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by Drishti Patel November 07, 2016

Raghav tells us about the u-JAYS Headphones in this detailed review video.

u-JAYS are an absolutely stunning pair of on-ear headphones from Sweden. Most of us are very familiar with JAYS. They have been making the amazing a-JAYS series of in-ear earphones with minimalist design philosophy.

JAYS's minimalistic design  is something we've seen a lot from various Swedish brands over the last few years. But none of them do it like the way JAYS does. The u-JAYS was in the making for almost 2 years. They also put so much attention to the packaging each of the JAYS.

The u-JAYS are priced just under Rs. 10,000. If you are wondering who are they made for? Here's an answer, with on-ear headphone, JAYS is reaching out to an audience that wants a fantastic sounding headphone that is convenient and portable enough to be used on-the-go.

Moreover, there are three things that you would look for when you're on-the-go. Comfort, durability and seamlessly working along with your smartphone. The u-JAYS does all three of that and much more. The u-JAYS comes in four minimalist design colours with a black or white base and simple gold accents.

The u-JAYS ear pads are packed separately to highlight the fact that they are detachable and replaceable. The earpads are made from a viscoelastic material that's made to adapt to your ear's shape and distribute weight almost evenly. The headband is made from a single stainless steel's spring wire frame which is practically indestructible. The beautiful matte black cushioning goes a long way in making the headband comfortable.

In the box, you also get a very helpful user manual. A detachable cable with full feature 3 button in-line mic and remote. The u-JAYS come in 3 variants to address all smartphone users. Be it iOS, Android or Windows version, the 3 button controller and mic have been optimized to work along  with the respective operating systems. With that you can increase or decrease volume with dedicated buttons. Pick up and drop calls, pause, play and skip tracks and even call upon Google Now or Siri with a simple touch of a button.

In terms of sound, the u-JAYS are easily amongst the nicest sounding on-ear headphones at this price category. You will find lot of richness and detail in the sound and at the same time it is very neutral and well balanced. The wide soundstage can blow your mind as that's something you won't typically find in on-ear headphones. If you're looking for bass driven powerful thumping sound signature then the u-JAYS may not be for you. But if you like all kinds of genres and want a versatile  sounding headphone, the u-JAYS is for you. Pop, EDM, acoustic or classical music all of these are well suited with the u-JAYS.

Let us compare the u -JAYS to few other headphones around the 10,000 rupee price point. The Beyerdynamic - DT 770 PRO is a very popular studio monitoring headphones that are also perfect for audiophiles. But they are made for a very different audience, the u-JAYS on the other hand are portable, lightweight, very comfortable and work beautifully with a smartphone.

If you are looking to spend a little more money and upgrade yourself to a product from a higher price category, you can consider the V-MODA XS on-ear headphones priced under Rs. 15,000. Designed in Milan, they sound absolutely phenomenal using the V-MODA's modern audiophile drivers. These are also portable, lightweight, durable and the higher price point is well justified.

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Drishti Patel
Drishti Patel

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