why you should buy it

The Final E1000C showcases the finest of Japanese engineering and product design and delivers stunning audio quality at an affordable price. If balanced sounding earphones are your requirement, just go for the E1000C.


Familiar sound that will keep you movin’ on

Earphones under 2000: Sony MDR-XB55AP

Earphones under 2000: Sony MDR-XB55AP Earphones under 2000: Sony MDR-XB55AP

The popular brand’s bass-heavy babies offer enough oomph and punch to get your day started. Don’t be alarmed if folks on your commute find you bobbing your head to the music. These designed-in-Japan in-ears are super lightweight and also feature an in-line mic and remote control that offers quick navigation via a multi-functionality button.

The MDR-XB55AP also features a cable that has a serrated design to aid in being tangle-free. The in-ear can also be paired with a Smart Key App to further customize its features.

What we like

  • Punchy Sound
  • Lightweight
  • Tangle-Free Cables
  • App control
  • In-line mic and remote

Why you should buy it

If you are looking for a punchy output, your search ends here. An app-controlled sound, call handling capabilities and lightweight design make for a compelling buy.


JAYS a-One

Minimalistic Design Philosophy

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - JAYS a-One

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - JAYS a-One Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - JAYS a-One

The JAYS-a-One is undoubtedly one of the best-designed best-looking earphones in this segment. JAYS is famous for its tangle-free flat cables that you find in all the earphones there.

It's well balanced which means that you still find that the bass is there but it allows for other frequencies and other sounds to also shine. Compared to the Sony this is a more versatile earphone and you can use it with a variety of different genres.

What we like

  • Tangle-Free Cables
  • Balanced Sound Signature
  • Three-Button Microphone
  • Classy Design

Why you should buy it

If you are someone looking for a V-shaped sound signature, a beautiful build & tangle-free cables,you got the perfect one right here.


Consistent Award Winner

Earphones under 2000: SoundMAGIC E10C

Earphones under 2000: SoundMAGIC E10C Earphones under 2000: SoundMAGIC E10C

A consistent award winner, these robust in-ears with an all-metal build are great for blocking out noise during commute and have been known as power-packed performers. Multi-genre friendly, the E10C offers ample bass for the bass head and yet holds its own among audiophiles too.

A 3-button remote and mic aids in effortless toggle between volume control and calls on-the-move. The cable is covered with high-quality plastic and is braided for a tangle-free experience. The E10C comes with a year’s warranty, two types of silicone ear tips and carry case.

What we like

  • Award Winner
  • Great Noise Isolation
  • Sturdy Build
  • 3-button Mic and Remote
  • Carry case included
  • Tangle-Free Cable

Why you should buy it

If you’re looking for a sturdy build with great and balanced performance. Perfect for the commuters, the E10C is unfazed by buses, local trains and other modes of commute.




Go-to IEM for beginner audiophiles!

The Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - KZ ZST X

The Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - KZ ZST X The Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - KZ ZST X

Fine-tuned budget IEM, the KZ ZST X is for anyone fond of audiophile sound. Powered with the latest hybrid driver setup, you'll be glad to have replaced your regular earphones with the KZ ZST X.  Equipped with an upgraded cable, the ZST X also comes in two colour variants: Cyan and Purple. The hybrid driver setup consists of a 10mm large-diameter dual magnetic driver with a 30095 balanced armature. This is the reason why the sound of the ZST X sounds clean, rich and detailed.

The sound is backed with a quick transient response along with lossless high-frequency sound. The use of Electronic frequency division and physical structure double tuning adds to the sound making it more vivid. Cables are instrumental in how your music sounds, with KZ ZST X, adopts standard 100 core high-purity silver-plated cables for quality sound performance. Not just that but these detachable cables also play a crucial role in distortion-free audio transmission.

What we like

  • Hybrid combo of 1BA & 1D driver setup
  • Clear, rich and vivid sound output
  • 10mm large-diameter dual magnetic driver
  • With electronic frequency division & physical structure double
  • 100 core high-purity silver-plated cables
  • Available in Cyan and Purple colours

Why you should buy it

If you've been looking to step into the world of audiophilia but not sure how to? You should start the journey with the KZ ZST X. With a hybrid driver setup and the audiophile-grade balanced sound the world of beginner audiophiles doesn't get better than this.




A step away from traditional Earphones

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - CCA - CA4

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - CCA - CA4 Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - CCA - CA4

Similar to the KZs, the CCA - CA4 also has a hybrid driver configuration of one dynamic and one balanced armature driver per side. It looks very very similar to the KZs; this earphone comes with a copper cable rather than the silver-plated cables that both the KZs come with. This makes a difference to the sound signature because with these earphones, you'll find that they're a little bit more neutral and laid back.

The CA4 comes with a detachable cable & several ear tips, designed for every ear. The ergonomic design ensures that the earphones fit comfortably. The earphones also come with a customized microphone allowing you to pick and drop calls.

What we like

  • Hybrid combo of 1BA & 1D driver setup
  • Detachable Copper Cables
  • Ergonomic Design for a comfortable experience.
  • Customized Microphone
  • Variety of Eartips

Why you should buy it

Taking a step away from the traditional earphones the CCA - CA4 has Zinc Alloy Faceplates. They also support a wide frequency range of up to 40kHz allowing these earphones to offer professional-grade sound at an affordable price.


Moondrop Spaceship

Popular amongst Audiophiles for a reason

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - Moondrop Spaceship

Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - Moondrop Spaceship Best Earphones Under 2000 in 2021 - Moondrop Spaceship

It's quite possibly one of the best-sounding earphones for less than two thousand rupees. The spaceship is Moondrop's attempt to bring their signature sound and innovation to a very reasonable entry-level price point. Featuring a single dynamic driver per side only 6 millimeters large, it's housed inside this ultra-compact but well-built metallic housing.

The earphones themselves are so lightweight and compact that they can sit in your ears for hours. Moondrop uses oxygen-free cables, something that you'd find on very premium earphones. The cables also come with a nice one-button mic and remote that's very well built. These earphones are durable, they're built to last.

What we like

  • Super Lightweight
  • Durable Oxygen-free Cables
  • A well-built Microphone
  • Smooth Sound Signature
  • A single Dynamic Driver

Why you should buy it

With an attempt to bring Hi-Res Audio at an affordable price, the Moondrop Spaceship has nailed it. These earphones are built to last and therefore perfect for budget-minded Audiophiles.


There you go 8 earphones on a budget. Just keep in mind what you look from a pair of in-ear headphones and go for it. Your playlist awaits you.

Happy Listening!

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Raghav Somani
Raghav Somani

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