Why you should dump your stock earphones right about now

by Shanth Swaroop March 24, 2020

Why you should dump your stock earphones right about now

Congratulations! You’ve probably just bought a spanking new smartphone. Being the music lover that you are, one of the first things you do is listen to music on it.

Depending on how you approach it, your experience may mostly not match up.

Why? Well, probably because you’re using the stock headphones that came with your device. 

Why should that be a problem? We’ll tell you exactly why.

Being crazy about music and always on the quest of figuring out the best way to listen to music has been our singular driving force. Hence, we have always suggested the best possible ways of connecting a music lover to their music.

You could think of us as the cupids of music that help you fall in love with the music of your choice. The only difference - we use headphones and its paraphernalia instead of arrows and bows. 

Cool story. What’s wrong with stock in-ears though?

When you buy a smartphone, you probably had certain expectations in mind. Hence, you bought a phone that delivered on all those accounts.

The brands in this field understand that and work to provide you the best at the price point you’re comfortable with.

However, music isn’t a major criterion for a majority of them. This is excluding music-centric smartphones like the LG V50 or some such.

While a standard smartphone might have decent tech on it to play music, the buck stops there for the manufacturers.

What you are left is with a pair of in-ears that are packed along with the phone that is most definitely, a sub-par performer.

Hence, it is only natural that the stock headphones don’t perform well and you, dear music admirer, are left with a not-so-great experience.

Chuck ‘em!

You don’t necessarily have to be an audiophile who’s worth their weight in gold to enjoy good music.

Music is universal and when heard the right way, evokes a magnitude of emotions and moods. Why then would you stop and make do with what came with the smartphone? 

Invest, even if just a little and get yourself something that justifies your passion for audio, even if it is just for casual listening.

You’ll mostly be listening to music on your device, the majority of the time. Why be stuck with a pair of stock earphones that don’t deliver as intended?

Fret not, we aren’t suggesting you spend a fortune or rob a bank to seek out audio bliss. Your audio nirvana can begin at something as humble as Rs. 2000 or so too.

For starters,

  1. You’d be investing in a product that a brand has gone great lengths to deliver.
  2. A headphone that you buy will also tend to last longer due to better quality of materials used.
  3. Each headphone is designed by it’s brand and that is to provide music in the way you love listening to. Headphones, in-ears, Wireless headphones, Bluetooth in-ears or even True Wireless earbuds - the options are wonderfully many and indulgent. 

Case in point - the RHA MA390 Universal is a great way to kickstart your love affair with music at a sensible price point. Impressively built to last and a top-performer, the MA390 is sure to convince you why investing a little bit goes a long way and why you most definitely don’t need to be stuck with your stock.

Take your time and find the one that not only suits your music the best but also adds to your daily requirement (calls, commuter-friendly, workout partner and so on) from a headphone.

If we could simplify all of the above - Chuck your stock headphones because You deserve better…. Much better.

Happy listening!

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Shanth Swaroop
Shanth Swaroop

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