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The Best Headphones Under Rs. 2000

by Sheena Ribeiro February 03, 2017 5 min read


For The Confused Indian Buyer: Here Are The Best Headphones Under Rs. 2000

Today the headphone industry has undergone a sea of changes, with a veritable range of choices and cut-throat competition between manufacturers. Fortunately, the consumer has been crowned king.

If you are on a budget, there is an array of affordable options that offer brilliant value—if you know where to look. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of the best headphones for Rs. 2000 or less. The list has been curated with valuable input from our in-house experts.

What to Expect in this Category?

Build Quality: Most of the headphones in this category are made of plastic. Whether they are durable or not is something that will depend from brand to brand. If you are looking for a pair that will stand the test of time, you should consider increasing your budget.

Sound Quality: The sonic signature will lean towards the lower end and will definitely not be of audiophile quality. Do not expect audio quality that a 10K plus headphone can deliver.

Form Factor: All the headphones in this price category are wired. If you are looking for wireless options, the 5K and above price bracket is where you should be.

Remote and Mic functionality is not very common.

This list has been compiled with the help of users as well as our in-house experts.

In no particular order, here we go!

1. Panasonic - RP - HXD3+

Minimalistic Design. Tonally Balanced Headphones
Panasonic - RP-HXD3+

  • Panasonic - RP-HXD3+
  • Panasonic - RP-HXD3+

Panasonic is one of the most trusted brands in the world of headphones. The brand has only grown from strength to strength in these years. The Panasonic - RP - HXD3+ is one of the many budget headphones from the brand and has been lauded for its great value for money aspect. 

The RP-HXD3+ has a build that is evidently well-constructed and designed. With a sleek construction, modernity is the primary focus. The branding is understated and the design is minimalistic, with not much frills. The brand's name has been printed in small letters just above the ear cup. We certainly love the clean and clutter free design of these cans.

Despite being made from plastic, the HXD3+ seems very durable and can take a fair amount of spills.

Unlike most headphones, Panasonic has taken a diagonal direction with the design of the HXD3+. The ear cups and headband are not typically cushioned. Instead, the padding is made of a soft silicone-like material that is puffed up. The vacuum seals air, making the fit extremely comfortable even for long listening hours. Unlike leather-covered ear pads, the silicon material stays cool throughout. It is also water and sweat resistant. However, if you have a large-sized head, you might feel some pressure on the top.

The cans feature a basic Y-type cable that is perfect for mobile use. However, since it is a little thin in size, you will want to take off the cable to avoid breakage. 

Moving on to the sound, the headphones produce the cleanest and most detailed sound when compared to any headphone in this price range. The sound is tonally balanced with absolutely no distortion. As for the bass, it is in proportion, without being too overpowering. However, if you are particularly a  bass head, you should look at the Sony MDR-XB450.

The instruments are well accessed and come out very naturally. Perfect if you are looking for asound signature that is unbiased. However, while you should note that the headphones do sound over sharp at highs and mids with particular genres, you definitely won't be left disappointed with this awesome headphone.

These headphones are closed, but they’re not intended for noise isolation in loud and crowded places. If you intend to use these at home, the noise isolation is decent.

The Panasonic - RP - HXD3+ is definitely one of the best options available for budget tonally balanced headphones. These are also perfect for long hours of movie watching on your laptop and computer.

Tim Gideon, PCMag

"The Panasonic RP-HXD3W on-ear headphones deliver a rich bass response without any distortion, but can sound a bit tinny and overly-sculpted in the high-mids."


Tonally Balanced Sound
Sleek Design


Our Verdict:
If you are looking for a pair of headphones that feature a balanced sound signature, then the Panasonic RP-HXD3+ should be your choice.


2. Sony MDR-XB450

Bass Heavy. Metallic Earcups 
Sony - MDR-XB450

  • Sony - MDR-XB450
  • Sony - MDR-XB450

Sony has grown into a brand that has a bright and fun character, credit given to its wide array of entertaining and lively sounding headphones. Applauded for its Extra Bass range,the Sony MDR-XB450 does not stray far away.

The Sony MDR-XB450 proudly sports a sleek stylish looking metallic ear cup housing. The swivel folding design allows for easy storage in your bag or briefcase. The ear pads are padded with soft foam, but the headband does not feature any kind of padding and may thus, may not be very feasible for long listening hours.

The MDR-XB450 is a visually appealing pair of headphones. The plastic build, however, is a bit of a letdown. It's true that with the features that it packs in at this price point, one can't expect much, but the plastic construction does make it feel rather breakable.

The MDR-XB450 is definitely not the most comfortable when compared to other headphones in this range. Like all on-ear headphones, there will be fatigue felt on the ears after long periods. If you are looking for great noise isolation headphones, you should look away as it is a total let down in this factor. 

The biggest advantage over other headphones in this range, of course, is the flat-type cable that the headset employs. The serrated cord is tangle-free, keeping the annoyance miles away. Perfect for on-the-go use with your mobile phone.

If you are looking for a mic and remote, the XB450 comes with a variant- the Sony MDR-XB450AP that has a mic and remote specifically to take calls when used with a mobile phone.

Like the name suggests, the sound is inclined towards the bass end of the spectrum. However, despite being heavy on the lows, they aren't overwhelming. Just punchy and exciting. The mids are recessed, but the highs are clear and bright. Soundstage and instrument separation aren't worth getting into. There is a lack of tonal balance.

If you are looking for a bassy pair, then the MDR-XB450 is worth all your money!


"A pair of headphones which will satisfy you no matter what genre of music you play."


Bass Heavy
Metallic Ear Cups
Plastic Build


Our Verdict:
"If you're looking for a pair of headphones that is heavy on the bass, then the Sony MDR-XB450 should be on your wish list"


These were the best headphones that come under Rs 2000. Although there are others that come within the same budget, these are the ones we definitely recommend. 

What are your favourite headphones in this range? Do let us know in the comments below!

If you'd like to learn more, #AskHeadphoneZone!


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Sheena Ribeiro
Sheena Ribeiro

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