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by Drishti Patel November 07, 2016

The a-JAYS Five is the latest flagship in-ear from the popular Swedish headphone specialist, JAYS. The brand is known for its minimalistic design, attention to detail and pioneering the world's first tangle-free flat cables. These flat cables have become their signature all around the world. The a-JAYS Five is easily one of their best mid-range in-ear earphones.

The a-JAYS Five is a stunningly well-designed pair of earphones. From the packaging to the product itself, it's a classic example of Scandinavian minimalistic design. JAYS combines the use of aluminium with thermoplastic to give the earphones strength and durability. The subtly angled shape of the earphones are made keeping ergonomics in mind.

The a-JAYS Five comes in three unique variants for iOS, Android and Windows. They are each optimised to be used with their respective platforms. The highlight of these earphones is the world's first full feature 3-button controller. Now, you can have a dedicated volume controller and remote.

The a-JAYS Five has a custom-made dynamic driver unit that has been tuned to have a precisely boosted bass and natural sounding vocals. The earphones come with a well-designed custom built hard carry case that keeps the earphones secure. In the box, you will find a shirt clip and five sets of silicone sleeves in different sizes. Using the a-JAYS Five along with Comply™ Foam Eartips ensure a better fit and a comfortable music listening experience.

The a-JAYS Five comes with a 2-year warranty. The price to performance ratio is outstanding. We would recommend these earphones to anyone with a smartphone looking for convenience, design and great sound.

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Drishti Patel
Drishti Patel

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