The Best Headphones Under Rs. 2000

by Abhijeeth Shetty July 09, 2020

The Best Headphones Under Rs. 2000

The modern-day headphone industry has a lot to offer under the budget headphones segment. With technological advancements and cut-throat competition being dominant in the market, the end customer is in an absolute win-win situation wherein all headphone brands are trying to offer better headphones than their competitors. While there is an array of headphones available, picking best headphones under 2000 is quite a task. Every user has a unique taste and preference when it comes to buying headphones but rest assured we are here to make this decision easier for you.

Today in this blog we are going to list the best headphones under 2000. After getting inputs from our in-house experts only the best headphones have made it to the list. Including headphones from almost all the top brands serving in this category, we have tried covering most kinds of headphones for different types of users. So without any further delay, let's just list the best headphones under 2000, shall we? 

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Edifier K800

Budget level gaming headphone

Best Headphones Under 2000 - Edifier K800

Best Headphones Under 2000 - Edifier K800 Best Headphones Under 2000 - Edifier K800

From excellent gaming to handling business calls, Edifier K800 is designed to bring out the best of you. K800 features 40mm drivers that deliver thumping bass and high-grade treble frequencies. These headphones are enough to fill your space with powerful sound. It also comes with a sensitive 120-degree rotatable microphone leading to effective voice calls.

You can adjust volume and mute audio using the integrated remote. The Edifier K800 is designed for long hours of use. It is a lightweight headphone with soft leather padded-ear cups. These earpads can also be used as a sound insulator as it provides an effective sealed fit. This avoids any kind of sound leakage and improves noise isolation.

What we like

  • Featuring 120° rotatable microphone
  • Featuring separate headphone and microphone connector
  • Leather padded earpads to avoid sound leakage
  • With integrated volume and mute controls
  • With high performance 40mm Neodymium unit
  • Delivering thumping bass and high-grade treble
  • Sound insulating earcups for noise isolation

Why you should buy it

Designed for gaming, Edifier K800 is a lightweight headphone offering thumping bass and high-grade trebles. These are long-lasting headphones with superior noise isolation and integrated volume and mute controls.


Sennheiser PC 3 Chat

Affordable PC headset with a noise-cancelling mic!

Best Headphones Under 2000 - Sennheiser PC 3 Chat

Best Headphones Under 2000 - Sennheiser PC 3 Chat Best Headphones Under 2000 - Sennheiser PC 3 Chat

Sennheiser PC 3 Chat comes from Sennheiser's Music & Entertainment headset range. It features high-end noise-cancelling clarity that reduces external noise allowing you to enjoy your music without any disturbances. Enjoy larger than life sound with Sennheiser stereo sound elevating your gaming and movie-watching experience.

These headphones are extremely lightweight and comfortable to be carried around. This headset is ideal for calling over a Windows PC or a Mac. So if you are looking for a headset for handling calls over a computer this headset is the one for you. PC 3 Chat is highly durable against daily wear and tear and even your hectic lifestyle.

What we like

  • Highly durable headphone with clear and excellent sound
  • High-end clarity with noise-cancelling microphone
  • Easy plug & play connectivity
  • Advanced stereo sound
  • Comfortable lightweight design

Why you should buy it

The Sennheiser PC 3 Chat is an affordable headset featuring Sennheiser stereo sound, durability, comfort and noise-cancelling microphone making it a perfect pick for audio calls.


Sony MDR-XB450

Bass. Beat. Beauty!

The Best Headphones Under 2000 - Sony MDR-XB450

The Best Headphones Under 2000 - Sony MDR-XB450 The Best Headphones Under 2000 - Sony MDR-XB450

The Sony MDR-XB450 features a sleek and stylish looking metallic ear cup housing. The swivel folding design allows for easy storage. The earpads are made of soft foam for comfortable music listening. The MDR-XB450 is a visually appealing pair of headphones. The biggest advantage over other headphones in this range, of course, is the flat-type cable that the headset employs. The serrated cord is tangle-free, keeping the annoyance miles away. The Electro Bass Booster of these headphones enhances deep beats without distorting vocals.

The MDR-XB450 sports 30mm extra bass drivers that deliver powerful sound. As the name suggests, the sound is inclined towards the bass end of the spectrum. However, despite being heavy on the lows, they aren't overwhelming. Just punchy and exciting. These headphones are perfect for on-the-go use with your mobile phone. If you are looking for a mic and remote, the XB450 comes with a variant- the Sony MDR-XB450AP that has a mic and remote specifically to take calls when used with a mobile phone.

What we like

  • 30 mm driver delivering rich bass
  • With Electro Bass Booster
  • Swivel design for portability on the go
  • Highly comfortable cushioned earpads
  • Tangle-free durable cable
  • Stylish and colourful design

Why you should buy it

Experience the best in class bass with Sony's MDR-XB450 that delivers rich and powerful bass output. Moreover, it offers the best of portability comfort and style that will elevate your overall music listening experience.


That's all folks for the best headphones under 2000, we hope you found this list of great help! These are our top recommendations for best headphones under 2000. If you have got queries regarding headphones, feel free to get in touch with our in-house experts - Our Headphone Gurus. See you around in the blog space.Choose Headphone Zone to buy best headphones in India.

Happy Listening!

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Abhijeeth Shetty
Abhijeeth Shetty

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