by Sheena Ribeiro November 10, 2016

Ever since FiiO launched its much the awaited FiiO X1 (2nd Gen), the world has been going gaga over this this beautiful looking Hi-Resolution Portable Music Player. An upgrade to the very popular X1, the X1 (2nd Gen) comes loaded with whole bunch of new features than its predecessor. Not quite surprising then, everyone at Headphone Zone too office was all excited to get their hands on this well designed piece.

So is the FiiO X1 (2nd Gen) keeping up the great popularity and attention that it is receive? What does the audio industry have to say about this stunner. Here's presenting to you well curated review from around the world:

Marcus Downey

"The FiiO X1 Gen 2 is a distinct improvement over the first X1 in terms of sound. The original X1 was just ok for me in the scheme of things and I always gravitated to the X3 gen 2 if I wanted a small portable player. However, the X1 Gen 2 sounds a lot more balanced now, the touch sensitive wheel a lot slicker to use and BT does add some real value to the package. Overall though I think the X1 Gen 2 offers more for $99 than its predecessor without encroaching too much on the product position of the X3ii."



"The new X1 brings a whole host of updates and additions to the table; some are only minor updates, whilst others are completely new. This is an all new feature for the X1, and I think this is a major attraction for many prospective buyers. Simply put, it does what it should, for the most part. It sounds perfectly fine."



Jay Jani

"The build quality is best. Excellent Sonic experience. New touch wheel works well, wish there had been settings for increasing its sensitivity. The User Interface (UI) is good, because you will have to manually enter each and every song one by one in the playlist, and the volume doesn't go above 88 except if you keep Equalizer off, else for any Equalizer setting the volume maximizes to 88. Overall a great buy"



"This player is okay and may not be the most smooth player that I have experienced. I still wish it didn't hang this much. Other than that, great sound quality works well with high end headphones. A great buy at this price point. You definitely need to get this player, although it does have its few flaws."



"This is a fantastic piece of kit for the money! MORE than just an MP3 player, this unit supports many lossless music file types, such as: APE, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, OGG, etc... I'm using my unit with a 128GB microSD card, but the unit supports (presently) up to 256GB! Yes there are a few glitches, however Fiio are very pro-active with their customer care/feedback."




Kumar Rishikesh

"Very happy with the product. Using it with Audio Technica ATH-M50X and it sounds really awesome. It really drives its 45 mm drivers with full power and yeah, its packs a great punch for such a small device. Battery also lasts really long. FW 1.2 brings added (and more accurate) response to touch wheel. All in all a great product. A must have for audiophiles."


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Sheena Ribeiro
Sheena Ribeiro

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